New Book on the American Revolution Now Available

This narrative history of the American War for Independence argues that the American Revolution is the central event in the history of the United States—the turning point between our colonial origins and our national experience. The richly illustrated hardcover book is meant for anyone wishing to understand our national origins, and is also appropriate for teachers and secondary classrooms. Released on October 3, Freedom was written by Jack D. Warren, Jr., and published under the auspices of the American Revolution Institute. Order your copy today!


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Upcoming Lunch Bite—A Model of HMS Roebuck

Join us on Friday, June 21 at 12:30 p.m., for a Lunch Bite featuring the Institute’s museum collections and operations manager, Paul Newman, discussing an 1830s model of HMS Roebuck, a forty-four-gun British frigate that saw extensive service during the American Revolutionary War. Drawing from the model, this presentation higlights the Roebuck’s service during the war, its technical features and what daily life was like for her crew.


Fete Lafayette

Fete Lafayette marks the bicentennial of the marquis de Lafayette’s farewell tour of the United States. In August 1824, he arrived for a thirteen-month tour of the country he helped establish and whose democratic experiment he saw as a model for the rest of the world. The exhibition explores how Lafayette was celebrated during his farewell tour and how the tour reflects the fulfillment and ongoing promise of the nation’s founding ideals.

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Traveling Trunk Lessons

The curriculum that accompanies our traveling trunks is now available to educators anytime as part of our online suite of classroom resources. Explore lessons about diversity in the Continental Army, George Washington’s challenges as commander in chief, baron von Steuben’s “Blue Book,” America’s first purple heart and more.