Benjamin Lincoln, the subject of the News feature, receives the sword of defeated British General Cornwallis in this painting by John Trumbull.


Benjamin Lincoln Honored

Benjamin Lincoln was a stout, middle-aged Massachusetts farmer when the Revolutionary War began. Little known beyond the town of Hingham, he became one of the Continental Army’s most effective generals. George Washington admired Lincoln, and chose him to receive the British surrender at Yorktown—a moment immortalized by John Trumbull. Quietly determined and equally courageous, Benjamin Lincoln met challenges that would have broken lesser men. With determination to match, the Hingham Historical Society is committed to acquiring Lincoln’s home and opening it to the public, and has launched a series of events to commemorate the occasion.


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This detail of a map of Narragansett Bay is from one of Ten Great Revolutionary War Maps now online.

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Ten Great Revolutionary War Maps

In this new feature, explore ten great Revolutionary War maps—each one an outstanding example of the mapmaker’s art created by a British, American, French or Hessian cartographer to document the war as it was being fought. This is the second installment in our new series on Treasures of the American Revolution.


America’s First Veterans

Over a quarter of a million Americans served in the armed forces that won our independence. Those who survived became America’s first veterans—the world’s first veterans of an army of free men. You can explore this theme and the art, artifacts, books and manuscripts in the exhibition in our new companion book, America’s First Veterans, to be published in hardback on November 11.


The Heroic Jeffrey Brace

We have no portrait of Private Jeffrey Brace, and no more than a hint of a description of him. The records of his service in the Revolutionary War, like those of thousands of other black soldiers who fought for independence, are scattered, fragmentary, and confused […]