Headquarters Closed to the Public through April 30, 2020

During the developing public health emergency, we want our members, Associates, visitors, volunteers and staff to be safe. We have decided to close Anderson House to members, Associates and visitors effective immediately and continuing through April 30, 2020. As a consequence, and with no small degree of sadness, we have suspended tours, public programs, and teacher workshops and other education programs, and closed our world-class special collections library to researchers. Our leaders will meet in April to consider whether to resume normal operations in May.

Read the full statement here.

Now Online

Captives of Liberty: Prisoners of War and the Politics of Vengeance in the American Revolution

Watch T. Cole Jones, assistant professor of history at Purdue University, discuss his new book during a program recorded at Anderson House on February 27, 2020. Captives of Liberty examines the ways the revolutionary generation dealt with the enemy soldiers captured during the war and the difficulties they presented for the new American republic.


America’s First Veterans

Over a quarter of a million Americans served in the armed forces that won our independence. Those who survived became America’s first veterans—the world’s first veterans of an army of free men. This exhibition explores their stories and traces how the American republic finally acknowledged its debt and expressed its gratitude to the soldiers who secured the nation’s freedom.


Lessons from a Revolutionary Epidemic

George Washington’s aggressive response to epidemic disease during the Revolutionary War offers lessons for today. That war was fought not just against British forces, but against an enemy far more dangerous—smallpox.

Smallpox was one of the most dreaded diseases of the eighteenth century […]