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The electronic publications of the American Revolution Institute include books, booklets and catalogs to the Institute’s ongoing special exhibitions. These electronic publications are made available to the public free of charge. Hard copy editions of most of these publications are available for purchase as well, most at a nominal cost. To inquire about hard copy editions contact our receptionist at receptionist@societyofthecincinnati.org or 202.785.2040.




The Art of War in the Age of the American Revolution:
100 Treasures from the Robert Charles Lawrence Fergusson Collection

by Ellen McCallister Clark
Foreword by Jack D. Warren, Jr.

The Robert Charles Lawrence Fergusson Collection was established in 1988 to honor the memory of a young twentieth-century Cincinnatus who gave his life in service to his country. The collection that honors Lieutenant Fergusson’s gallant sacrifice specializes in early printed and manuscript works that illuminate the theory and practice of the warfare in the age of the American Revolution. Numbering more than twelve thousand  items, the collection has been developed through careful, focused collecting over more than three decades. It is the heart of the library of the American Revolution Institute of the Society of the Cincinnati and has inspired and supported the research of thousands of scholars. This catalog presents a selection of one hundred highlights of the Fergusson Collection. The items are arranged by format—rare books, manuscripts, maps, broadsides, graphic arts, and fine arts and artifacts.


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This is the cover of the overview of the American Revolution Institute, available here as our electronic publications.

The American Revolution Institute of the Society of the Cincinnati

The Society of the Cincinnati—the nation’s oldest private patriotic organization—founded the American Revolution Institute in 2012 to address the decline in popular understanding and appreciation of the achievements of the American Revolution. Today that decline is everywhere in evidence—in the popular press and in public debates in which the memory of the American Revolutionaries is continuously disparaged by people who are clearly unaware that the liberties they enjoy—including the freedom of expression that makes it possible for them to undermine respect for the Revolutionary generation—was in fact won for them by those same Revolutionaries.  This booklet presents an overview of the aims of the American Revolution Institute—unique among historical organizations in its willingness to take a very public position advocating for the honor and respect due to the remarkable men and women who overthrew British colonial rule and established the first great republic of modern times.


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Special exhibitions featuring treasures from museum and library collections of the American Revolution Institute, to which are often added objects borrowed from other institutions and from individuals, are routinely presented to the public at our headquarters. Most of our exhibitions deal with special topics related to the American Revolution. Others deal with the history of the Society of the Cincinnati, Anderson House, or Larz and Isabel Anderson, the Society’s greatest benefactors, whose gift of Anderson House provided the Society—and now its American Revolution Institute—with an elegant and spacious headquarters. Some of the catalogs are still in print, but some are only available here as electronic publications. To learn more about our exhibitions—including some for which no catalog was published—visit Past Exhibitions.