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Can you win American independence, establish American liberty and form a more perfect union? That’s the challenge of Revolutionary Choices, our new educational video game about the American Revolution that is now available to play online. You will face the dilemmas confronted by American revolutionaries as they struggle to recruit and supply troops, win French support, suppress loyalists and defeat the British without trampling on rights or fracturing the union. Winning is tough, just as it was in the Revolutionary War.


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Conserving Portrait Miniatures by Charles Willson Peale

We just finished conservation work on portrait miniatures of two Revolutionary War officers painted by Charles Willson Peale in 1778: First Lieutenant William Truman Stoddert and Colonel George Baylor. Read more about the history of these miniatures and their recent conservation.


America’s First Veterans

Over a quarter of a million Americans served in the armed forces that won our independence. Those who survived became America’s first veterans—the world’s first veterans of an army of free men. Although Anderson House is closed, you can now explore this theme and the art, artifacts, books and manuscripts in the exhibition in our new companion book, America’s First Veterans, released online on June 26.