The current members of the Society of the Cincinnati represent 3,432 officers who led American and French soldiers and sailors in our Revolutionary War. The Society of the Cincinnati is organized in each of the original thirteen states of the American union as well as in France. Each of the officers represented in the Society meet the qualifications for representation established by the constituent society in which he is represented. Most officers are represented in the constituent society of which he was, or could have been, a member. This is typically the constituent society organized in the state—or in the case of France, the country—in which his unit was organized. American officers eligible for representation generally served for at least three years or the duration of the war, died or were incapacitated in service, or retired with honor from Continental service as the result of a reorganization of the army that left them without a unit to command. In the Society of the Cincinnati, an officer deemed eligible for representation is called a propositus—collectively the eligible officers are called propositi. In general, a propositus can be represented by only one modern member.


Abadie, Jean, Melchior, baron d’ (France)

Abbe, Capt. Richard (Connecticut)

Abbe, Capt. Thomas (Connecticut)

Abbott, Capt. Joshua (New Hampshire)

Abbott, Capt. Stephen (Massachusetts)

Aborn, Capt. Daniel (Connecticut)

Aboville, François, Marie, comte d’ (France)

Adams, Capt. Nathan (Delaware)

Adams, Chap. Amos (Massachusetts)

Adams, Lt. Col. Winborn (New Hampshire)

Adams, Lt. Samuel (New Hampshire)

Adams, Lt. William Godfrey (Maryland)

Adams, Maj. Daniel Jenifer (Delaware)

Adams, Maj. Ebenezer (Rhode Island)

Adams, Surg. David (Connecticut)

Adams, Surg. Henry (Massachusetts)

Adams, Surg. Samuel (Massachusetts)

Addoms, 2nd Lt. Jonas (New York)

Agoult de Montmaur, Charles, Louis, comte d’ (France)

Aix, Charles, François de Buysson, vicomte des (France)

Albee, Capt. William (Massachusetts)

Albert de Rions, François, Hector, comte d’ (France)

Alden, Capt. Judah (Massachusetts)

Alden, Maj. Roger (New York)

Aldrich, Capt. George (New Hampshire)

Alexander, Capt. John McKnitt (North Carolina)

Alexander, Capt. Nathaniel (Massachusetts)

Alexander, Lt. Charles, Jr. (North Carolina)

Alexander, Maj. Gen. William (Rhode Island)

Alexander, Surg. Isaac (North Carolina)

Alexander, Surg. Nathaniel (North Carolina)

Alford, Capt. William (North Carolina)

Allan, Col. John (Massachusetts)

Allemagne, Claude, baron d’ (France)

Allemans, Pierre du Lau, vicomte d’ (France)

Allen, Capt. Charles (North Carolina)

Allen, Capt. John (Virginia)

Allen, Col. Ethan (New Hampshire)

Allen, Lt. David (Virginia)

Allen, Lt. John (North Carolina)

Allen, Lt. Thomas (North Carolina)

Allen, Maj. Noah (Massachusetts)

Allen, Surg. David (New Hampshire)

Alling, Lt. Stephen (Connecticut)

Allison, Surg. Francis (Maryland)

Allyn, Capt. Simeon (Connecticut)

Allyn, Capt. Timothy (Connecticut)

Allyn, Lt. Robert (Connecticut)

Alvord, Capt. Job (Massachusetts)

Ames, Lt. Jotham (Massachusetts)

Amis, Lt. Thomas (North Carolina)

Amis, Lt. William (North Carolina)

Anciaux, Quartermaster Nicholas (Georgia)

Anderson, Capt. Enoch (Delaware)

Anderson, Capt. Ephraim (New Jersey)

Anderson, Capt. John (New Jersey)

Anderson, Capt. Joseph Inslee (Delaware)

Anderson, Capt. Patrick (Delaware)

Anderson, Capt. Richard (South Carolina)

Anderson, Lt. Col. Richard Clough (Virginia)

Anderson, Lt. Thomas (Connecticut)

Andigné, Louis, Marie, Auguste, Fortuné,comte d’ (France)

Andrews, Lt. Ammi (New Hampshire)

Andrews, Maj. Isaac, Jr. (New Hampshire)

Androuins, Jean, Nicolas des (France)

Angell, Col. Israel (Rhode Island)

Anselme, Jacques, Bernard, Modeste d’ (France)

Antin, Bertrand, marquis d’ (France)

Aorson, Capt. Aaron (New York)

Apperson, Maj. Richard (Virginia)

Arblay, Alexandre, Gabriel Piochard d’ (France)

Arblay, Gen. Alexandre, comte Piochard d’ (France)

Arbuckle, Capt. Matthew (Virginia)

Archer, Lt. John (Virginia)

Archer, Lt. Peter Field (Virginia)

Armistead, Capt. William (Virginia)

Armstrong, 2nd Lt. Samuel (Massachusetts)

Armstrong, Capt. George (Maryland)

Armstrong, Capt. William (North Carolina)

Armstrong, Chap. James Francis (New Jersey)

Armstrong, Lt. John (Pennsylvania)

Armstrong, Maj. John, Jr. (Pennsylvania)

Arnold, Capt. Lt. Joseph (Rhode Island)

Arnold, Capt. Thomas (Rhode Island)

Arnold, Surg. Jonathan (Rhode Island)

Arrington, Asst. Deputy Quartermaster Gen. Arthur, Jr. (North Carolina)

Arthur, Lt. Barnabus (Virginia)

Ashby, Capt. John (Virginia)

Ashby, Lt. Benjamin (Virginia)

Ashe, Brig. Gen. John (North Carolina)

Ashe, Capt. Cincinnatus (North Carolina)

Ashe, Capt. John, Jr. (North Carolina)

Ashe, Lt. Col. John Baptista (North Carolina)

Ashe, Lt. Samuel (North Carolina)

Ashe, Paymaster Samuel (North Carolina)

Ashmead, Capt. Jacob (Pennsylvania)

Ashton, Capt. Lt. Joseph (Pennsylvania)

Atlee, Col. Samuel John (Pennsylvania)

Atwater, Dr. David (Connecticut)

Auribeau, Alexandre d’Hesmivy, chevalier d’ (France)

Austin, Lt. John (New Hampshire)

Avery, 2nd Lt. Parke, Jr. (Connecticut)

Avery, Capt. Elijah (Connecticut)

Avery, Capt. Elisha (Connecticut)

Avery, Ens. Daniel (Connecticut)

Avery, Ens. Ebenezer (Connecticut)

Avery, Lt. Capt. William Haley (Virginia)

Avery, Lt. Ebenezer (Connecticut)

Avery, Lt. James (Massachusetts)

Avery, Lt. Simeon (Connecticut)

Avery, Lt. Thomas (Connecticut)

Aylett, Col. William (Virginia)

Babcock, Hospital Surgeon’s Mate Christopher (Connecticut)

Babcock, Lt. Oliver (Connecticut)

Bacon, Capt. Abner (Connecticut)

Bacon, Capt. John (Georgia)

Bacon, Lt. Oliver (New Hampshire)

Bacot, Capt. Peter (North Carolina)

Badlam, Maj. Stephen (Massachusetts)

Bagnell, Lt. Richard (Massachusetts)

Bailey, Capt. Adams (Massachusetts)

Bailey, Capt. Luther (Massachusetts)

Bailey, Col. John (Massachusetts)

Baird, Surg. Absalom (Delaware)

Baker, Capt. John (North Carolina)

Baker, Capt. Remember (Connecticut)

Baker, Capt. Richard Bohun (South Carolina)

Baker, Col. John (Georgia)

Baker, Maj. William (Georgia)

Baldwin, Brig. Chap. Abraham (Connecticut)

Baldwin, Capt. Caleb (Connecticut)

Baldwin, Capt. Daniel (New Jersey)

Baldwin, Capt. Isaac (New Hampshire)

Baldwin, Chap. Ebenezer (Connecticut)

Baldwin, Col. Jeduthan (Massachusetts)

Baldwin, Col. Nahum (New Hampshire)

Baldwin, Lt. Henry (Maryland)

Baldwin, Surg. Cornelius (Virginia)

Ball, Lt. Col. Burgess (Virginia)

Ball, Lt. James (Virginia)

Ball, Maj. Lebbeus (Massachusetts)

Ballard, Capt. Jeremiah (New Jersey)

Baltzell, Maj. Charles (Maryland)

Balvery, François, Louis, Édouard Scott de (France)

Bancker, Lt. Abraham (New York)

Bancroft, Capt. James (Massachusetts)

Bancroft, Lt. Col. Ebenezer (Massachusetts)

Bancroft, Lt. Edmund (Massachusetts)

Banister, Capt. Seth (Massachusetts)

Barber, Lt. Col. Francis (New Jersey)

Barber, Maj. William Reuben (New York)

Bard, Capt. John, Jr. (New York)

Bargues, Antoine de Chazettes de (France)

Barker, Capt. Samuel (Connecticut)

Barker, Lt. John (Massachusetts)

Barlow, Brig. Chap. Joel (Massachusetts)

Barnard, Capt. Edward (Georgia)

Barnard, Capt. John (Connecticut)

Barnes, Capt. Daniel (Connecticut)

Barnes, Lt. John (Virginia)

Barney, Ens. Rufus (Massachusetts)

Barney, Lt. Joshua (Maryland)

Barnum, Lt. Samuel (Connecticut)

Barret, Capt. William (Virginia)

Barrett, Ens. Oliver (New Hampshire)

Barrigue de Fontainieu, Prosper, François, Irénée de (France)

Barrow, Lt. Samuel (North Carolina)

Barry, Capt. John (Pennsylvania)

Bartlett, Surgeon’s Mate Josiah (Massachusetts)

Barton, Capt. William (Connecticut)

Barton, Col. William (Rhode Island)

Baskerville, Lt. Samuel (Virginia)

Basset de Chateaubourg, Camille, chevalier (France)

Bassett, Lt. Col. Barachiah (Massachusetts)

Bassett, Lt. Fortunatus (Massachusetts)

Bates, Capt. Joseph (Massachusetts)

Bates, Lt. Jacob (New Hampshire)

Baulny, César, Louis, chevalier puis baron de (France)

Bauman, Capt. Sebastian (New York)

Bausset, Antoine, Hilarion, chevalier de (France)

Bayard, Lt. Col. Stephen (Pennsylvania)

Bayley, Brig. Gen. Jacob (New Hampshire)

Baylies, Lt. Hodijah (Massachusetts)

Baylor, Brig. Gen. George (Virginia)

Baylor, Capt. John (Virginia)

Baylor, Capt. Walker (Virginia)

Baytop, Capt. James (Virginia)

Baytop, Capt. Thomas (Virginia)

Baytop, Lt. John (Virginia)

Baytop, Lt. John (Virginia)

Beach, Lt. David (Connecticut)

Beal, Capt. Zachariah, Jr. (New Hampshire)

Beale, Maj. Robert (Virginia)

Beall, 2nd Lt. Samuel Brooke (Maryland)

Beall, Capt. Thomas (Maryland)

Beall, Maj. Isaac (Virginia)

Beall, Maj. William Dent (Maryland)

Beard, Lt. Valentine (North Carolina)

Beardsley, Surg. Ebenezer (Connecticut)

Beatty, 2nd Lt. Charles Clinton (Pennsylvania)

Beatty, 2nd Lt. Thomas (Maryland)

Beatty, Capt. Erkuries (New Jersey)

Beatty, Capt. William, Jr. (Maryland)

Beatty, Col. John (New Jersey)

Beaucaire, Antoine Claude de (France)

Beaumont d’Autichamp, Marie, Louis, Joseph, Jacques de (France)

Beaumont du Repaire, Antoine, François, vicomte de (France)

Beaumont du Repaire, Antoine, François, vicomte de (France)

Beaumont, Guillaume, Joseph, baron de (France)

Beaumont, Lt. William (Connecticut)

Beauvoir, Louis, Charles, Henry Hébert, comte de (France)

Beaven, Lt. Charles (Maryland)

Beck, Lt. John (Virginia)

Becker, Ens. Jacob (New Hampshire)

Bedel, Col. Timothy (New Hampshire)

Bedinger, Capt. Henry (Virginia)

Bedinger, Lt. Daniel (Virginia)

Beebe, Capt. James (Connecticut)

Beekman, 2nd Lt. Tjerck (New York)

Beekman, Col. Barnard (South Carolina)

Beekman, Lt. Samuel (South Carolina)

Beers, Lt. Nathan (Connecticut)

Belding, Lt. Moses (New Hampshire)

Belding/Belden, Quartermaster Simeon (Connecticut)

Belfield, Maj. John (Virginia)

Bélizal, André, Marie de Gouzillon, vicomte de (France)

Belknap, 2nd Lt. William (New York)

Bell, Capt. Thomas (Virginia)

Bell, Lt. Henry (Virginia)

Bell, Lt. John (Virginia)

Bell, Lt. Joseph (North Carolina)

Bell, Lt. Robert (North Carolina)

Bellamy, Ens. Jonathan (Connecticut)

Bellows, Brig. Gen. Benjamin, Jr. (New Hampshire)

Belt, Capt. James (Maryland)

Belt, Capt. John Sprigg (Maryland)

Benbury, Gen. Thomas (North Carolina)

Benedict, Adjutant Amos (Connecticut)

Benham, Lt. Silas (Connecticut)

Benjamin, Lt. Aaron (Connecticut)

Benjamin, Lt. Samuel (Massachusetts)

Bennett, Lt. James (Connecticut)

Bennett, Lt. Matthew (Rhode Island)

Benson, Capt. Perry (Maryland)

Benson, Lt. Col. Robert (New York)

Bent, Lt. Silas (Massachusetts)

Bentley, Capt. William (Virginia)

Benton, Capt. Selah (Connecticut)

Benton, Maj. Jesse (North Carolina)

Bernard, Lt. William (Virginia)

Berrien, Maj. John (Georgia)

Berry, Capt. Robert (Maryland)

Berryhill, Lt. William (North Carolina)

Berthelot, Augustin Clément de (France)

Berthier, Alexandre (France)

Bertrand, Joseph de (France)

Besné, Charles, Louis du Chaffault, comte de (France)

Bethel, Capt. William (North Carolina)

Betts, Capt. Stephen (Connecticut)

Bicker, Capt. Henry (Pennsylvania)

Bicker, Capt. Henry (Rhode Island)

Biddle, Capt. Nicholas (South Carolina)

Biddle, Col. Clement (Maryland)

Bidlack, Capt. James (Connecticut)

Bigelow, Col. Timothy (Massachusetts)

Bigelow, Maj. John (Connecticut)

Biggs, Capt. Benjamin (Virginia)

Bill, Capt. Beriah (Connecticut)

Bill, Ephraim (Connecticut)

Bill, Gurdon (Connecticut)

Bill, Lt. David (Connecticut)

Billings, Capt. Stephen (Connecticut)

Bingham, Issuing Commissary Ithamar (Connecticut)

Binney, Surg. Barnabas (Pennsylvania)

Birge, Capt. Jonathan (Connecticut)

Bishop, Ens. John (New Jersey)

Bishop, Lt. Nathaniel (Connecticut)

Bissell, Capt. Ozias (Connecticut)

Bissell, Surgeon’s Mate Elihu (Connecticut)

Blackburn, Lt. William (Virginia)

Blackwell, Capt. John (Virginia)

Blackwell, Capt. Samuel (Virginia)

Blackwell, Capt. William (Virginia)

Blackwell, Lt. Joseph (Virginia)

Blake, Capt. John (South Carolina)

Blake, Lt. Edward, Jr. (Massachusetts)

Blake, Lt. Thomas (New Hampshire)

Blakemore, Capt. George (Virginia)

Blanchard, Lt. James (New Hampshire)

Blanques, Robert, François, Louis d’Harnois de (France)

Bliss, Capt. Thomas Theodore (Massachusetts)

Blois de Liours, Joseph, Marie de (France)

Bloodworth, Maj. James (North Carolina)

Bloomfield, Lt. Jarvis (New Jersey)

Bloomfield, Maj. Joseph (New Jersey)

Bloomfield, Surg. Moses (New Jersey)

Blount, Capt. James (North Carolina)

Blount, Col. Jacob (North Carolina)

Blount, Lt. Thomas (North Carolina)

Blount, Maj. Reading (North Carolina)

Blount, Paymaster William (North Carolina)

Blount, Surgeon’s Mate Jacob (Georgia)

Blow, Lt. Richard (Virginia)

Blythe, Lt. Samuel (North Carolina)

Blythe, Surg. Joseph (North Carolina)

Bogardus, 2nd Lt. Benjamin (New York)

Bogart, Lt. Isaac, Jr. (New York)

Boggan, Capt. Patrick (North Carolina)

Bohars, François, Pierre Huon de Kermadec, dit Huon de (France)

Boileau, Lt. Pierre Amable (New York)

Boishüe, Toussaint, Marie de Guéhéneuc, chevalier de (France)

Boissieu, Henri, Louis, Augustin de (France)

Bolling, Lt. Robert (Virginia)

Bond, Col. William (Massachusetts)

Bond, Dr. Thomas, Jr. (Pennsylvania)

Bonham, Lt. Absalom (New Jersey)

Bonnafos, Joseph, Timothée de (France)

Bonnell, Capt. James (New Jersey)

Bonwell, Master Thomas (Virginia)

Booker, Capt. Lt. Lewis (Virginia)

Booker, Maj. Samuel (Virginia)

Boone, Lt. John (Maryland)

Bostick, Capt. Chesley (Georgia)

Bostwick, Capt. Isaac (Connecticut)

Bostwick, Lt. William (New Jersey)

Boswell, Lt. Machen (Virginia)

Boucher de Montbrun, Lt. Jacques Timothe (Virginia)

Bouchet, Denis, Jean, Florimond Langlois, marquis du (France)

Boudin de Tromelin, Maurice, Jean-Marie (France)

Boudinot, Col. Elias (New Jersey)

Bougainville, Louis Antoine, comte de (France)

Bouillé, François, Claude, Amour, marquis de (France)

Boulainvilliers dit de Croy, Henry, Louis, comte de (France)

Bouldin, Capt. Wood (Virginia)

Bourne, Lt. Benjamin (Rhode Island)

Bousch, Lt. Charles Sayer (Virginia)

Boush, Capt. Goodrich (Virginia)

Boutet, Pierre (France)

Bowen, Capt. Lt. Seth (New Jersey)

Bowen, Col. Ephraim, Jr. (Rhode Island)

Bowen, Lt. Jehu (Maryland)

Bowen, Lt. Rees (Virginia)

Bowen, Lt. Stoddard (Connecticut)

Bower, Capt. Jacob (Pennsylvania)

Bowie, Capt. Daniel (Maryland)

Bowie, Capt. William Sprigg (Maryland)

Bowles, Lt. Ralph Hart (Massachusetts)

Bowman, Capt. Joshua (North Carolina)

Bowman, Capt. Phineas (New Hampshire)

Bowman, Col. Abraham (Virginia)

Bowman, Lt. Samuel (Massachusetts)

Bowman, Lt. Solomon (Massachusetts)

Bowyer, Capt. Michael (Virginia)

Bowyer, Capt. Thomas (Virginia)

Boyce, Capt. Alexander (South Carolina)

Boyce, Maj. William (Virginia)

Boyd, 2nd Lt. Thomas (Maryland)

Boykin, Maj. Francis (South Carolina)

Boykin, Maj. Francis (Virginia)

Bradford, Capt. Lt. Samuel Killett (Virginia)

Bradford, Capt. Robert (Massachusetts)

Bradford, Capt. Samuel (Massachusetts)

Bradford, Col. Gamaliel (Massachusetts)

Bradford, Lt. Gamaliel, Jr. (Massachusetts)

Bradford, Lt. William (North Carolina)

Bradley, Capt. Gee (North Carolina)

Bradley, Capt. James (North Carolina)

Bradley, Col. Philip Burr (Connecticut)

Bradley, Lt. Daniel (Connecticut)

Bradley, Lt. David (Massachusetts)

Bradley, Paymaster Richard (North Carolina)

Brady, Capt. John (Pennsylvania)

Brady, Capt. Samuel (Pennsylvania)

Bramhall, Lt. Joshua (New Hampshire)

Brearly, Lt. Col. David (New Jersey)

Breckinridge, Capt. Alexander (Virginia)

Breckinridge, Lt. Robert (Virginia)

Brent, Col. William (Virginia)

Brent, Lt. George (Virginia)

Brent, Maj. John (Virginia)

Breton, Louis, Aimé du (France)

Brevard, Capt. Joel (North Carolina)

Brevard, Lt. John (North Carolina)

Brevard, Lt. Joseph (North Carolina)

Brevard, Surg. Ephraim (North Carolina)

Brevitt, Lt. John (Maryland)

Brewster, Capt. Lt. James (New York)

Brice, Capt. Francis (North Carolina)

Brickell, Ens. Matthias (North Carolina)

Brickell, Lt. Col. William (North Carolina)

Bricqueville, Bon, Chrétien, marquis de (France)

Brigham, Capt. Paul (Connecticut)

Bright, Capt. Francis (Virginia)

Bright, Capt. Simon, Jr. (North Carolina)

Brinkley, Capt. William (North Carolina)

Briscoe, Capt. George (Maryland)

Brison, Denis, Scipion de Grimoüard de Beauvoir du Roure de Beaumont, comte de (France)

Britt, Ens. Obediah (Georgia)

Britton, 2nd Lt. Joseph (Maryland)

Broadhead, Col. Daniel (Pennsylvania)

Broadus, Ens. James (Virginia)

Broadus, Lt. William (Virginia)

Brodhead, Capt. Luke (New Jersey)

Brodhead, Lt. Daniel, Jr. (Pennsylvania)

Brodie, Surgeon’s Mate Lodowick (Virginia)

Broglie, Claude, Louis Victor, prince de (France)

Bronson, Surgeon’s Mate Isaac (Connecticut)

Brooke, Col. George (Virginia)

Brooke, Commodore Walter (New Hampshire)

Brooke, Lt. Edmund (Virginia)

Brooke, Lt. Francis Taliaferro (Virginia)

Brooke, Lt. John Taliaferro (Virginia)

Brooks, Brig. Gen. John (Massachusetts)

Brooks, Chap. Edward (New Hampshire)

Brooks, Lt. David (New York)

Brown, Capt. Benjamin (Massachusetts)

Brown, Capt. Benjamin (South Carolina)

Brown, Capt. John (Connecticut)

Brown, Capt. Lt. Oliver (Massachusetts)

Brown, Capt. Zephaniah (Rhode Island)

Brown, James (Maryland)

Brown, Lt. Charles (South Carolina)

Brown, Lt. Jacob Roberts (Virginia)

Brown, Lt. Morgan (North Carolina)

Brown, Quartermaster Richard (New Hampshire)

Brownfield, Surgeon’s Mate Robert (South Carolina)

Brownson, Maj. Gideon (New Hampshire)

Bruc de Montplaisir, Jacques, Henry-Louis, vicomte de (France)

Bruce, Capt. William (Maryland)

Bruix, d’Étienne, Eustache de (France)

Bruyères-Chalabre, Paul-Jacques de (France)

Bryan, Capt. James (Georgia)

Bryan, Commissary Hardy (North Carolina)

Bryan, Lt. Benjamin (North Carolina)

Bryer, Lt. Benjamin (North Carolina)

Buchanan, Capt. John (South Carolina)

Buchanan, Lt. John, Jr. (Virginia)

Buchanan, Lt. Robert (South Carolina)

Buck, Capt. Aholiab (Connecticut)

Buck, Col. Jonathan (New Hampshire)

Buckland, Capt. Stephen (Connecticut)

Buckner, Master William (Virginia)

Budd, Capt. John Shivers (South Carolina)

Buell, Capt. John Hutchinson (Rhode Island)

Buford, Col. Abraham (Virginia)

Bugbee, Lt. Edward (Massachusetts)

Bugg, Capt. Jeremiah (Georgia)

Bugg, Capt. William (Georgia)

Bulkeley, Capt. Charles (Connecticut)

Bulkeley, Capt. Edward (Connecticut)

Bull, Capt. John (Massachusetts)

Bull, Capt. Thomas (New Jersey)

Bull, Capt. William (New York)

Bull, Lt. Aaron (Connecticut)

Bull, Maj. Epaphras (Connecticut)

Bullitt, Col. Thomas (Virginia)

Bullock, Capt. Micajah (North Carolina)

Bullock, Ens. Nathaniel (North Carolina)

Bullock, Lt. Jeremiah (North Carolina)

Bullock, Lt. Joshua (North Carolina)

Bunner, Capt. Jacob (Pennsylvania)

Buor de La Chanalière, Louis, François, Jean, Benoît de (France)

Burbank, Capt. Silas (Massachusetts)

Burbeck, Capt. Henry (Massachusetts)

Burbeck, Lt. Col. William (Massachusetts)

Burch, Capt. William (North Carolina)

Burfoot, Capt. Lt. Thomas (Virginia)

Burges, Lt. John (Massachusetts)

Burgess, 2nd Lt. Joshua (Maryland)

Burgess, Capt. Vachel (Maryland)

Burgess, Lt. Basil (Maryland)

Burgess, Lt. William (Virginia)

Burgues de Missiessy, Claude, Laurent de (France)

Burnet, Lt. John (New York)

Burnet, Surg. Gen. William (New Jersey)

Burnham, Maj. John (Massachusetts)

Burnley, Capt. Garland (Virginia)

Burr, Lt. Col. Aaron (New York)

Burral, Lt. Jonathan (New York)

Burrowes, Maj. John (New Jersey)

Burrows, Capt. Hubbard Daniel (Connecticut)

Burton, 2nd Lt. Robert (North Carolina)

Burton, Capt. Benjamin (New Hampshire)

Burton, Capt. James (Virginia)

Burton, Lt. Hutchins (Virginia)

Burwell, Maj. Nathaniel (Virginia)

Bush, Capt. George (Pennsylvania)

Bush, Capt. John (Pennsylvania)

Bush, Lt. John Ryd (North Carolina)

Bush, Maj. Lewis (Pennsylvania)

Butler, Capt. James, Sr. (Delaware)

Butler, Capt. Thomas (Pennsylvania)

Butler, Col. Richard (Pennsylvania)

Butler, Col. Zebulon (Connecticut)

Butler, Lt. Col. William (Pennsylvania)

Butler, Lt. Edward (Pennsylvania)

Butler, Lt. Percival (Delaware)

Butler, Lt. Samuel (Virginia)

Butterfield, Lt. Jonas (New Hampshire)

Butterick, Lt. Col. John (New Hampshire)

Buxton, Capt. James (Massachusetts)

Byrd, Lt. Col. Francis Otway (Virginia)

Cabell, Col. Samuel Jordan (Virginia)

Cacqueray de Saint-Ymes, Jean-Philippe de (France)

Cadwalader, Col. Lambert (New Jersey)

Caldwell, Capt. John (South Carolina)

Caldwell, Capt. William (South Carolina)

Calkins, Lt. Reuben (Connecticut)

Call, Maj. Richard (Georgia)

Callis, Col. William Overton (Virginia)

Calvert, Surgeon’s Mate Jonathan (Virginia)

Campbell, Brig. Gen. William (Virginia)

Campbell, Capt. William (Maryland)

Campen, Lt. James (North Carolina)

Canaux, François, Madelon, Melchior de Raymondis de (France)

Cannet, Etienne, Édouard, Louis de Colbert Turgis, marquis du (France)

Cannon, Capt. Henry (North Carolina)

Cannon, Lt. Lewis (North Carolina)

Capellis, Jean, Louis, Gabriel, chevalier de (France)

Capellis, marquis du Fort, Hippolyte, Louis, Antoine, marquis de  (France)

Capers, Lt. William (South Carolina)

Carbery, Capt. Henry (Maryland)

Carcaradec de La Villegusio, Charles, Louis, Auguste Rogon de (France)

Carlton, Lt. Osgood (New Hampshire)

Carné, René Camille de Trécesson, chevalier de (France)

Carné-Carnavalet, Louis, François, Marie, chevalier de (France)

Carpenter, Capt. Lt. Benajah (Rhode Island)

Carpenter, Ens. Solomon (North Carolina)

Carpenter, Lt. John (Massachusetts)

Carr, Capt. John (Rhode Island)

Carr, Capt. Samuel (Massachusetts)

Carr, Capt. Samuel (Virginia)

Carr, Maj. James (New Hampshire)

Carrington, Capt. Mayo (Virginia)

Carrington, Ens. Clement (Virginia)

Carrington, Lt. Col. Edward (Virginia)

Carrington, Lt. George, Jr. (Virginia)

Carroway, Lt. Gideon (North Carolina)

Cars, Jacques, François de Pérusse, vicomte des (France)

Carter, Capt. Benjamin (North Carolina)

Carter, Lt. Hubbard (New Hampshire)

Carter, Maj. John Champe (Virginia)

Carter, Surg. William (Virginia)

Casey, Capt. Benjamin (Virginia)

Castellan, Pierre, Joseph de (France)

Castelnau de Saint-Cosme, Antoine, Stanislas, Xavier de Curières de (France)

Castries, Anne-Scipion, comte de La Croix de (France)

Castries, Armand, Charles, Augustin de La Croix, duc de (France)

Castries, Charles, Eugène, Gabriel de La Croix, marquis de (France)

Caswell, Capt. Samuel (North Carolina)

Catlett, Capt. Thomas (Virginia)

Catlin, Capt. Eli (Connecticut)

Cattell, Capt. Benjamin (South Carolina)

Cattell, Lt. Col. William (South Carolina)

Causten, Capt. Isaac (New York)

Cazotte, Bernard Benoît (France)

Chabot, Marie, Esprit, Armand, chevalier de (France)

Chadwick, Surg. Edmund (New Hampshire)

Chalendar, Jean-Baptiste, Marguerite, chevalier de (France)

Chamberlayne, Lt. Byrd (Virginia)

Chamberlayne, Lt. Edward Pye (Virginia)

Chambers, Capt. Benjamin (New Hampshire)

Champion, Capt. Epaphroditus (Connecticut)

Champion, Capt. Henry, Jr. (Connecticut)

Champion, Col. Henry (Connecticut)

Chandler, Lt. Abiel (New Hampshire)

Chandler, Lt. David (Massachusetts)

Chandler, Lt. Joseph (New Hampshire)

Chaon, Julien, comte du Chaffault, seigneur de (France)

Chapin, Lt. Leonard (Massachusetts)

Chapin, Lt. Samuel (Massachusetts)

Chapin, Lt. Seth (Rhode Island)

Chapin, Surg. Benjamin (Virginia)

Chapline, Capt. Abraham (Virginia)

Chapman, Capt. Elijah (Connecticut)

Chapman, Capt. Lt. James (Connecticut)

Chapman, Capt. Lt. Joseph (Connecticut)

Chapman, Capt. Nathaniel (Massachusetts)

Chapman, Lt. Henry Henley (Maryland)

Chapman, Lt. Richard (Connecticut)

Chapman, Maj. Albert (Connecticut)

Chapman, Maj. James (Connecticut)

Charitte, Charles, Casamayor, comte de (France)

Charleton, Lt. William (North Carolina)

Charnières, Charles, François, Philippe de (France)

Charrette, François, Athanase (France)

Chase, Capt. Enoch (New Hampshire)

Chase, Lt. Dudley Leavitt (New Hampshire)

Chastellux, François-Jean, marquis de (France)

Chateauvert, Louis , marquis de Beaussier de (France)

Chateauvert, Louis-André, comte de Beaussier de (France)

Chavagnac, Claude de (France)

Chavagnac, Frederic, Joseph de (France)

Chavagnac, Gilbert, Pierre, Alexandre, chevalier de (France)

Chayla, Armand Simon Marie, chevalier Blanquet du (France)

Cheesborough, Ens. John (North Carolina)

Cheesman, Capt. Jacob (New York)

Cheesman, Capt. Joseph, Jr. (New York)

Cheever, Ezekiel (New Hampshire)

Cheffontaines, Achille, Guy, Marie de Penfentenyo de (France)

Cheffontaines, Jean, Guy, Marie de Penfentenyo de (France)

Cherry, Capt. Samuel (New Hampshire)

Cherry, Capt. William (Virginia)

Cheshire, Capt. John (North Carolina)

Chesnut, Capt. John (South Carolina)

Chester, Col. John (Connecticut)

Chew, Capt. Samuel (Connecticut)

Chew, Lt. John (Virginia)

Chew, Lt. Robert Beverley (Virginia)

Childs, Capt. Josiah (Connecticut)

Chilton, Capt. John (Virginia)

Chilton, Capt. Thomas (Virginia)

Chipman, Capt. John (Connecticut)

Christian, Lt. Joseph (Virginia)

Christmas, Capt. William (North Carolina)

Christmas, Lt. Richard (North Carolina)

Chronicle, Maj. William (North Carolina)

Church, Maj. Thomas (New Hampshire)

Cibon, Jean-Baptiste de (France)

Cillart de Suville, Armand, François, Marie, comte de (France)

Cilley, Col. Joseph (New Hampshire)

Cilley, Lt. Jonathan (New Hampshire)

Clagett, Capt. Horatio (Maryland)

Clagett, Surgeon’s Mate Samuel (Maryland)

Claghorn, Capt. Eleazer (Connecticut)

Claiborne, Capt. Buller (Virginia)

Clap, Capt. Caleb (Massachusetts)

Clap, Lt. Joshua (Massachusetts)

Clapp, Capt. Daniel (New Hampshire)

Clark, Capt. John (Virginia)

Clark, Capt. Silas (New Hampshire)

Clark, Gen. George Rogers (Virginia)

Clark, Lt. Col. Jonathan (Virginia)

Clark, Lt. Jonas (North Carolina)

Clark, Maj. Peter (New Hampshire)

Clarkson, Maj. Matthew (New York)

Clay, Capt. Thomas (Virginia)

Clay, Lt. Col. Joseph (Georgia)

Clay, Lt. Matthew (Virginia)

Clayes, Capt. Elijah (New Hampshire)

Clayes, Capt. Peter (Massachusetts)

Claypoole, Capt. Abraham George (Pennsylvania)

Clayton, Lt. Philip (Virginia)

Cleaveland, Capt. Ephraim (New Hampshire)

Clements, Lt. Henry (Maryland)

Clendenin, Lt. and Quartermaster John (North Carolina)

Cleveland, 2nd Lt. William (Connecticut)

Cleveland, Capt. Benjamin (North Carolina)

Cleveland, Capt. Lt. Moses (Connecticut)

Cleveland, Ens. John (Connecticut)

Cleveland, Lt. Timothy (Connecticut)

Clift, Capt. Lemuel (Connecticut)

Clinton, 2nd Lt. Alexander (New York)

Clinton, Brig. Gen. George (New York)

Clinton, Brig. Gen. James (New York)

Cloud, Capt. Joseph (North Carolina)

Cloud, Capt. William (Virginia)

Cluzel, Antoine Robert du (France)

Coats, Capt. John (Maryland)

Cobb, Capt. Abiel (North Carolina)

Cobb, Capt. Jesse (North Carolina)

Cobb, Lt. William (North Carolina)

Cochran, Director General John (New York)

Cochran, Lt. Col. Robert (New York)

Cocke, Lt. Col. Nathaniel (Virginia)

Cockey, Ens. Peter (Maryland)

Codwise, Lt. Christopher (New York)

Coe, Capt. Ebenezer (Connecticut)

Coen, Lt. Caleb (North Carolina)

Coffield, Lt. Benjamin (North Carolina)

Cogswell, Capt. Amos (Massachusetts)

Cogswell, Lt. Col. Thomas (Massachusetts)

Cogswell, Lt. Samuel (Connecticut)

Cogswell, Surgeon’s Mate William (Massachusetts)

Cohorn de La Palun, François, Crepin, Ignace, Alexandre, baron de (France)

Colburn, Lt. Col. Andrew, Jr. (New Hampshire)

Colby, Ens. Ephraim (New Hampshire)

Cole, Capt. Thomas (Rhode Island)

Cole, Ens. Abner (Connecticut)

Cole, Ens. Marcus (Connecticut)

Coleman, Capt. (Bvt. Maj.) Benjamin Andrew (North Carolina)

Coleman, Capt. Richard (Virginia)

Coleman, Capt. Whitehead (Virginia)

Coleman, Lt. Samuel (Virginia)

Coleman, Lt. Wyatt, Jr. (Virginia)

Coleman, Quartermaster Charles (North Carolina)

Coleman, Surg. Noah (Connecticut)

Colfax, Capt. William (Connecticut)

Collier, Col. John (North Carolina)

Collins, Maj. James (Massachusetts)

Colt, Lt. Peter (Connecticut)

Coltman, Capt. Robert (Pennsylvania)

Colton, Capt. Charles (Massachusetts)

Compton, Lt. Edmund Howard (Maryland)

Comstock, Capt. Samuel (Connecticut)

Comstock, Lt. James (Connecticut)

Comstock, Lt. John (Connecticut)

Conant, Lt. Jonathan (Maryland)

Contenson, Jean-Marie du Bessey, chevalier de (France)

Converse, Capt. Israel (New Hampshire)

Converse, Col. Thomas (Connecticut)

Conway, Capt. Francis (Virginia)

Conway, Capt. Henry (Virginia)

Conway, Lt. Col. John (New Jersey)

Conway, Lt. James (Virginia)

Conyers, Maj. James (South Carolina)

Cook, Capt. Jesse (Connecticut)

Cook, Capt. John (Virginia)

Cook, Capt. Richard Donaldson (North Carolina)

Cooke, Capt. Thomas (North Carolina)

Cooke, Chap. Noah (New Hampshire)

Cooke, Surg. Samuel (Connecticut)

Cooper, Capt. Benjamin A. (Virginia)

Cooper, Lt. Apollos (Virginia)

Cooper, Lt. Samuel (Massachusetts)

Cooper, Maj. John (Georgia)

Copp, Capt. John (New York)

Coquet, François de (France)

Coriolis, Gabriel, Pierre, Xavier de (France)

Coriolis-Puymichel, César, marquis de (France)

Cormatin, Pierre, Marie, Félicité Dezoteux, baron de (France)

Cornelius, Surgeon’s Mate Elias (Rhode Island)

Cornell, Lt. Col. Ezekiel (Rhode Island)

Cornish, Lt. Joseph (Connecticut)

Corse, Capt. John (Delaware)

Costebelle, Pierre-Alexandre de Pastour de (France)

Cotten, Capt. Josiah (North Carolina)

Cotton, Col. Theophilus (Massachusetts)

Cotton, Lt. John (Massachusetts)

Cotton, Thomas Jacques de (France)

Couëdic de Kergöaler, Charles-Louis, chevalier du (France)

Council, Capt. Arthur (North Carolina)

Count von Stedingk, Curt Bogislaus Ludvig Christopher (Rhode Island)

Couronnat, Guillaume (France)

Courtney, Ens. Philip (Virginia)

Courtois, Jean-Baptiste, Gabriel, Anne de (France)

Courts, Lt. William (Maryland)

Covington, Lt. James (North Carolina)

Covington, Lt. William (North Carolina)

Cowan, Capt. Thomas (North Carolina)

Cowell, Lt. Butler (North Carolina)

Cowherd, Capt. Francis (Virginia)

Cowles, Lt. Solomon (Connecticut)

Cowper, Capt. John (North Carolina)

Cox, Capt. William (Pennsylvania)

Cox, Col. John (Pennsylvania)

Cox, Maj. Richard (New Jersey)

Craddock, Lt. Robert (Virginia)

Craig, Capt. James (Virginia)

Craig, Capt. John (Pennsylvania)

Craig, Capt. Samuel (New Jersey)

Craig, Col. Thomas (Pennsylvania)

Craige, Capt. James (North Carolina)

Craigie, Apothecary General Andrew (Massachusetts)

Crane, Col. John (Massachusetts)

Cranson, Maj. Abner (Massachusetts)

Crary, Col. Archibald (Rhode Island)

Crawford, Capt. Charles (North Carolina)

Crawford, Lt. Edward (Pennsylvania)

Crawley, Capt. Samuel (Virginia)

Crémoux, Jean Marie, chevalier de (France)

Cresap, Capt. Michael (Maryland)

Crillon et de Mahon, Louis de Berton des Balbes, duc de (France)

Crillon, Louis Alexandre Nolasque Félix de Berton des Balbes, marquis de (France)

Crittenden, Capt. Lt. John (Virginia)

Crocker, Capt. Joseph (Massachusetts)

Crockett, Col. Joseph (Virginia)

Cromwell, Capt. Thomas (Maryland)

Cropper, Lt. Col. John, Jr. (Virginia)

Crosby, Capt. Josiah (New Hampshire)

Crosby, Ebenezer (New York)

Cross, 2nd Lt. Joseph (Maryland)

Croxall, Lt. Charles Moale (Delaware)

Crussol-Florensac, balli de Crussol, Alexandre, Charles Emmanuel de (France)

Crutcher, Lt. Anthony (North Carolina)

Crute, Capt. Lt. John (Virginia)

Culver, Ens. Samuel (Connecticut)

Cumming, Lt. Col. John Nobel (New Jersey)

Cunningham, Capt. John (Georgia)

Cunningham, Maj. William (Virginia)

Currell, Lt. Nicholas (Virginia)

Currell, Midshipman James (Virginia)

Curry, Capt. James (Virginia)

Curtis, Maj. Israel (Connecticut)

Curtiss, Lt. Giles (Connecticut)

Cushing, Brig. Maj. Nathaniel (Massachusetts)

Cushing, Ens. Pyam (New Hampshire)

Cushing, Lt. Thomas Humphrey (New Hampshire)

Cushing, Lt. William (New Hampshire)

Cushing, Surg. Lemuel (New Hampshire)

Custine, Adam, Philippe, comte de (France)

Custis, Lt. Thomas (Virginia)

Dabney, Lt. Col. Charles (Virginia)

Dabney, Lt. Cornelius (Virginia)

Daggett, Ens. Ebenezer (Connecticut)

Daggett, Lt. Henry (Connecticut)

Damas d’Antigny, Joseph, Charles, François, César, comte puis duc de (France)

Dana, Lt. Benjamin (Massachusetts)

Dana, Lt. James (Connecticut)

Dancy, Lt. Etheldred (North Carolina)

Dandridge, Capt. Alexander Spotswood (Virginia)

Dandridge, Capt. John (Virginia)

Dandridge, Lt. Robert Ambler (Virginia)

Danforth, Lt. Joshua (Massachusetts)

Daniel, Capt. Stephen (North Carolina)

Daniel, Lt. James (North Carolina)

Darcy, Capt. William (Georgia)

Darcy, Surgeon’s Mate John S. (New Jersey)

Darke, Lt. Col. William (Virginia)

Darrow, Maj. Christopher (Connecticut)

Dauge, Col. Peter (North Carolina)

Davenport, Capt. William (Virginia)

Davenport, James (Connecticut)

Davenport, Lt. Hezekiah (Connecticut)

Davenport, Lt. Opie (Virginia)

Davenport, Lt. Thomas III (Georgia)

Davenport, Maj. John (Connecticut)

Davenport, Surgeon’s Mate Thomas (Georgia)

Daves, Capt. John (North Carolina)

Davidson, Capt. Alexander (North Carolina)

Davidson, Capt. George (North Carolina)

Davidson, Lt. Col. William Lee (North Carolina)

Davidson, Maj. John (Maryland)

Davidson, Maj. John (North Carolina)

Davie, Col. William Richardson (North Carolina)

Davies (Davis), Lt. Hezekiah (Delaware)

Davies, Col. William (Virginia)

Davis, Capt. John (North Carolina)

Davis, Capt. John (Pennsylvania)

Davis, Capt. Joseph (Pennsylvania)

Davis, Capt. Lt. Septimus (Delaware)

Davis, Capt. Robert (Rhode Island)

Davis, Capt. William Ransom (South Carolina)

Davis, Ens. Jehu (North Carolina)

Davis, Lt. Col. William (North Carolina)

Davis, Lt. Llewellyn (Pennsylvania)

Davis, Lt. Samuel, Jr. (Delaware)

Dawson, Lt. Col. Levi (North Carolina)

Dawson, Lt. Henry (Virginia)

Dayton, Brig. Gen. Elias (New Jersey)

Dayton, Capt. Jonathan (New Jersey)

de Bellerive, Capt. Louis Baury (Massachusetts)

De Camp, Ens. James (New Jersey)

De Courcy, 3rd Lt. Edward (Maryland)

de Groot, Lt. William (Rhode Island)

de Haas, Brig. Gen. John Phillip, Sr. (New Jersey)

de Kalb, Maj. Gen. Johann von Robais, Baron (Maryland)

de Lameth, Comte Théodore Victor (France)

de Medici, Capt. Cosimo (North Carolina)

de Toussard, Lt. Col. Anne-Louis (New Jersey)

Dean, Capt. Walter (Massachusetts)

Dearborn, Col. Henry (Massachusetts)

Dearborn, Col. Stephen (New Hampshire)

Dearborn, Lt. Thomas (New Hampshire)

Decrès, Denis, duc (France)

DeForest, Lt. Samuel (Connecticut)

deHart, 2nd Lt. Jacob Mauritz (Pennsylvania)

Dejarnett, Capt. John (North Carolina)

DeKeyser, Lt. Lehansyus (North Carolina)

Delezenne, Capt. Joseph Christopher (New York)

Demere, Maj. Raymond (Georgia)

Deming, Commissary Julius (Connecticut)

Deming, Lt. Pownal (Connecticut)

Dennett, Capt. John (New Hampshire)

Dennis, Capt. William (North Carolina)

Dennis, Ens. Ezekial (New Jersey)

Denny, Lt. Ebenezer (Pennsylvania)

Dent, Capt. Hatch (Maryland)

Denwood, Surg. Levin (Maryland)

deRussy, Lt. Thomas Benoit (Maryland)

deSaussure, Lt. Louis (South Carolina)

Desnos de La Hautière, Charles, Henry, Marie, François (France)

deTreville, Capt. John LaBouladrie (South Carolina)

DeVane, Capt. Thomas (North Carolina)

DeVeaux, Maj. Peter (Georgia)

Devol, Lt. Silas (Rhode Island)

Dewey, Ens. Oliver (New Hampshire)

DeWitt, Maj. Simeon (New York)

Dick, Maj. Alexander (Virginia)

Dickson, Lt. Walter (Georgia)

Diffenderffer, Ens. David (Maryland)

Digges, Capt. Dudley (Virginia)

Diggs, Lt. Cole (Virginia)

Dill, 2nd Lt. James (Pennsylvania)

Dill, Ens. William (Delaware)

Dillard, Lt. James (Virginia)

Dillaway, Lt. Arthur (Massachusetts)

Dillon, Chevalier Théobald, Hyacinthe (France)

Dillon, Comte Franck-Théobald (France)

Dillon, Édouard, comte (France)

Dillon, Guillaume, Henri dit Billy (France)

Dimmick, Lt. Benjamin (Connecticut)

Dimon, Lt. Col. David (Connecticut)

Dionne, 2nd Lt. Germain (New York)

Dixon, Capt. Tilman (North Carolina)

Dixon, Lt. Charles (North Carolina)

Dixon, Lt. Col. Henry (North Carolina)

Dixon, Lt. Joseph (North Carolina)

Dixon, Lt. Wynn (North Carolina)

Dodge, Ens. Samuel, Jr. (New York)

Dolliver, Capt. Peter (Massachusetts)

Donnell, Capt. James (New Hampshire)

Donovan, Lt. Richard (Maryland)

Dorrance, Capt. David (Connecticut)

Dorrance, Lt. Col. George (Connecticut)

Dorsey, 2nd Lt. John Worthington (Maryland)

Dorsey, 2nd Lt. Vachel (Maryland)

Dorsey, Bvt. Maj. Richard (Maryland)

Dorsey, Capt. Ely (Maryland)

Dorsey, Cornet Larkin (North Carolina)

Dorsey, Surg. Nathan (Maryland)

Dorsey, Surgeon’s Mate John (Maryland)

Doty, Capt. Samuel (Pennsylvania)

Douglas, Capt. Richard (Connecticut)

Douglass, Lt. Robert (North Carolina)

Douglass, Lt. William (North Carolina)

Douville, Lt. Pierre (Rhode Island)

Dow, Capt. Reuben (New Hampshire)

D’Oyley, Capt. Daniel (South Carolina)

Drake, Col. Abraham (New Hampshire)

Drake, Lt. Albrittain (North Carolina)

Drake, Lt. Joshua (New York)

Drayton, Capt. Charles (South Carolina)

Drayton, Capt. Glen (South Carolina)

Drayton, Col. Stephen (South Carolina)

Dreux-Nancré, Pierre, Guislain, Joseph, François, comte de (France)

Drew, Capt. Lebbeus (New Hampshire)

Drew, Maj. Seth (Massachusetts)

Du Quesne, Rear Adm. Pierre Claude, marquis (Rhode Island)

DuBois, Col. Lewis (New York)

DuBose, Capt. Isaac (South Carolina)

Dudley, Capt. John (Virginia)

Dudley, Col. Guildford (North Carolina)

Dudley, Lt. Thomas (North Carolina)

Duff, Lt. Henry (Delaware)

Duffield, Surg. John (Massachusetts)

Dumas, Guillaume, Mathieu (France)

Duncan, Capt. James (Pennsylvania)

Duncan, Paymaster Robert (North Carolina)

Dungan, Lt. Thomas (Pennsylvania)

Dunham, Surg. Lewis Ford (New Jersey)

Dunn, Capt. Isaac Budd (Pennsylvania)

Dunn, Lt. Abner Martin (Pennsylvania)

Dunning, Capt. Michael, Jr. (New York)

Durat de La Serre, Jean-François, comte de (France)

Durfort, Louis, Nicolas, baron de (France)

Durkee, Capt. John (Connecticut)

Durkee, Capt. Nathaniel (Connecticut)

Durkee, Capt. Robert (Connecticut)

Durkee, Col. John (Connecticut)

Durkee, Lt. Benjamin (Connecticut)

Dustin, Capt. Moses (New Hampshire)

DuVal, Lt. Edward (Maryland)

DuVal, Lt. Isaac (Maryland)

Duvall, Col. Daniel (Virginia)

Duvall, Lt. William (Maryland)

Dyer, Capt. Edward (Maryland)

Dyer, Lt. Walter (Maryland)

Dyson, Lt. Thomas Andrew (Maryland)

Eames, Capt. Jeremiah (New Hampshire)

Eames, Lt. John (New Hampshire)

Earle, Capt. John (North Carolina)

Earle, Capt. John (South Carolina)

Earle, Capt. Samuel (South Carolina)

Eason, Lt. Seth (North Carolina)

Eastin, Lt. Philip (Virginia)

Eastin, Lt. Richard (Virginia)

Eaton, Maj. Pinkethman (North Carolina)

Eborne, Lt. John (North Carolina)

Eborne, Lt. Thomas (North Carolina)

Edgar, Capt. David (New Jersey)

Edmonds, Lt. Col. Elias II (Virginia)

Edmondson, Ens. Andrew (Virginia)

Edmondson, Lt. Robert, Jr. (Virginia)

Edmunds, Capt. Nicholas (North Carolina)

Edwards, Capt. Leroy (Virginia)

Edwards, Ens. Edward (Maryland)

Edwards, Lt. Thomas (Massachusetts)

Edwards, Maj. Evan (South Carolina)

Eells, Maj. Edward (Connecticut)

Eggleston, Lt. William (Virginia)

Eggleston, Maj. Joseph (Virginia)

Eggleston, Maj. Joseph (Virginia)

Egleston, Lt. Azariah (South Carolina)

Eichelberger, Lt. Martin (Maryland)

Elbert, Surgeon’s Mate John Lodman (Maryland)

Eldred, Lt. Samuel (Massachusetts)

Eldredge, Capt. James (Connecticut)

Eley, Capt. Eli (North Carolina)

Elliott, Capt. George, Jr. (Virginia)

Elliott, Col. Thomas (Virginia)

Elliott, Lt. Col. Barnard (South Carolina)

Elliott, Midshipman Alexander (Virginia)

Ellis, Capt. Benjamin (New Hampshire)

Ellis, Capt. William (New Hampshire)

Ellis, Rev. John (Connecticut)

Ellison, Capt. Robert (South Carolina)

Elmer, Lt. Eli (New Jersey)

Elmer, Surgeon’s Mate Moses G. (New Jersey)

Elmore, Lt. Samuel (Connecticut)

Elsworth, Capt. Charles (Connecticut)

Ely, Capt. Christopher (Connecticut)

Ely, Capt. Elisha (Connecticut)

Ely, Capt. John (Connecticut)

Emerson, Capt. Amos (New Hampshire)

Emerson, Capt. Nehemiah (Massachusetts)

Emerson, Chap. William (New Hampshire)

Emerson, Lt. John (Virginia)

Emery, Lt. Ephraim (Massachusetts)

Enloe, Capt. John (North Carolina)

Ennis, Lt. William (Rhode Island)

Eno, Ens. Martin (Connecticut)

Entrecasteaux, Joseph, Antoine, Raymond Bruny d’ (France)

Erwin, 2nd Lt. John (Delaware)

Esclapon de Cananilles, Pierre, Charles, Jean-Baptiste, Sylvestre de Villeneuve d’ (France)

Estabrook, Joseph (New Hampshire)

Esté, Capt. Moses (Maryland)

Eustace, Capt. John (Virginia)

Evance, Lt. Thomas (South Carolina)

Evans, Capt. Thomas (North Carolina)

Evans, Lt. William (Virginia)

Evens, Surg. George (Virginia)

Everett, Lt. Pelatiah (Massachusetts)

Ewell, Capt. Charles (Virginia)

Ewing, Lt. Alexander (Virginia)

Exum, Capt. Benjamin (North Carolina)

Failly, Philippe, Louis, comte de (France)

Fanning, Capt. Charles (Connecticut)

Fanning, Capt. John (Connecticut)

Fanning, Lt. John, Jr. (Connecticut)

Fanning, Lt. Joshua (Connecticut)

Fanning, Lt. Simeon (Connecticut)

Farish, Surgeon’s Mate Robert (Virginia)

Farley, Capt. Michael (Massachusetts)

Farmer, Capt. Samuel (Maryland)

Farnandis, Capt. James (Maryland)

Farnham, Lt. Zebediah (Connecticut)

Farrar, Capt. Field (South Carolina)

Farwell, Capt. Isaac (New Hampshire)

Fauntleroy, Capt. Henry (Virginia)

Fawn, Capt. William (North Carolina)

Fay, Capt. Josiah (Massachusetts)

Fay, Ens. Joseph (New Hampshire)

Fayssoux, Surg. Gen. Peter (Georgia)

Fellows, Ens. David (Connecticut)

Fenner, Maj. William (North Carolina)

Fenton, Maj. Elijah (Connecticut)

Ferebee, Capt. William, Jr. (North Carolina)

Ferebee, Maj. James (North Carolina)

Ferguson, Capt. William (Pennsylvania)

Fersen, Hans, Axel, comte de (France)

Feuardent, Jean-Marin (France)

Few, Capt. Ignatius (Georgia)

Feydeau de Saint-Christophe, Pierre, Jean, François de (France)

Fickle, Lt. Benjamin (Maryland)

Field, Capt. Reuben (Virginia)

Field, Lt. Henry (Virginia)

Finck, Capt. Andrew (New York)

Finley, Capt. John (Pennsylvania)

Finley, Capt. Joseph Lewis (Pennsylvania)

Finney, Capt. Walter (Pennsylvania)

Fishbourne, Capt. Benjamin (Pennsylvania)

Fishburne, Capt. William (South Carolina)

Fisk (Fish), Capt. Lt. Ebenezer (Massachusetts)

Fitch, Capt. Andrew (Connecticut)

Fitch, Lt. Jabez (Connecticut)

Fitzgerald, Capt. John (Virginia)

Fitzhugh, Lt. Col. Peregrine (Maryland)

Fitzhugh, Lt. William Frisby (Virginia)

Fitzpatrick, Ens. John (Virginia)

Flagg, Maj. Ebenezer (Rhode Island)

Flagg, Surg. Henry Collins (Rhode Island)

Flechin de Wamin, Charles, François, Joseph, comte de (France)

Fleming, Col. Thomas (Virginia)

Fleming, Lt. Col. Charles (Virginia)

Fleurieu, Charles, Pierre Claret, comte de (France)

Fleuriot de Langle, Paul, Antoine, vicomte (France)

Flint, Royal (Connecticut)

Foard, Chap. Hezekiah (North Carolina)

Foard, Lt. John (North Carolina)

Fogg, Capt. Jeremiah (New Hampshire)

Fontbonne, Alexandre, Louis de (France)

Forbin La Barben, Gaspard, Charles, Hyacinthe de (France)

Forbin La Barben, Joseph de (France)

Ford, Capt. Joseph (Maryland)

Ford, Capt. Mahlon (New Jersey)

Ford, Col. Jacob, Jr. (New Jersey)

Ford, Ens. Tobias (South Carolina)

Ford, Lt. Col. Benjamin (Maryland)

Foreman, Lt. Caleb (North Carolina)

Forman, Col. David (New Jersey)

Forman, Lt. Col. Jonathan (New Jersey)

Forman, Maj. Thomas Marsh (New Jersey)

Forman, Maj. Thomas Marsh (Virginia)

Forney, Capt. Abraham (North Carolina)

Forney, Capt. Peter (North Carolina)

Forrest, Lt. Col. Uriah (Maryland)

Forsyth, Capt. Robert (Virginia)

Forsyth, Ens. David (New Hampshire)

Foster, Lt. Thomas (Massachusetts)

Foucauld de Pontbriand, Armand, Pierre, vicomte de (France)

Foucauld de Pontbriand, Charles, baron de (France)

Foushee, Surg. William (Virginia)

Fowler, Ens. William (Connecticut)

Fox, Capt. Nathaniel (Virginia)

Fox, Lt. Jacob (Connecticut)

Fox, Lt. Nathaniel (Virginia)

Fox, Maj. Nathaniel (Virginia)

Foy, Capt. James (North Carolina)

Francis, Col. Ebenezer (Massachusetts)

Franck, Lt. Martin (North Carolina)

Franquetot, marquis de Coigny, François, Marie, Casimir de (France)

Frazer, Capt. Lt. William (Virginia)

Frazier, Lt. Levin (Maryland)

Frierson, Lt. John (South Carolina)

Frost, Capt. Samuel (Massachusetts)

Frye, Brig. Gen. Joseph (Massachusetts)

Frye, Col. James (Massachusetts)

Frye, Ens. Frederick (Massachusetts)

Frye, Maj. Isaac (New Hampshire)

Fuchsamberg, Claude, Marguerite, François Renard de (France)

Fulford, Maj. John (Maryland)

Fuller, Capt. John (Massachusetts)

Fuller, Lt. Richard (Georgia)

Furman, Lt. John (New York)

Gadsden, Capt. Thomas (South Carolina)

Gaillard, Lt. Peter (South Carolina)

Gaines, Capt. Lt. William Fleming (Virginia)

Gaither, Capt. Henry Chew (Maryland)

Galbert, Gaspard, vicomte de (France)

Galbraith, Maj. Andrew (Pennsylvania)

Gale, Col. Jacob (New Hampshire)

Gallahue, Capt. Charles (Virginia)

Galloway, Lt. John (Virginia)

Galpin, Ens. Amos (Connecticut)

Gamble, Capt. Robert (Virginia)

Gamble, Lt. James (Pennsylvania)

Gano, 2nd Lt. Daniel (New York)

Gano, Brig. Chap. John (New York)

Gardner, Capt. Benjamin (Massachusetts)

Garland, Capt. Edward (Virginia)

Garland, Capt. Peter (Virginia)

Garrard, Lt. Charles (North Carolina)

Garrett, Maj. John (Connecticut)

Gaskins, Lt. Col. Thomas (Virginia)

Gassaway, Capt. John (Maryland)

Gassaway, Lt. Henry (Maryland)

Gaston, Lt. Alexander (South Carolina)

Gaston, Lt. Robert (South Carolina)

Gay, Col. Fisher (Connecticut)

Gaylord, Lt. Aaron (Connecticut)

Gee, Capt. James (North Carolina)

Gee, Lt. Howell (North Carolina)

George, Capt. John (Massachusetts)

George, Capt. William (Virginia)

Germiny, Jean-Antoine Le Bègue, comte de (France)

Gervais, Deputy Paymaster General John Lewis (South Carolina)

Gevigney, Claude, François, Ignace Durand de (France)

Ghiselin, Capt. John (Maryland)

Gibbons, Capt. James (Virginia)

Gibbs, Lt. Churchill (Virginia)

Gibson, Capt. James (Delaware)

Gibson, Col. George (Virginia)

Gibson, Col. John (Virginia)

Gilbert, Capt. John (Connecticut)

Gilbert, Capt. Michael (Maryland)

Gilchrist, Ens. Adam (South Carolina)

Gilchrist, Lt. James (Pennsylvania)

Gildersleeve, 2nd Lt. Finch (New York)

Giles, 2nd Lt. James (New Jersey)

Giles, Maj. Aquila (New York)

Giles, Maj. Edward (Maryland)

Gill, Capt. Samuel (Virginia)

Gill, Maj. Joseph Louis (New York)

Gillett, Lt. Jonathan (Connecticut)

Gilman, Capt. Nicholas (New Hampshire)

Gilman, Capt. Samuel (New Hampshire)

Gilman, Col. Nicholas (New Hampshire)

Gilman, Lt. Col. Israel (New Hampshire)

Gilman, Lt. Col. Jeremiah (New Hampshire)

Gilman, Lt. Francis (New Jersey)

Gilmore, Lt. James (Virginia)

Gist, Brig. Gen. Mordecai (Maryland)

Gist, Capt. John (Maryland)

Gist, Col. Nathaniel (Virginia)

Gladding, 2nd Lt. Nathaniel (Rhode Island)

Glascock, Lt. Thomas (Georgia)

Glascock, Lt. Thomas (Virginia)

Glenney, Lt. William (Connecticut)

Glentworth, Surg. George (Pennsylvania)

Glover, Brig. Gen. John (Massachusetts)

Goldsborough, 2nd Lt. William (Maryland)

Gontaut Biron, duc de Lauzun, Armand-Louis de (France)

Goodell, Lt. Silas (Connecticut)

Gooden, Capt. Christopher (North Carolina)

Goodman, Capt. William (North Carolina)

Goodrich, Ens. Ozias (Connecticut)

Goodwin, Capt. Nathaniel (Connecticut)

Goodwin, Surg. Lyde (Maryland)

Goodwyn, Capt. John (South Carolina)

Goodwyn, Capt. Robert (South Carolina)

Goodwyn, Capt. Uriah (South Carolina)

Gookin, Lt. Daniel (New Hampshire)

Gordon, Capt. Thomas (North Carolina)

Gordon, Capt. William (New Jersey)

Gordon, Lt. Ambrose (Georgia)

Gordon, Maj. Charles (North Carolina)

Gordon, Midshipman Churchill (Virginia)

Gore, Lt. Obadiah (Connecticut)

Gosselin, Capt. Clement (Pennsylvania)

Gough, Capt. Richard (South Carolina)

Gould, Ens. Benjamin Apthorp (Massachusetts)

Gould, Lt. Col. Abraham (Connecticut)

Gould, Lt. James (Maryland)

Goüyon de Vaurouault, Charles, René, Claude de (France)

Gouzillon, Jean, Guillaume, Michel de (France)

Graham, Capt. George (North Carolina)

Graham, Capt. Richard (North Carolina)

Graham, Maj. Joseph (North Carolina)

Graham, Surg. Andrew (Connecticut)

Graham, Surgeon’s Mate Stephen Curtis (New York)

Grainger, Capt. John (North Carolina)

Granbery, Capt. Thomas (North Carolina)

Granbery, Lt. John (North Carolina)

Granger, Lt. Bildad (Connecticut)

Granniss, Lt. Enos (Connecticut)

Grant, Capt. George (Pennsylvania)

Grant, Capt. Jesse (Connecticut)

Grant, Ens. Thomas (North Carolina)

Grant, Lt. Benjamin (New Hampshire)

Grant, Lt. Reuben (North Carolina)

Gras-Préville, René, Louis, Dominique, comte de (France)

Grasse-Limermont, Etienne de (France)

Grattan, Lt. John (Virginia)

Graves, Ens. Asa (Massachusetts)

Graves, Lt. Francis (North Carolina)

Graves, Lt. Ralph (Virginia)

Gray, Capt. George (Virginia)

Gray, Capt. Henry, Jr. (South Carolina)

Gray, Capt. James (Virginia)

Gray, Capt. John (North Carolina)

Gray, Capt. Peter (South Carolina)

Gray, Capt. Silas (New York)

Gray, Lt. Col. Ebenezer (Connecticut)

Gray, Lt. William (Virginia)

Grayson, Capt. Spence Monroe (Virginia)

Grayson, Col. William (Virginia)

Grayson, Lt. William John (South Carolina)

Green, 2nd Lt. Robert (Virginia)

Green, Capt. Berryman (Virginia)

Green, Capt. John (Georgia)

Green, Capt. John (New York)

Green, Capt. William (Virginia)

Green, Col. Joseph, Sr. (North Carolina)

Green, Ens. David (Maryland)

Green, Ens. Samuel Ball (Virginia)

Green, Lt. Gabriel (Virginia)

Green, Lt. Joseph (North Carolina)

Green, Lt. William (North Carolina)

Green, Surg. James West (North Carolina)

Greene, Col. Christopher (Rhode Island)

Greene, Lt. John Morley (Rhode Island)

Greene, Maj. Gen. Nathanael (Rhode Island)

Greenleaf, Capt. Moses (Massachusetts)

Greer, Capt. Rezin (Connecticut)

Greer, Lt. Robert (North Carolina)

Gregory, Capt. John (Virginia)

Gregory, Capt. William (Virginia)

Gregory, Gen. Isaac (North Carolina)

Gregory, Lt. Matthew (Connecticut)

Grier, Lt. John (Maryland)

Griffin, Capt. John (North Carolina)

Griffin, Col. Samuel (Virginia)

Griffin, Lt. Col. Hardy (North Carolina)

Griffin, Surg. Corbin (Virginia)

Griffing, Ens. Stephen (New York)

Griffith, Capt. Philemon (Maryland)

Griffith, Capt. Samuel (Maryland)

Griffith, Lt. Charles (Maryland)

Griffith, Lt. Levi (Pennsylvania)

Griggs, Ens. Ichabod (Connecticut)

Grimes, Maj. William (Virginia)

Grimoüard, Nicolas, Henri, René, comte de (France)

Grosh, Maj. Adam (Maryland)

Grosvenor, Lt. Col. Thomas (Connecticut)

Grout, Lt. Daniel (Massachusetts)

Grubb, Capt. Peter (New Jersey)

Grymes, Capt. Benjamin (Virginia)

Gueydon, Louis, Rodolphe de (France)

Guichen, Luc du Bouëxic de (France)

Guichen, Luc Urbain du Bouëxic, comte de (France)

Guild, Capt. Joseph (New Hampshire)

Guion, Surg. Isaac (North Carolina)

Gunby, Col. John (Maryland)

Gurley, Capt. William (North Carolina)

Habersham, Col. Joseph (Georgia)

Habersham, Maj. John (Georgia)

Hackenberg, Ens. Johann Peter (Delaware)

Hacker, Capt. Hoysteed (New York)

Hackley, Lt. John (Virginia)

Hackney, Capt. Joseph (North Carolina)

Haddaway, Lt. Oakley (Maryland)

Hadley, Capt. Joshua (North Carolina)

Hait, Lt. Col. Joseph (Connecticut)

Hale, Capt. Jonathan (Connecticut)

Hale, Capt. Nathan (Connecticut)

Hale, Col. Nathan (New Hampshire)

Hale, Surg. John (New Hampshire)

Hall, Capt. (Chaplain) James (North Carolina)

Hall, Capt. Edward (Maryland)

Hall, Capt. Stephen (Connecticut)

Hall, Capt. Thomas (South Carolina)

Hall, Col. Josias Carvel (Maryland)

Hall, Dr. Thomas, Jr. (Pennsylvania)

Hall, Lt. and Paymaster Tallmadge (Connecticut)

Hall, Lt. Elihu (Maryland)

Hall, Lt. Philemon (Connecticut)

Hall, Lt. Thomas (North Carolina)

Hall, Sailing Master Robert (Virginia)

Hall, Surgeon’s Mate Timothy (New Hampshire)

Halling, Surg. Solomon (North Carolina)

Halsey, Capt. Luther (New Jersey)

Hamilton, 2nd Lt. Edward (Maryland)

Hamilton, Capt. George (Maryland)

Hamilton, Ens. Robert (New Jersey)

Hamilton, Lt. Col. Alexander (New York)

Hamilton, Lt. James (Virginia)

Hamilton, Maj. James (South Carolina)

Hamlin, Ens. Africa (Massachusetts)

Hamlin, Lt. Jabez (Connecticut)

Hammond, Capt. Benjamin (New Hampshire)

Hammond, Capt. Edward (New Hampshire)

Hammond, Capt. Larkin (Maryland)

Hammond, Capt. Thomas (Maryland)

Hammond, Col. Samuel (South Carolina)

Hammond, Ens. Andrew (Maryland)

Hammond, Lt. David (Pennsylvania)

Hampton, Lt. Col. Henry (South Carolina)

Hampton, Lt. Col. Wade (South Carolina)

Hancock, Deputy Paymaster General Ebenezer (Massachusetts)

Hand, Brig. Gen. Edward (Pennsylvania)

Hand, Lt. Abraham (Connecticut)

Handley, Capt. George (Georgia)

Handy, Capt. George (Maryland)

Hansford, Surgeon’s Mate Cary Haslet (Virginia)

Hanson, Capt. Dirck (New York)

Hanson, Lt. Peter Contee (Maryland)

Hanson, Lt. Samuel (Maryland)

Hanson, Lt. William (Maryland)

Hardcastle, Lt. Peter (Maryland)

Hardee, Lt. Isaac (North Carolina)

Hardin, Lt. John (Maryland)

Hardy, Paymaster William (North Carolina)

Hardyman, Lt. John (Virginia)

Hargett, Col. Frederick (North Carolina)

Harleston, Maj. Isaac Child (South Carolina)

Harmar, Lt. Col. Josiah (Pennsylvania)

Harmon, Capt. John (Connecticut)

Harmon, Ens. Jacques (Connecticut)

Harney, Col. Selby (North Carolina)

Harper, Lt. Col. Jeduthan (North Carolina)

Harper, Lt. John (Pennsylvania)

Harris, Dr. Tucker (South Carolina)

Harris, Lt. Arthur (Maryland)

Harris, Lt. Col. Francis Henry (Georgia)

Harris, Lt. John (Virginia)

Harris, Lt. Jordan (Virginia)

Harris, Lt. West (North Carolina)

Harris, Maj. Thomas (North Carolina)

Harris, Surg. Jacob (New Jersey)

Harrison, Capt. Cuthburt (Virginia)

Harrison, Capt. Valentine (Virginia)

Harrison, Col. Benjamin, Jr. (Virginia)

Harrison, Col. Charles (Virginia)

Harrison, Lt. Joseph (Virginia)

Harrison, Maj. John (Virginia)

Hart, Capt. John (Connecticut)

Hart, Capt. John (North Carolina)

Hart, Capt. John (South Carolina)

Hart, Capt. Nathaniel (North Carolina)

Hart, Col. Henry (North Carolina)

Hart, Commissary Thomas (North Carolina)

Hart, Ens. John (Connecticut)

Hart, Surgeon’s Mate Oliver (South Carolina)

Hartley, Col. Thomas (Pennsylvania)

Hartshorn, Capt. Thomas (New Hampshire)

Harvey, Lt. John (New Hampshire)

Harwood, Maj. Peter (New Hampshire)

Haskell, Lt. Col. Henry (Massachusetts)

Haskell, Maj. Elnathan (South Carolina)

Haslet, Col. John (Delaware)

Hasty, 2nd Lt. William (Massachusetts)

Hawes, Col. Samuel (Virginia)

Hawkins, Capt. John (Maryland)

Hawkins, Capt. John (Virginia)

Hawkins, Capt. Moses (Virginia)

Hawkins, Capt. William Adrian (New Hampshire)

Hawkins, Col. Benjamin (North Carolina)

Hawkins, Col. John (North Carolina)

Hawkins, Col. Joseph (North Carolina)

Hawkins, Col. Philemon (North Carolina)

Hawkins, Lt. Henry Holland (Maryland)

Hawley, Lt. Gideon (Connecticut)

Hay, Lt. Col. Samuel (New York)

Haynie, Lt. Holland (Virginia)

Haynie, Surg. Ezekiel (Maryland)

Hays, Ens. John (New Jersey)

Hays, Lt. Robert (North Carolina)

Hazen, Capt. Joshua (New Hampshire)

Hazen, Col. (Bvt. Brig. Gen.) Moses (Rhode Island)

Hazzard, Lt. William (South Carolina)

Head, Maj. James (New Hampshire)

Healy, Capt. Nathaniel (Massachusetts)

Heard, Lt. Jethro (New Hampshire)

Heart/Hart, Capt. Jonathan (Connecticut)

Hector, Charles, Jean, comte d’ (France)

Helm, Capt. Leonard (Virginia)

Helm, Lt. Thomas (Virginia)

Helms, Maj. William (New Jersey)

Helphinstine, Maj. Peter (Virginia)

Henderson, Capt. John (New Jersey)

Henderson, Col. William (South Carolina)

Henderson, Lt. Pleasant (North Carolina)

Hennion, Capt. Cornelius (New Jersey)

Henry, Capt. John (North Carolina)

Henry, Capt. Malcolm (North Carolina)

Henry, Surg. Robert R. (New Hampshire)

Henshaw, Lt. William (Connecticut)

Herbais, François-Xavier d’ (France)

Herbert, Lt. Stewart (Pennsylvania)

Herrick, 2nd Lt. Joseph (Massachusetts)

Herritage, Capt. John (North Carolina)

Herritage, Lt. William Martin (North Carolina)

Hervilly, Louis, Charles Le Cat, comte d’ (France)

Heth, Capt. Henry (Virginia)

Heth, Col. William (Virginia)

Hewitt, Capt. Dethic (Connecticut)

Hext, Capt. William (South Carolina)

Hickman, Lt. Ezekiel (Pennsylvania)

Hickman, Lt. William (New Hampshire)

Higgins, Capt. Robert (Virginia)

Higgins, Lt. Cornelius (Connecticut)

Higgins, Lt. Peter (Virginia)

Higgins, Lt. William (Connecticut)

Higgins, Surgeon’s Mate Joseph (Connecticut)

Hill, Capt. Baylor (Virginia)

Hill, Capt. Ebenezer (Connecticut)

Hill, Capt. Robert (North Carolina)

Hill, Chap. Green, Jr. (North Carolina)

Hill, Lt. Col. William (South Carolina)

Hill, Lt. Jeremiah (Massachusetts)

Hill, Lt. John (North Carolina)

Hill, Lt. Philip (Maryland)

Hill, Lt. William (North Carolina)

Hill, Maj. Thomas (Virginia)

Hilleary, Lt. Rignal (Maryland)

Hilton, Lt. Joseph (New Hampshire)

Hinckley, Capt. Ichabod (Connecticut)

Hinman, Capt. Elisha (Connecticut)

Hinman, Ens. Titus (Connecticut)

Hitchcock, Capt. Luke (Massachusetts)

Hite, Capt. Abraham, Jr. (Virginia)

Hite, Lt. George (Virginia)

Hite, Lt. Isaac (Virginia)

Hite, Lt. Joseph, Jr. (Virginia)

Hobart, Col. David (New Hampshire)

Hobart, Surg. Peter (Massachusetts)

Hobson, Capt. Nicholas (Virginia)

Hockaday, Capt. John (Virginia)

Hockaday, Lt. Philip (Virginia)

Hodges, Capt. John (North Carolina)

Hoffman, Lt. Michael (Pennsylvania)

Holbrook, Capt. David (Massachusetts)

Holbrook, Lt. Nathan (New Hampshire)

Holcombe, Capt. John (Virginia)

Holden, Capt. Abel (Massachusetts)

Holden, Capt. John (Massachusetts)

Holden, Lt. Levi (Massachusetts)

Holland, Lt. George (Virginia)

Holland, Lt. Ivory (Massachusetts)

Holland, Lt. Park (Massachusetts)

Holliday, 2nd Lt. James (Pennsylvania)

Holliday, Capt. John (Virginia)

Hollingsworth, Col. Henry (Maryland)

Hollister, Ens. Jonathan (Connecticut)

Holloway, Lt. James (Virginia)

Hollyday, Lt. and Paymaster Clement (Maryland)

Holman, Ens. William (Virginia)

Holmes, 2nd Lt. Elisha (New Jersey)

Holmes, Capt. Eliphalet (Connecticut)

Holmes, Capt. John (New Jersey)

Holmes, Capt. Lemuel (Massachusetts)

Holmes, Lt. John (Connecticut)

Holmes, Surg. David (Connecticut)

Holt, Lt. Silas (Connecticut)

Holt, Samuel (Connecticut)

Homans, Surg. John (Massachusetts)

Hood, Ens. William (Delaware)

Hooker, 2nd Lt. Roger (Connecticut)

Hooker, Lt. Zibeon (Massachusetts)

Hoomes, Capt. Benjamin (Virginia)

Hopkins, Capt. David (South Carolina)

Hopkins, Capt. Esek (Rhode Island)

Hopkins, Capt. Wait (New Hampshire)

Hopkins, Lt. Charles (Connecticut)

Hopkins, Lt. Col. Samuel, Jr. (Virginia)

Hopkins, Maj. David (Maryland)

Hopper, Ens. John (New Jersey)

Hoppin, Capt. Benjamin (Rhode Island)

Horner, Surgeon’s Mate Gustavus Brown (Maryland)

Horry, Col. Daniel (South Carolina)

Horton, Capt. Jotham (New Jersey)

Horton, Jonathan (New Jersey)

Hosmer, Surg. Timothy (Connecticut)

Hotchkiss, Capt. Caleb (Connecticut)

House, Lt. George (Virginia)

House, Lt. Joseph (Massachusetts)

Houston, Capt. Christopher (North Carolina)

Houstoun, Surg. James (Georgia)

Houx, Charles, Gabriel du (France)

Howard, Capt. Vachel Denton (Maryland)

Howard, Lt. Col. John Eager (Maryland)

Howe, Capt. Lt. Baxter (New York)

Howe, Capt. Lt. Bezaleel (New York)

Howe, Surgeon’s Mate Solomon (Connecticut)

Howell, Capt. Caleb (Georgia)

Howell, Capt. John (New Jersey)

Howell, Capt. Joseph (Pennsylvania)

Howell, Capt. Silas (New Jersey)

Howell, Lt. Ezekiel (Pennsylvania)

Howell, Lt. Vincent (Virginia)

Howell, Maj. Richard (New Jersey)

Howell, Surg. Lewis (New Jersey)

Hoxie, Capt. Peleg (Rhode Island)

Hoyt, Lt. Micah, Jr. (New Hampshire)

Hoyt, Lt. Stephen (New Hampshire)

Hubbard, Capt. Jonas (New Hampshire)

Hubbard, Lt. Charles Hobby (Massachusetts)

Hubbard, Lt. Nehemiah (Connecticut)

Hubbart, Lt. John (Rhode Island)

Hubbell, Capt. Isaac (New York)

Hubbell, Lt. William (Connecticut)

Hubley, Capt. Bernard, Jr. (Pennsylvania)

Hubley, Lt. Col. Adam, Jr. (Pennsylvania)

Hubley, Maj. George (Pennsylvania)

Huger, Brig. Gen. Isaac (South Carolina)

Huger, Maj. Benjamin (South Carolina)

Huggins, Lt. Benjamin (South Carolina)

Hughes, Capt. John (Virginia)

Hughes, Ens. Henry (Georgia)

Hughes, Ens. Henry (Virginia)

Hughes, Lt. John (Pennsylvania)

Huling, Capt. John (New Jersey)

Hulings, Ens. Thomas (New Jersey)

Hull, Capt. Edwin (Virginia)

Hull, Ens. Joseph (New Jersey)

Hull, Lt. Col. William (Massachusetts)

Hume, Capt. Francis (Virginia)

Hume, Lt. Alexander (South Carolina)

Humphrey, Capt. (Bvt. Maj.) William (Rhode Island)

Humphrey, Lt. Jonathan, Jr. (Connecticut)

Humphreys, Capt. Elijah (Connecticut)

Humphreys, Lt. Col. David (Connecticut)

Humphreys, Lt. John (Pennsylvania)

Humpton, Col. Richard (Pennsylvania)

Hungerford, 2nd Lt. Benjamin (Connecticut)

Hungerford, Lt. Thomas (Virginia)

Hunt, Capt. Abraham (Massachusetts)

Hunt, Capt. Thomas (Massachusetts)

Hunt, Lt. David (New York)

Hunt, Lt. Ephraim (Massachusetts)

Hunt, Maj. William (North Carolina)

Hunter, Chap. Andrew (New Jersey)

Hunter, Lt. Humphrey Lee (North Carolina)

Hunter, Surg. George (Virginia)

Huntington, Brig. Gen. Jedediah (Connecticut)

Huntington, Capt. Amos (Rhode Island)

Huntington, Lt. Col. Ebenezer (Connecticut)

Huntington, Maj. Gen. Jabez (Connecticut)

Huntoon, Lt. Joseph (New Hampshire)

Huston, Lt. Alexander (Pennsylvania)

Huston, Lt. William (Pennsylvania)

Hutchins, Capt. Nathaniel (New Hampshire)

Hyatt, Adjutant Abraham (New York)

Hyatt, Lt. John Vance (Delaware)

Hyde, Capt. Jedediah (Connecticut)

Hyde, Capt. Walter (Connecticut)

Hyde, Lt. Col. William (Maryland)

Hyde, Lt. James (Connecticut)

Hynes, Capt. Andrew (Maryland)

Hyrne, Maj. Edmund (South Carolina)

Innes, Lt. Col. James (Virginia)

Irish, Capt. Nathaniel, Jr. (Pennsylvania)

Irvine, Brig. Gen. William (Pennsylvania)

Irvine, Surg. Matthew (South Carolina)

Irwin, Lt. Col. Henry (North Carolina)

Irwin, Lt. Mathew (Pennsylvania)

Ivey, Lt. Curtis (North Carolina)

Jack, Capt. Matthew (Pennsylvania)

Jackson, Bvt. Maj. Gen. Michael (Massachusetts)

Jackson, Capt. Simon (Massachusetts)

Jackson, Capt. Thomas (Maryland)

Jackson, Col. Henry (Massachusetts)

Jackson, Ens. Amasa (Massachusetts)

Jackson, Lt. Col. Ephraim (Massachusetts)

Jackson, Lt. Ebenezer (Massachusetts)

Jackson, Lt. Samuel Dorsey (Georgia)

Jackson, Maj. Daniel (Massachusetts)

Jacob, Lt. George (Maryland)

Jacob, Lt. John Jeremiah (Maryland)

Jameson, Col. John (Virginia)

Jamison, Lt. Adam (Maryland)

Janes, Lt. Elijah (Connecticut)

Jansen, Capt. Cornelius Thomas (New York)

Jarvis, Capt. Thomas (North Carolina)

Jarvis, Col. Samuel (North Carolina)

Jefferds, Capt. Samuel (Massachusetts)

Jeffries, Ens. Isaac (Virginia)

Jenkins, Ens. Thomas (Maryland)

Jenkins, Lt. Joel (New Hampshire)

Jenkins, Lt. John (Connecticut)

Jennison, Capt. John (New Hampshire)

Jerauld, Capt. Dutee (Rhode Island)

Jervey, Capt. Thomas (South Carolina)

Jewett, Capt. Joseph (Connecticut)

Joannis, Louis-Dominique de (France)

Jocelyn, Capt. Amaziah (North Carolina)

Johnson, Capt. John (New York)

Johnson, Capt. Thomas (Virginia)

Johnson, Lt. Joshua (North Carolina)

Johnson, Lt. Samuel (North Carolina)

Johnston, Capt. John (Massachusetts)

Johnston, Col. Francis (Pennsylvania)

Johnston, Col. Jonas (North Carolina)

Johnston, Lt. Peter (Virginia)

Johnston, Lt. Samuel (Rhode Island)

Johnston, Maj. James (Virginia)

Johnston, Robert (New York)

Johnston, Surg. Launcelot (North Carolina)

Jones, 2nd Lt. Abraham Parham (Georgia)

Jones, Brig. Gen. Allen (North Carolina)

Jones, Capt. Cadwallader (Virginia)

Jones, Capt. Daniel (North Carolina)

Jones, Capt. Gabriel (Virginia)

Jones, Capt. Israel (Connecticut)

Jones, Capt. James (North Carolina)

Jones, Capt. John Courts (Maryland)

Jones, Capt. Llewellyn (Virginia)

Jones, Capt. Samuel (Maryland)

Jones, Capt. Strother (Virginia)

Jones, Capt. William (Rhode Island)

Jones, Col. John (North Carolina)

Jones, Ens. Samuel (North Carolina)

Jones, Lt. Albridgton (Virginia)

Jones, Lt. Col. Jonathan (Delaware)

Jones, Lt. James Morris (Pennsylvania)

Jones, Maj. Cadwallader (North Carolina)

Jones, Maj. Churchill (Virginia)

Jones, Maj. John, Jr. (Georgia)

Jordan, Capt. John (Maryland)

Jordan, Capt. John (Virginia)

Jouett, Capt. Matthew (Virginia)

Jouett, Lt. Robert (Virginia)

Joyner, Capt. David (North Carolina)

Judd, Capt. William (Connecticut)

Judson, Capt. David (Connecticut)

Julian, Maj. John (Virginia)

Jullien de Belzim, Chevalier Philippe-Charles (France)

Jump, Lt. George (Virginia)

Kalb, Jean, baron de (France)

Keais, Capt. Nathan (North Carolina)

Keeler, Ens. Aaron (Connecticut)

Keeler, Lt. Isaac (Connecticut)

Keep, Capt. Caleb (New Hampshire)

Keith, Capt. Thomas (Virginia)

Keith, Lt. Alexander (Virginia)

Keith, Lt. Isham (Virginia)

Kemper, Capt. Lt. Jacob (New York)

Kemper, Deputy Clothier General Daniel (New York)

Kennedy, Lt. James (South Carolina)

Kennedy, Samuel, Sr. (Pennsylvania)

Kennon, Lt. Richard (Virginia)

Kergariou Locmaria, Théobald René, comte de (France)

Kermadec, Jean-Marie Huon de (France)

Kéroüartz, Alexandre, Mathurin, Auguste, chevalier de (France)

Kersaint, Guy, Simon de Coëtnempren, comte de (France)

Keyser, 2nd Lt. John, Jr. (New York)

Killam, Capt. Joseph (New Hampshire)

Kilpatrick, Capt. William (Massachusetts)

Kilty, Capt. John (Maryland)

Kilty, Surg. William (Maryland)

Kimball, Capt. Benjamin (New Hampshire)

Kimball, Capt. Peter (New Hampshire)

Kimball, Lt. Jesse (Connecticut)

Kimberly, Capt. Ephraim (Connecticut)

Kimmel, Capt. Michael (Delaware)

King, Capt. Zebulon (Rhode Island)

King, Lt. Elisha (Virginia)

King, Lt. Hugh (Delaware)

King, Lt. Joshua (Connecticut)

King, Maj. Rufus (Massachusetts)

King, Surg. Miles (Virginia)

Kingman, Ens. Edward (Massachusetts)

Kingsbury, Capt. Asa (Connecticut)

Kingsbury, Ens. Jacob (Connecticut)

Kinley, Capt. Benjamin (Virginia)

Kinney, Capt. John (New Jersey)

Kinney, Lt. Abraham (New Jersey)

Kirby, Ens. Ephraim (Rhode Island)

Kirkpatrick, Capt. David (Delaware)

Kirkpatrick, Maj. Abraham (Virginia)

Kirtland, Capt. Martin (Connecticut)

Knapp, Ens. Joshua (Connecticut)

Knight, Surgeon’s Mate Jonathan (Connecticut)

Knowlton, Lt. Col. Thomas (Connecticut)

Knox, Capt. William (North Carolina)

Knox, Maj. Gen. Henry (Massachusetts)

Knutt, Lt. William (North Carolina)

Kolb, Lt. Josiah (South Carolina)

Kollock, Lt. (Bvt. Capt.) Shepard (New Jersey)

Koonce, Capt. John (North Carolina)

La Bintinaye, Agathon, René, Marie de (France)

La Bottellerais, François-Marie du Bouëxic de (France)

La Calande, Aymar de Blois de (France)

La Cardonnie, Jacques, chevalier Boutier de (France)

La Charoulière, Pierre, Louis, François de Buor de (France)

La Colombe, Chevalier Louis, Saint-Ange Morel de (France)

La Corbière, Antoine, Magdeleine, marquis de (France)

La Corbière, René, Anne, Gilbert de (France)

La Cour de Balleroy, Jean, François, Paul, Henry (France)

La Devèze, Diomède, Henry, François Leclerc, marquis de (France)

La Devèze, Jean-Pierre de Roquefeuil, vicomte de (France)

La Devèze, Paul, René, Madeleine Leclerc, chevalier de (France)

La Fayette, Gilbert du Motier, marquis de (France)

La Galissonniere, Athanase, Scipion Barrin, marquis de (France)

La Gardette, Mathieu, Joseph d’Anselme de (France)

La Gastine, Chevalier Louis Absolut de (France)

La Grandière, Charles-Marie, comte de (France)

La Grandière, Louis, Jean-Baptiste, Marie de (France)

La Grandière, Pierre, Marie, Martin, vicomte de (France)

La Haye d’Anglemont, Marie, Alexandre, Louis, Henry de (France)

La Loge, Chevalier Pierre-Louis de (France)

La Luzerne, Anne, César, marquis de (France)

La Morlière, Louis, Antoine Magalon de (France)

La Motte Picquet de La Vinoyerie, Jacques, Guillaume, Toussaint, comte de  (France)

La Neuville, Louis, Pierre Penot, Lombard de (France)

La Palice, Jacques, Gilbert, Marie de Chabannes, marquis de (France)

La Palice, Jean-Frederic de Chabannes, marquis de Curton et de (France)

La Panouse, Alexandre-César, comte de (France)

La Porte-Vezins, Paul, Jules, marquis de (France)

La Prévalaye, Pierre, Dimas, Thierry, marquis de (France)

La Tour du Pin Gouvernent, Frederic, Séraphin, marquis de (France)

La Tournerie, Jean, Jacques, Mélanie Laguarigue de (France)

La Tullaye, Anne, Salomon, Louis de (France)

La Villehunault, Toussaint Péan, chevalier de (France)

La Villéon de La Villevallio, Jean-Baptiste, François, comte de (France)

La Villèsbrunne, Jacques-Anne Le Saige de (France)

La Villette, André, Edmond de Barras de (France)

Labarthète de Montlezun, Jean-François du Moulin de (France)

Labat de Lapeyrière, René, Calixte de (France)

Lacey, Capt. Josiah (Connecticut)

Lacombe, Guillaume Querenet de (France)

Ladson, Maj. James (South Carolina)

Lamar, Capt. William (Maryland)

Lamar, Maj. Mareen (Pennsylvania)

Lambert, Toussaint (France)

Lamme, Capt. Nathan (Virginia)

Lamothe, Philippe, Jacques, François Aupépin de (France)

Lane, Capt. Derrick (New Jersey)

Lane, Capt. William, Jr. (Georgia)

Langan-Boisfevrier, Anne, Charles, Auguste, chevalier de (France)

Langdon, Capt. Jonathan (Virginia)

Langeron, Louis, Alexandre, Andrault, comte de (France)

Lanidy, Joseph, François, Yves, Gabriel Calloët, chevalier de (France)

Lapérouse, Jean-François de Galaup, comte de (France)

Laprun, Pierre (France)

Lapsley, Capt. Samuel (Virginia)

Lapsley, Lt. John (Virginia)

Larcher, Master’s Mate Lewis (Rhode Island)

Larned, Brig. Maj. Simon (Massachusetts)

Larned, Brig. Maj. Simon (New Hampshire)

Lasher, Col. John (Rhode Island)

Lastours, Charles, Henri de David, vicomte de (France)

Lauberdière, Louis, François, Bertrand du Pont d’Aubevoye, comte de (France)

Laubespin, Gabriel-François Mouchet de Battefort, marquis de (France)

Laughton (Lawton), Surgeon’s Mate William (Massachusetts)

Laurens, Lt. Col. John (South Carolina)

Lavender, Lt. William (North Carolina)

Lawrence, Capt. Jonathan (New York)

Lawrence, Ens. Samuel (Massachusetts)

Lawrence, Lt. Nathaniel (North Carolina)

Lawson, Col. Robert (Virginia)

Lay, Capt. Asa (Connecticut)

Le Bel de Penguilly, Henri, René, Laurent (France)

Le Prestre, comte de Vauban, Jacques, Anne, Joseph (France)

Le Seigneur de Chevalier, René, Adrien (France)

Leavenworth, Maj. Eli (Connecticut)

Leavenworth, Surgeon’s Mate Nathaniel (Massachusetts)

Leavitt, Capt. and Quartermaster Thomas (New Hampshire)

Leaycraft, 2nd Lt. William (New York)

Leaycraft, Lt. George (New York)

Ledyard, Capt. William (Connecticut)

Ledyard, Capt. Youngs, Jr. (Connecticut)

Ledyard, Midshipman Caleb (New Hampshire)

Ledyard, Surgeon’s Mate Isaac (New York)

Lee, Capt. Daniel (Massachusetts)

Lee, Capt. Elisha (Connecticut)

Lee, Capt. Noah (Connecticut)

Lee, Capt. Thomas (New York)

Lee, Col. William Raymond (Massachusetts)

Lee, Lt. Ezra (Connecticut)

Lee, Maj. John (Virginia)

Leet, Brig. Maj. Daniel (Virginia)

Leftwich, Capt. Thomas (Virginia)

Legare, Capt. James (South Carolina)

Leggett, Lt. Abraham (New York)

Leighton, Capt. Samuel (New Hampshire)

Leissegues de Pennayeun, Corentin, Urbain de (France)

Leitch, Maj. Andrew (Virginia)

Leland, Lt. Joseph (Massachusetts)

Lendrum, Surgeon’s Mate Thomas Keith (Virginia)

Lenoir, Capt. William (North Carolina)

Lenox, Capt. David (New Jersey)

Leonard, Capt. Nathaniel (New Jersey)

Leonard, Chap. Abiel (Connecticut)

Lesesne, Capt. Thomas (South Carolina)

Lespine, Surg. Joseph de (Georgia)

Lestang-Parade, Gaspard Joseph, chevalier de (France)

Lester, Ens. John (Connecticut)

Levering, Capt. Aaron (Delaware)

Lewis, Capt. Addison (Virginia)

Lewis, Capt. Elijah (Rhode Island)

Lewis, Capt. George (Virginia)

Lewis, Capt. Howell (North Carolina)

Lewis, Capt. Joel (North Carolina)

Lewis, Capt. Joseph (Maryland)

Lewis, Capt. Robert (Connecticut)

Lewis, Col. Charles (Virginia)

Lewis, Col. Morgan (New York)

Lewis, Commissary Seth (Connecticut)

Lewis, Lt. Andrew (Virginia)

Lewis, Lt. Archelaus (Massachusetts)

Lewis, Lt. John (Virginia)

Lewis, Lt. Thomas (Connecticut)

Lewis, Lt. William (Virginia)

Lewis, Maj. Micajah (North Carolina)

Lewis, Maj. William (Virginia)

Liddell, Capt. George (South Carolina)

Lightburn, Lt. Richard (Virginia)

Lightburn, Lt. Stafford (Virginia)

Lightfoot, Lt. Philip (Virginia)

Ligondès de Rochefort, Gaspard, comte du (France)

Ligondès de Rochefort, Hercule du (France)

Lillie, Maj. John (Massachusetts)

Lilly, Capt. Thomas (Virginia)

Lilly, Lt. Reuben (New Hampshire)

Lincoln, Capt. Rufus (Massachusetts)

Lincoln, Maj. Gen. Benjamin (Massachusetts)

Lindois, François, Xavier de Chasteignier, baron du (France)

Lindsay, Col. Walter (North Carolina)

Lindsley, Lt. Col. Eleazer (New Hampshire)

Lingan, Capt. James McCubbin (Maryland)

Lining, Maj. Charles (South Carolina)

Linton, Lt. John (Virginia)

Lippitt, Capt. Charles (Rhode Island)

Lippitt, Col. Christopher (Rhode Island)

Lipscomb, Capt. Bernard (Virginia)

Lipscomb, Capt. Reuben (Virginia)

Lithgow, Maj. William (Massachusetts)

Little, Capt. William (North Carolina)

Little, Lt. Moses (New Hampshire)

Littlefield, Capt. William (Rhode Island)

Livingston, 2nd Lt. Robert Henry (New York)

Livingston, Abraham (New York)

Livingston, Capt. Abraham (New York)

Livingston, Col. Henry Beekman (New York)

Livingston, Col. James (New York)

Livingston, Lt. Col. Henry Brockholst (New York)

Livingston, Lt. Col. Richard (New York)

Livingston, Lt. Gilbert James (New York)

Livingston, Senior Midshipman John Lawrence (New York)

Lloyd, Capt. Bateman (New Jersey)

Lloyd, Lt. Benjamin (Georgia)

Lloyd, Lt. Edward (Georgia)

Lloyd, Maj. Richard (New Jersey)

Lockhart, Col. Samuel (North Carolina)

Lockwood, Brig. Chap. William (Connecticut)

Lockwood, Capt. Samuel (Connecticut)

Lodge, Lt. Benjamin (Pennsylvania)

Loménie, Charles, chevalier puis comte de (France)

Loménie, François, Alexandre, Antoine, vicomte de (France)

Long, Capt. Gabriel (Virginia)

Long, Capt. John (North Carolina)

Long, Capt. Nicholas, Jr. (North Carolina)

Long, Col. Nicholas (North Carolina)

Long, Lt. Capt. Reuben (Virginia)

Longstreet, Capt. Elias (New Jersey)

Loomis, Lt. and Adj. Lebbeus (Rhode Island)

Lord, Lt. William (Connecticut)

Lord, Lt. William (North Carolina)

Loring, Capt. Joseph (Massachusetts)

Lovejoy, Lt. Obediah (Massachusetts)

Lovell, Ens. James (Massachusetts)

Lovell, Maj. Edward (North Carolina)

Lowber, Lt. Peter (Delaware)

Lowe, Capt. John Hawkins (Maryland)

Lucas, Capt. John Perkins (Georgia)

Lucas, Maj. James (Virginia)

Luckett, Capt. Thomas Hussey (Maryland)

Luckett, Lt. David (Maryland)

Lunt, Capt. Daniel (Massachusetts)

Lusk, Capt. William (Pennsylvania)

Lustrac, Chevalier Jean, Joseph de (France)

Lustrac, Joseph de (France)

Lutterloh, Col. Henry Emanuel (New York)

Lutz, Lt. Col. Nicholas (Pennsylvania)

Lyford, Lt. Thomas (New Hampshire)

Lyles, Capt. Henry (Maryland)

Lyman, Ens. Cornelius (Massachusetts)

Lyman, Ens. Elihu (Connecticut)

Lyman, Lt. Elijah (Elihu) (Massachusetts)

Lyman, Maj. and Bvt. Lt. Col. Daniel (Rhode Island)

Lynn, Capt. David (Maryland)

Lynn, Lt. John (Maryland)

Lyon, Lt. Asa (Connecticut)

Lytle, Capt. William (North Carolina)

Lytle, Lt. Andrew (Pennsylvania)

Lytle, Lt. Col. Archibald (North Carolina)

Mac Mahon, marquis d’Éguilly et de Vianges, Charles Laure de (France)

MacKinney, Lt. John (Pennsylvania)

Maclean, Surgeon’s Mate William (North Carolina)

Macon, Capt. John (North Carolina)

MacPherson, Capt. John, Jr. (Delaware)

Madison, Capt. Ambrose (Virginia)

Madison, Lt. William (Virginia)

Magaw, Col. Robert (Maryland)

Magaw, Surg. William (Pennsylvania)

Magill, Col. Charles (Virginia)

Magoun, Ens. Josiah (New Hampshire)

Magruder, Lt. Nathaniel Beall (Maryland)

Maham, Maj. Hezekiah (South Carolina)

Mahan, Lt. John (Virginia)

Maigret et du Saint-Empire, Jean François, comte de (France)

Majastres, Henri-César de Castellane, marquis de (France)

Makepeace, Lt. Solomon (Connecticut)

Malartic, Louis, Hippolyte de Maurès, comte de (France)

Malcolm, Col. William (New York)

Maleissye, Charles, François Tardieu, vicomte de (France)

Malin, Joseph, Pierre-André (France)

Maltbie, Lt. Jonathan III (Connecticut)

Mandelot, François, Charles Bataille, chevalier puis marquis de (France)

Manning, Lt. Laurence (South Carolina)

Mansfield, Capt. Joseph (Connecticut)

Mansfield, Capt. Samuel (New York)

Marbotin de Ruberan, Jean-Baptiste, François de (France)

Marbury, Capt. Joseph (Maryland)

Marbury, Col. Luke (Maryland)

Marcel, Guillaume-Matthieu Dumas de Saint (France)

March, Lt. John (Massachusetts)

Marguerie, Léonor, Charles, Paul, Hyacinthe de (France)

Marguerye, Jean-Jacques de (France)

Marin de Carranrais, Jean-Baptiste, Philippe de (France)

Marion, Lt. Col. Francis (South Carolina)

Marion, Lt. Gabriel, Jr. (South Carolina)

Markland, Lt. John (Pennsylvania)

Marks, Capt. Isaiah (Virginia)

Marks, Capt. John (Virginia)

Marsh, Ens. John (New York)

Marshall, Capt. Christopher (Massachusetts)

Marshall, Capt. James (Virginia)

Marshall, Capt. John (Virginia)

Marshall, Col. Thomas (Massachusetts)

Marshall, Col. Thomas (Virginia)

Marshall, Lt. Dixon (North Carolina)

Marshall, Lt. James Markham (Virginia)

Marshall, Surg. Thomas (Maryland)

Marshall, Surg. William (Maryland)

Marston, Lt. John (Virginia)

Martelli-Chautard, Joseph, François de (France)

Martin, 2nd Lt. William (New York)

Martin, Capt. Absalom (New Jersey)

Martin, Capt. Adam (Massachusetts)

Martin, Capt. John (North Carolina)

Martin, Capt. Samuel (North Carolina)

Martin, Capt. William (Georgia)

Martin, Col. Alexander (North Carolina)

Martin, Col. Ephraim (New Jersey)

Martin, Col. James (North Carolina)

Martin, Lt. John (New Jersey)

Martin, Lt. Robert (Pennsylvania)

Martin, Surg. James (South Carolina)

Martin-Pelland, Lt. François (New York)

Mason, Capt. David (Virginia)

Mason, Capt. David (Virginia)

Mason, Capt. James (Virginia)

Mason, Capt. Nathaniel (Virginia)

Mason, Col. David (Virginia)

Mason, Lt. Col. David (Massachusetts)

Mason, Lt. David, Jr. (Massachusetts)

Mason, Lt. Lemuel Bickford (New Hampshire)

Mason, Paymaster Littleberry (Virginia)

Mason, Rev. John (New Hampshire)

Massenburg, Lt. Nicholas (Virginia)

Massie, Maj. Thomas (Virginia)

Masterson, Ens. James (North Carolina)

Masterson, Midshipman Thomas (Virginia)

Mather, 2nd Lt. Elias (Connecticut)

Mather, Lt. Elias (Connecticut)

Mather, Surg. Timothy (Connecticut)

Mathews, Brig. Gen. George (Georgia)

Mathews, Lt. Col. Thomas (Virginia)

Matlack, Midshipman Mordecai (Pennsylvania)

Mauduit du Plessix, Thomas, Antoine de (France)

Maulévrier, Édouard, Charles, Victurnien Colbert, comte de (France)

Maupin, Capt. Gabriel (Virginia)

Mauraige, Bernard, Christophe, Philippe, chevalier de (France)

Mauran, Capt. Joseph Carlo (Rhode Island)

Maury, Lt. Abraham (Virginia)

Maus, Surg. Matthew (Pennsylvania)

Maxwell, Brig. Gen. William (New Jersey)

Maxwell, Capt. Thomas (Georgia)

Maxwell, Lt. Anthony (New York)

Maxwell, Lt. Col. Hugh (Massachusetts)

Maxwell, Lt. Josiah (Georgia)

Mayberry, Capt. Richard (Massachusetts)

Maynard, Lt. William (Massachusetts)

Mayrant, Midshipman John (North Carolina)

Mayson, Lt. Col. James (South Carolina)

Mazyck, Capt. Daniel (South Carolina)

McAdam, Capt. John (Virginia)

McAdam, Surgeon’s Mate Joseph, Jr. (Virginia)

McAllister, Col. Richard (Georgia)

McAllister, Lt. Neill (North Carolina)

McCalla, Surg. Thomas Harrison (Pennsylvania)

McCallister, Capt. Coll (North Carolina)

McCann, Lt. John (North Carolina)

McCauley, Maj. William (North Carolina)

McCay, Ens. Daniel (Massachusetts)

McClary, Capt. Michael (New Hampshire)

McClary, Lt. John (New Hampshire)

McClary, Maj. Andrew (New Hampshire)

McClellan, Lt. John (Pennsylvania)

McClintock, Lt. Alexander (Pennsylvania)

McClure, Lt. James (New Hampshire)

McClurg, Surg. Gen. James (Virginia)

McClurg, Surg. Walter (Virginia)

McCorkle, Ens. John (Virginia)

McCormick, Capt. George (Virginia)

McCullen, Capt. James (Rhode Island)

McCullers, Capt. Matthew (North Carolina)

McCulloch, Lt. Thomas (Virginia)

McCullough, Lt. James (Delaware)

McCullough, Lt. James (Delaware)

McCully, Capt. George (Pennsylvania)

McCune, Capt. William (New Hampshire)

McCurdy, Lt. Archibald (North Carolina)

McDaniel, Lt. James (North Carolina)

McDonald, Capt. James (South Carolina)

McDonald, Maj. Adam (South Carolina)

McDougall, Lt. John Alexander (New York)

McDougall, Maj. Gen. Alexander (New York)

McDowell, Lt. John (Virginia)

McDowell, Surg. John (Pennsylvania)

McGaffey, Lt. Andrew (New Hampshire)

McGaffey, Lt. Neal (New Hampshire)

McGavock, Lt. Hugh (Virginia)

McGlauhon (McGlaughan), Capt. John (North Carolina)

McGuire, Lt. William (Virginia)

McHenry, Maj. James (Maryland)

McIlhany, Capt. James (Virginia)

McIlwaine, Lt. Stringer (North Carolina)

McIntire, Capt. Thomas, Sr. (Pennsylvania)

McIntosh, Capt. Lachlan (Georgia)

McIntosh, Capt. William, Jr. (Georgia)

McIntosh, Lt. Col. Alexander (South Carolina)

McIntosh, Lt. Col. John (Georgia)

McIntosh, Lt. Col. William (Georgia)

McIntosh, Maj. Gen. Lachlan (Georgia)

McIntosh, Maj. Lachlan, Jr. (Georgia)

McKee, Capt. William (Virginia)

McKenney, 2nd Lt. William (Massachusetts)

McKinne, Lt. James (Georgia)

McKnight, Charles (New York)

McKnight, Lt. David (Pennsylvania)

McLane, Capt. Allan (Allen) (Delaware)

McLane, Maj. Allen (Maryland)

McLean, Lt. James W. (Pennsylvania)

McMordie, Brig. Chap. Robert (Pennsylvania)

McPherson, 2nd Lt. Mark (Maryland)

McPherson, 2nd Lt. William (Delaware)

McPherson, Capt. Samuel (Maryland)

McPherson, Lt. William (Pennsylvania)

McRee, Maj. and Bvt. Lt. Col. Griffith John (North Carolina)

McReynolds, Capt. Thomas (Virginia)

McReynolds, Ensign Robert (North Carolina)

McWilliam, 2nd Lt. Stephen (Delaware)

Meacham, Capt. William (Massachusetts)

Mead, Capt. Giles (New Jersey)

Mead, Lt. Col. Matthew (Connecticut)

Meade, Capt. Richard Kidder (Virginia)

Means, Capt. James (Massachusetts)

Mebane, Capt. John (North Carolina)

Mebane, Lt. Col. Robert (North Carolina)

Medbury, Lt. John (Massachusetts)

Medearis, Capt. and Bvt. Maj. John (North Carolina)

Médine, Charles d’Isambart, comte de (France)

Meeker, Lt. Uzial (New Jersey)

Meigs, Capt. Jehiel (Connecticut)

Meigs, Col. Return Jonathan (Connecticut)

Meigs, Lt. John (Connecticut)

Mellen, Lt. Col. James (Massachusetts)

Meng, Capt. Wollery (Delaware)

Mennis, Capt. Holman (Virginia)

Ménonville, Louis, Antoine Thibaut de (France)

Mercer, Brig. Gen. Hugh (Georgia)

Mercer, Capt. John (New Jersey)

Mercer, Lt. Col. John Francis (Virginia)

Meriwether, Cornet James (Georgia)

Merrill, Capt. Daniel (Massachusetts)

Merrill, Lt. Simon (New Hampshire)

Merrow, Lt. Joshua (New Hampshire)

Mersereau, Joshua (Maryland)

Messemé, Joseph, Désiré, marquis de (France)

Metcalf, Lt. Jonathan (Massachusetts)

Mézières, Jules-Jacques de Béthisy, vicomte de (France)

Mickey, Lt. Daniel (Delaware)

Micou, Ens. Henry (Virginia)

Middlebrook, Lt. Ephraim (Connecticut)

Middleton, Capt. Theodore (Maryland)

Middleton, Cornet John (South Carolina)

Mifflin, Col. Jonathan (Delaware)

Mifflin, Maj. Gen. Thomas (Pennsylvania)

Miles, Col. Samuel (Delaware)

Miller, Capt. George (North Carolina)

Miller, Capt. Lt. William (Virginia)

Miller, Capt. William (Virginia)

Miller, Lt. Col. Henry (Pennsylvania)

Miller, Lt. Thomas (Virginia)

Milliken, Capt. James (Rhode Island)

Milliner, Lt. Robert (Virginia)

Milling, Capt. Hugh (South Carolina)

Mills, Capt. Peter (Connecticut)

Mills, Lt. Samuel (Connecticut)

Milton, Capt. John (Georgia)

Minnis, Bvt. Maj. Callohill (Virginia)

Minor, Capt. Peter (Virginia)

Minor, Capt. Thomas (Virginia)

Miollis, Sextius, Alexandre, François, comte (France)

Mitchell, 2nd Lt. Rotheus (Massachusetts)

Mitchell, Capt. George (North Carolina)

Mitchell, Capt. John (Maryland)

Mitchell, Lt. John, Jr. (Georgia)

Mitchell, Lt. Thomas (Georgia)

Mitchell, Maj. Nathaniel (Delaware)

Mix, Lt. Timothy (Connecticut)

Monet de Lamark, Philippe, François de (France)

Monro, Surg. George (Delaware)

Monroe, Lt. Col. James (Virginia)

Monson, Capt. Theophilus (Connecticut)

Montague, Lt. Richard (Virginia)

Montbarrey, Marie, Alexandre, Eléonor de Saint Mauris, prince de (France)

Montecler, Louis, Augustin, comte de (France)

Montesquieu, marquis de La Brède, Charles-Louis de Secondat, baron de (France)

Montfort, Capt. Robert (Georgia)

Montgomery, Capt. Samuel (Maryland)

Montgomery, Lt. Col. John (Virginia)

Montgrand, Jean, François, Joseph, chevalier de (France)

Montmorency-Laval, Anne, Alexandre, Marie, Sulpice, Joseph, duc de (France)

Montmort, Claude, Bernard, Magdeleine Loppin, marquis de (France)

Montrepos, Henri, Marie, Dominique de Palys de (France)

Monty, Lt. Francis (New York)

Mooers, Lt. Benjamin (Massachusetts)

Moon, Capt. Archaelus (Virginia)

Moon, Capt. Jacob (Virginia)

Moor, Capt. Daniel (New Hampshire)

Moor, Lt. John (New Hampshire)

Moore, Brig. Gen. James (North Carolina)

Moore, Capt. Alfred (North Carolina)

Moore, Capt. Henry (South Carolina)

Moore, Capt. Isaac (North Carolina)

Moore, Capt. James (Delaware)

Moore, Capt. James Francis III (Delaware)

Moore, Capt. John (Virginia)

Moore, Capt. Nicholas Ruxton (Maryland)

Moore, Capt. Robert (North Carolina)

Moore, Capt. Samuel (Pennsylvania)

Moore, Capt. William (Massachusetts)

Moore, Capt. William (Virginia)

Moore, Col. William (North Carolina)

Moore, Lt. Andrew (Connecticut)

Moore, Lt. Col. Stephen (North Carolina)

Moore, Lt. James (North Carolina)

Moore, Lt. John (North Carolina)

Moore, Lt. John (Virginia)

Moore, Lt. Joseph (Connecticut)

Moore, Lt. Maurice (North Carolina)

Moore, Lt. Zedekiah (Maryland)

Moore, Maj. James, Jr. (Pennsylvania)

Moore, Surgeon’s Mate William (North Carolina)

Moré de Pontgibaud, Charles, Albert, comte de (France)

Morgan, Col. George (New Hampshire)

Morgan, Gen. Daniel (Virginia)

Morgan, Lt. Nathaniel (Connecticut)

Morgan, Surgeon’s Mate Benjamin (Massachusetts)

Morrill, Maj. Amos (New Jersey)

Morris, 2nd Lt. William Walton (New York)

Morris, Capt. James (Connecticut)

Morris, Lt. Jonathan Ford (New Jersey)

Morris, Maj. Joseph (New Jersey)

Morris, Maj. Lewis IV (South Carolina)

Morris, Surg. John (Pennsylvania)

Morrison, Lt. Samuel (New York)

Mortemart, Victurnien, Henri, Elzéar de Rochechouart, vicomte de (France)

Morton, Capt. Hezekiah (Virginia)

Morton, Capt. John (Virginia)

Morton, Capt. William (Virginia)

Morton, Lt. James (Virginia)

Morton, Lt. Silas (Massachusetts)

Morton, Surgeon’s Mate John (Pennsylvania)

Mosby, Capt. Littleberry (Virginia)

Mosby, Capt. William (Virginia)

Moseley, Capt. Benjamin (Virginia)

Moseley, Lt. Benjamin (New Hampshire)

Moseley, Maj. William (Virginia)

Mosher, Lt. John, Jr. (New Hampshire)

Moss, Capt. Zeally (Virginia)

Mossum, Capt. David III (Virginia)

Mott, 2nd Lt. Ebenezer (New York)

Mott, Capt. Gershom (New York)

Mott, Capt. John (New Jersey)

Motte, Capt. Charles (South Carolina)

Motte, Col. Isaac (South Carolina)

Moultrie, Capt. Thomas (South Carolina)

Moultrie, Capt. William, Jr. (South Carolina)

Mountjoy, Capt. John (Virginia)

Mountjoy, Capt. John (Virginia)

Mountjoy, Capt. William (Virginia)

Mountjoy, Lt. Alvin (Virginia)

Mouzon, Capt. William Henry II (South Carolina)

Moye, Lt. John (North Carolina)

Moylan, Brig. Gen. John (Pennsylvania)

Moylan, Brig. Gen. Stephen (Pennsylvania)

Muhlenberg, Brig. Gen. John Peter Gabriel (Pennsylvania)

Mulloy, 2nd Lt. Hugh (Massachusetts)

Munford, Col. William Greene (Virginia)

Munro, Capt. Edmund (Massachusetts)

Munro, Capt. Josiah (New Hampshire)

Munson, 2nd Lt. Levi (Connecticut)

Munson, Capt. William (Connecticut)

Munson, Surgeon’s Mate Aeneas (Connecticut)

Munster, Conrad, Alexandre, Gérard, comte de (France)

Murdock, Cornet William (Maryland)

Murfree, Lt. Col. Hardy (North Carolina)

Murphey, Lt. Col. Archibald (North Carolina)

Murray, Lt. Alexander (Pennsylvania)

Murray, Lt. Col. Francis (Pennsylvania)

Murrin, Lt. William (Pennsylvania)

Muse, Capt. Walker (Maryland)

Mutter, Col. George (Virginia)

Myddelton, Capt. Charles Starkey (Georgia)

Myrick, Lt. John (North Carolina)

Mython de Genouilly, Claude, comte de (France)

Nagel, Col. George Ernst (Pennsylvania)

Nash, Brig. Gen. Francis (North Carolina)

Nash, Lt. Clement (North Carolina)

Nash, Lt. Isaac (New Hampshire)

Neal, Capt. James (Virginia)

Neal, Midshipman Presley (Virginia)

Neale, Surg. Francis (Maryland)

Neel, Capt. Henry (North Carolina)

Neil, Bvt. Maj. Daniel (New Jersey)

Nelson, 2nd Lt. John (Maryland)

Nelson, Capt. John (Virginia)

Nelson, Capt. John (Virginia)

Nelson, Capt. Thomas (Virginia)

Nelson, Lt. Col. William (Virginia)

Nelson, Lt. Henry (Massachusetts)

Nelson, Lt. Roger (Maryland)

Nelson, Maj. John (North Carolina)

Nephew, Capt. James (Georgia)

Nervo, Christophe-Olympe, baron de (France)

Nestell, Capt. Lt. Peter (Virginia)

Netherland, Lt. Benjamin (Georgia)

Neville, Brig. Gen. John (Virginia)

Neville, Lt. Col. Presley (Pennsylvania)

Nevins, Ens. William (Massachusetts)

Newell, Capt. Simeon (Connecticut)

Newhall, Lt. Col. Ezra (Massachusetts)

Nicholas, Lt. John (Virginia)

Nichols, Lt. Col. John (North Carolina)

Nichols, Lt. William (Connecticut)

Nichols, Maj. Francis (Pennsylvania)

Nicholson, Capt. James (New York)

Nicholson, Capt. John (Maryland)

Nicholson, Capt. Samuel (Massachusetts)

Nicholson, Cornet Henry (Virginia)

Nicholson, Surg. Robert (Virginia)

Nicola, Col. Lewis (Pennsylvania)

Nicolas, Maj. Samuel (Pennsylvania)

Nielsen, John (New Jersey)

Niles, Capt. Robert (Connecticut)

Nixon, Brig. Gen. John (Massachusetts)

Nixon, Capt. Thomas (North Carolina)

Noailles, Louis-Marie, vicomte de (France)

Noble, Capt. David (Massachusetts)

Noirmont, René-Hyppolite Penot Lombard de (France)

Norcross, Lt. William (New Jersey)

Norris, Capt. Jacob (Maryland)

Norris, Maj. James (New Hampshire)

North, Lt. Col. Caleb (Pennsylvania)

North, Lt. George (Pennsylvania)

Norton, Capt. Nathaniel (New York)

Norvell, Lt. Lipscomb (Virginia)

Nouroy, Charles, Paul-Émile de Cherisey, comte de (France)

Nowell, Lt. Zachariah (Massachusetts)

Noyes, Lt. Joseph (Massachusetts)

Noyes, Surg. John (Connecticut)

Odingsell, Lt. Benjamin (Georgia)

Ogden, Brig. Gen. Matthias (New Jersey)

Ogden, Ens. Moses (New Jersey)

Ogden, Maj. Aaron (New Jersey)

Ogier, Capt. Louis (South Carolina)

Ogier, Lt. George (South Carolina)

Oldham, Capt. Conway (Virginia)

Oliver, Ens. Alexander (Massachusetts)

Oliver, Ens. John (North Carolina)

Oliver, Maj. Robert (Massachusetts)

Ollone, Alexandre-Paul, comte d’ (France)

Olmsted, 2nd Lt. James (Connecticut)

Olney, Capt. Emor (Rhode Island)

Olney, Capt. Joseph (Rhode Island)

Olney, Capt. Stephen (Rhode Island)

O’Neal, Capt. Ferdinand (Georgia)

Orendorff, Capt. Christian (Maryland)

Orléans, Pierre, vicomte d’ (France)

Orvilliers, Louis Guillouet, comte d’ (France)

Osborn, Col. Alexander (North Carolina)

Oswald, Lt. Col. Eleazer (Connecticut)

Otis, Ens. Jonathan (Connecticut)

Otto, John Augustus (New Jersey)

Otto, Surg. Bodo (New Jersey)

Ouince, Jean-Baptiste Mangin, baron d’ (France)

Outlaw, Ens. Edward (North Carolina)

Overton, Capt. Clough (Virginia)

Pagan, Capt. Alexander (Delaware)

Page, Lt. Moses (New Hampshire)

Painter, Capt. Gameliel (Connecticut)

Palfrey, Lt. Col. William (Massachusetts)

Pannill, Capt. David (Virginia)

Parc de Coatrescar, Joseph, René, vicomte du (France)

Parcevaux, Ambroise de Keramel de (France)

Parker, Capt. Lt. Robert (Pennsylvania)

Parker, Capt. Phineas (Massachusetts)

Parker, Capt. Thomas (Virginia)

Parker, Capt. Thomas (Virginia)

Parker, Capt. William Harwar (Virginia)

Parker, Col. Josiah (Virginia)

Parker, Surg. William (New Hampshire)

Parks, Maj. Warham (Massachusetts)

Parmalee, Capt. Jeremiah (New Hampshire)

Parramore, Capt. Thomas (Virginia)

Parran, Surg. Thomas (Maryland)

Parscau du Plessix, Hervé, Louis, Joseph, Marie de (France)

Parscau du Plessix, Louis-Guillaume de (France)

Parsons, Capt. David (Connecticut)

Parsons, Capt. Joseph (New Hampshire)

Parsons, Capt. William, Jr. (South Carolina)

Parsons, Lt. Edward (New Hampshire)

Parsons, Lt. Jabez (Connecticut)

Pasteur, Capt. John (Virginia)

Pasteur, Lt. Thomas (North Carolina)

Pasteur, Surg. William (North Carolina)

Paterson, Brig. Gen. John (Massachusetts)

Patten, Capt. James (Virginia)

Patten, Maj. John (Delaware)

Patton, Capt. Robert (Pennsylvania)

Paulett, Ens. Jesse (Virginia)

Paulett, Lt. Richard (Virginia)

Pavillon, Jean-François du Cheyron, chevalier du (France)

Payne, Capt. Michael (North Carolina)

Payne, Capt. Tarleton (Virginia)

Payne, Capt. Thomas (Virginia)

Payne, Capt. William (Virginia)

Payne, Ens. Josiah (Virginia)

Payne, Lt. Joseph (Virginia)

Peabody, Lt. Ebenezer (New Hampshire)

Peacock, Lt. Richard (Hugh) (New York)

Peale, Capt. James (Maryland)

Pearre, Lt. Nathaniel (Maryland)

Pearson, Capt. John (Pennsylvania)

Peaslee, Lt. Zaccheus (Pennsylvania)

Peck, 2nd Lt. Jesse (Connecticut)

Peck, Capt. James (Connecticut)

Peck, Lt. John (New Jersey)

Peckham, Lt. Barber (Rhode Island)

Peebles, Lt. Robert (Pennsylvania)

Peirce, Capt. John (Massachusetts)

Pell, Capt. Samuel Treadwell (New York)

Pemberton, Capt. Thomas (Virginia)

Pendleton, Capt. Daniel (Connecticut)

Pendleton, Capt. James (Virginia)

Pendleton, Capt. Nathaniel (Virginia)

Penn, Capt. William (Virginia)

Penniman, Capt. Lt. Adna (New Hampshire)

Percival, Capt. Timothy (Connecticut)

Perier de Salvert, Eleonor, Jacques-Marie, comte de (France)

Perkins, Capt. Ebenezer (Connecticut)

Perkins, Capt. Simon (Connecticut)

Perkins, Capt. Solomon (Connecticut)

Perkins, Ens. Benjamin (Virginia)

Perkins, Lt. Archaelus (Virginia)

Perkins, Lt. Jonathan (New Hampshire)

Perkins, Maj. William (Massachusetts)

Peronneau, Lt. James (South Carolina)

Perrigny, Charles, Louis, Théodat de Taillevis, comte de (France)

Perrigny, Jean-Baptiste, Anne, Charlemagne de Taillevis, marquis de (France)

Perry, Lt. Philip (Connecticut)

Perry, Lt. Sylvanus (Connecticut)

Persons, Capt. Benjamin (North Carolina)

Persons, Ens. James (North Carolina)

Peters, Ens. William (New York)

Peters, Lt. Col. Andrew (Massachusetts)

Petit-Thouars, Aristide Aubert du (France)

Pettibone, Col. Jonathan (Connecticut)

Pettigrew, Lt. James (Pennsylvania)

Pettingill, Lt. Samuel (New Hampshire)

Pettit, Charles (New Jersey)

Peyrelongue, François d’Auber, chevalier de (France)

Peyroux, René-Joseph, baron du (France)

Peytes de Montcabrier, Joseph, Saturnin, comte de (France)

Peyton, Capt. Henry (Virginia)

Peyton, Capt. John (Virginia)

Peyton, Capt. Valentine (Virginia)

Peyton, Ens. George (Virginia)

Phelon, Lt. John (Massachusetts)

Phelps, Elisha (Connecticut)

Phelps, Lt. Thomas (Connecticut)

Phifer, Capt. Martin, Jr. (North Carolina)

Phifer, Col. Caleb (North Carolina)

Philips, Capt. Joseph (North Carolina)

Phillips, Ens. John (New Jersey)

Phillips, Lt. James (Virginia)

Piatt, Capt. William (New Jersey)

Piatt, Maj. Daniel (New Jersey)

Pickering, Capt. Thomas (Rhode Island)

Pickering, Quartermaster General Timothy (Massachusetts)

Picket, Capt. William (North Carolina)

Pierce, Capt. Nathan, Jr. (New Hampshire)

Pierce, Lt. Benjamin (Massachusetts)

Pierce, Midshipman John (Virginia)

Pierce, Paymaster General John, Jr. (Connecticut)

Pierrefeu, Louis, Joseph, François Deydier de (France)

Pike, Capt. Benjamin (North Carolina)

Pike, Capt. Samuel (North Carolina)

Pin de La Guérivière, Jean-François, Louveau, vicomte du (France)

Pinckney, Col. Charles Cotesworth (South Carolina)

Pinckney, Maj. Thomas (South Carolina)

Pindell, Surg. Richard (Maryland)

Pinkham, Ens. Daniel (New Hampshire)

Pipes, Lt. John (New Jersey)

Pitray, Chevalier Pierre de Simard de (France)

Pitts, Capt. John (North Carolina)

Place, Capt. David (New Hampshire)

Platt, Capt. Jonathan (New York)

Platt, Maj. Richard (New York)

Plessis Mauron de Grenédan, Toussaint, Jean du (France)

Plumbe, Brig. Chap. William (Connecticut)

Plunkett, Capt. David (Maryland)

Poe, Quartermaster David (Maryland)

Polhemus, Maj. John (New Jersey)

Polk, Capt. Ezekiel (North Carolina)

Polk, Col. Thomas (North Carolina)

Polk, Lt. Charles (North Carolina)

Polk, Lt. Thomas (North Carolina)

Polk, Maj. William (North Carolina)

Pollard, Capt. Benjamin (Virginia)

Pollard, Capt. Richard (South Carolina)

Pomeroy, Lt. Ralph (Connecticut)

Pond, Capt. Charles (Connecticut)

Pontevès-Giens, François-Elzéar, marquis de (France)

Pontevès-Giens, Henri, Jean-Baptiste, vicomte de (France)

Pontevès-Giens, Jean-Baptiste, Elzéar, marquis de (France)

Pontevès-Maubousquet, Auguste, Léon de (France)

Poole, Surgeon’s Mate Jonathan (New Hampshire)

Poor, Brig. Gen. Enoch (New Hampshire)

Pope, Capt. Frederick (Massachusetts)

Pope, Capt. Henry (North Carolina)

Pope, Lt. Col. Charles (Delaware)

Pope, Maj. Isaac (Massachusetts)

Pope, Midshipman William (Virginia)

Poper, Lt. John (Virginia)

Popham, Capt. William (New York)

Porter, 2nd Lt. Charles (Maryland)

Porter, 2nd Lt. Moses (Massachusetts)

Porter, Col. Phineas (Connecticut)

Porter, Lt. Col. Andrew (Pennsylvania)

Porter, Lt. Robert (Pennsylvania)

Porter, Lt. Thomas (Georgia)

Porter, Lt. William Anthony (Virginia)

Porter, Maj. Benjamin (Georgia)

Porter, Maj. Benjamin (Virginia)

Porter, Maj. William (Billy) (Massachusetts)

Porter, Surgeon’s Mate Benjamin Jones (Massachusetts)

Porterfield, Capt. Robert (Virginia)

Porterfield, Lt. Col. Charles (Virginia)

Post, Capt. Nathan (Connecticut)

Postlethwaite, Capt. Samuel (Delaware)

Potter, Capt. Joseph (New Hampshire)

Potter, Lt. Israel (Connecticut)

Potts, Surg. Jonathan (Maryland)

Pougnadoresse, Jean-François de Sorbier de (France)

Poulson, Maj. John (Virginia)

Powell, Capt. Robert (Virginia)

Powell, Lt. Col. Levin (Virginia)

Powell, Lt. William (Virginia)

Powell, Midshipman Francis (Virginia)

Poyas, Surgeon’s Mate John Ernest (South Carolina)

Poythress, Capt. William (Virginia)

Pratt, Lt. John (Connecticut)

Pray, Capt. John (New York)

Prentice, Capt. Jonas (Connecticut)

Prentice, Lt. Col. Samuel (Connecticut)

Prescott, Maj. William (New Hampshire)

Prescott, Surgeon’s Mate Joseph (Massachusetts)

Préval, Claude, Antoine (France)

Price, Capt. James (Virginia)

Price, Capt. Thomas (Virginia)

Price, Lt. William (Virginia)

Prichard, Lt. Jeremiah (New Hampshire)

Pride, Lt. William (Virginia)

Prince, Lt. Thomas (South Carolina)

Prioleau, Lt. Samuel, Jr. (New Hampshire)

Prior, Maj. Abner (Connecticut)

Pritchard, Lt. Jabez (Connecticut)

Proctor, Col. Thomas (Pennsylvania)

Proctor, Maj. Francis (Pennsylvania)

Pryor, Maj. John (Virginia)

Pugh, Ens. Thomas Whitmel (North Carolina)

Pugh, Lt. Col. Thomas (North Carolina)

Purcell, Lt. Col. Henry (South Carolina)

Purcell, Lt. George (Virginia)

Putnam, Maj. Daniel (Connecticut)

Putnam, Maj. Gen. Israel (Connecticut)

Putnam, Maj. Israel, Jr. (Connecticut)

Puy Rousseau, Pierre, Louis, Marie de La Rochefoucauld du (France)

Puységur, Antoine, Hyacinthe, Anne, comte de Chastenet de (France)

Quarles, Capt. Henry (Virginia)

Quinn, Capt. Michael (North Carolina)

Quiqueran de Beaujeu, Antoine, François, Hippolyte de (France)

Rae, Col. James (Georgia)

Rae, Lt. Col. Robert (Georgia)

Rae, Lt. John, Jr. (Georgia)

Rafélis de Brovès, Joseph, Barthélemy, comte de (France)

Raiford, Capt. (Bvt. Maj.) Robert (North Carolina)

Raiford, Lt. John (North Carolina)

Raiford, Lt. Maurice (North Carolina)

Ramsay, Lt. Col. Nathaniel (Maryland)

Ramsey, Capt. Allen (North Carolina)

Ramsey, Capt. Matthew (North Carolina)

Ramsey, Gen. Ambrose (North Carolina)

Randall, Sub Clothier John (Maryland)

Randolph, 2nd Lt. Edward Fitz (Delaware)

Randolph, Capt. Robert (Virginia)

Rankins, Lt. Robert (Virginia)

Ransom, Capt. Samuel (Connecticut)

Ransom, Lt. Elijah (Connecticut)

Ransome, Lt. Thomas (Virginia)

Rawlings, 2nd Lt. Isaac (Maryland)

Rawson, Capt. Lt. Asa (Massachusetts)

Ray, Lt. Benjamin (Massachusetts)

Razilly, Gabriel, Clair de (France)

Read, Capt. Edmund (Virginia)

Read, Capt. Jesse (North Carolina)

Read, Capt. Thomas (Pennsylvania)

Read, Col. Isaac (Virginia)

Read, Lt. Col. Seth (Massachusetts)

Read, William (South Carolina)

Reading, Maj. Samuel (New Jersey)

Réals, Henri, César Boscals, comte de (France)

Reckless, Lt. Anthony (New Jersey)

Reed, Brig. Gen. James (New Hampshire)

Reeves, Capt. Enos (South Carolina)

Reeves, Lt. John Durdan (Maryland)

Reid, Capt. Nathan (Virginia)

Reid, Lt. Col. George (New Hampshire)

Reid, Lt. George (South Carolina)

Reily, Capt. William (Maryland)

Remich, Maj. Timothy (Massachusetts)

Remington, Lt. John (Rhode Island)

Reyniès, François, Xavier de Seguin de (France)

Rhea, Capt. Jonathan (New Jersey)

Rhem, Capt. John (North Carolina)

Rhodes, Capt. and Bvt. Maj. Joseph Thomas (North Carolina)

Rhodes, Lt. Sylvester (Rhode Island)

Rice, Capt. Nehemiah (Connecticut)

Rice, Lt. John (North Carolina)

Rice, Lt. Oliver (New Hampshire)

Rice, Lt. William Hickerson (North Carolina)

Rice, Maj. Nathan (Massachusetts)

Richards, Capt. William (Connecticut)

Richards, Ens. Bradley (New Hampshire)

Richards, Lt. Samuel (Connecticut)

Richardson, Capt. Addison (Massachusetts)

Richardson, Col. William (Maryland)

Richardson, Lt. Walker (Virginia)

Richardson, Surg. Abijah (Massachusetts)

Richeson, Lt. Col. Holt (Virginia)

Riddick, Capt. Jason (Virginia)

Riddick, Capt. Willis (Virginia)

Ridgely, Capt. Henry, Jr. (Maryland)

Ridgely, Surg. Frederick (Maryland)

Ridley, Maj. Thomas (Virginia)

Riker, Capt. Abraham (New York)

Riley, Capt. John (Connecticut)

Roberts, Capt. Cyrus Lightfoot (Virginia)

Roberts, Forage Master Martin (Maryland)

Roberts, Maj. John (Virginia)

Roberts, Surg. John (Virginia)

Robertson, Lt. James (Virginia)

Robertson, Lt. John (Virginia)

Robertson, Maj. Charles (North Carolina)

Robeson, Capt. Peter (North Carolina)

Robinson, Capt. Jared (Connecticut)

Robinson, Capt. Lt. Noah (New Hampshire)

Robinson, Lt. Elias (Connecticut)

Robinson, Maj. Caleb (New Hampshire)

Roby, Lt. William (New Hampshire)

Roche, 2nd Lt. Edward (Delaware)

Rodgers, Lt. Andrew (Virginia)

Rodgers, Surg. John Richardson Bayard (New York)

Rodorel de Seilhac de Chanac, Jean, Martial de (France)

Rogers, Capt. Hezekiah (Connecticut)

Rogers, Capt. Jedediah (New York)

Rogers, Capt. John (Virginia)

Rogers, Lt. Col. Nicholas (Maryland)

Rogers, Lt. Robert (Rhode Island)

Root, Lt. Elisha (Connecticut)

Rose, Lt. John (Pennsylvania)

Ross, Lt. Perrin (Connecticut)

Ross, Surg. Alexander (New Jersey)

Rougé, Bonabes, Jean, Catherine, Alexis, marquis de (France)

Rouret, Joseph de Geoffroy du (France)

Rowan, Col. Robert (North Carolina)

Rowell, Capt. William (New Hampshire)

Rowley, Capt. Abijah (Connecticut)

Roy, Capt. Beverley (Virginia)

Rucker, Capt. Angus (Virginia)

Rucker, Lt. Elliott (Virginia)

Rudolph, 2nd Lt. John (Delaware)

Rudulph, Capt. Michael (Georgia)

Ruffin, Capt. Thomas (Virginia)

Ruffo de Bonneval, Pierre, René, Bénigne, Mériadec, comte de (France)

Rush, Benjamin (Delaware)

Russel, Lt. Albert (Virginia)

Russell, 2nd Lt. John (Virginia)

Russell, Col. Giles (Connecticut)

Russell, Col. William (Virginia)

Russell, Lt. Cornelius (Connecticut)

Russell, Lt. John (Virginia)

Russell, Lt. Thomas (Rhode Island)

Russell, Lt. Thomas Commander (South Carolina)

Russell, Maj. Andrew (Virginia)

Rutgers, Lt. Col. Henry (New York)

Rutherford, Col. John (North Carolina)

Rutherford, Col. Robert (North Carolina)

Rutledge, 2nd Lt. Joshua (Maryland)

Rutledge, Commissary General of Purchase Thomas (South Carolina)

Ryerson, 2nd Lt. Thomas (New Jersey)

S.M. Louis XVI (France)

Sackett, Capt. Samuel (New York)

Safford, Lt. Col. Joseph (New Hampshire)

Safford, Lt. Col. Samuel (New Hampshire)

Saint Pierre, Auguste-Bonable de Méhérenc, marquis de (France)

Saint-Amans, Georges, Alexandre, Césarée de Saint-Exupéry, comte de (France)

Saint-Aulaire, Claude de Beaupoil de (France)

Saint-Légier de La Sausaye, Louis, René de (France)

Saint-Loyal, Georges François de Goüyon de (France)

Saint-Simon Montbléru, Claude-Anne de Rouvroy, marquis de (France)

Saint-Simon, Claude, Henri de Rouvroy, comte de (France)

Saint-Simon, Louis, Claude de Rouvroy, baron de (France)

Saint-Victor, François d’Anselme de (France)

Salter, Capt. Titus (New Hampshire)

Saltonstall, Commodore Dudley (Connecticut)

Sambucy de Luzençon, Pierre, Louis, chevalier de (France)

Sambucy, Hercule, Béranger, chevalier de (France)

Sampson, Lt. Crocker (Massachusetts)

Sanborn, Capt. Nathan (New Hampshire)

Sanford, Capt. Samuel (Connecticut)

Saqui des Tourrès, Jean, Joseph de (France)

Sargent, Capt. Winthrop (Massachusetts)

Sargent, Col. Paul Dudley (Massachusetts)

Sarret de Coussergues, Louis, baron de (France)

Sartwell, Capt. Simon, Jr. (New Hampshire)

Saulieu de La Chomonerie, Charles-François de (France)

Saunders, Capt. Roger Parker (South Carolina)

Saunders, Lt. William (North Carolina)

Savage, Capt. Abijah (Connecticut)

Savage, Capt. Joseph (Massachusetts)

Savage, Lt. Henry (Massachusetts)

Savage, Lt. Nathaniel Littleton, Jr. (Virginia)

Sawyer, Capt. Ephraim (New Jersey)

Sawyer, Ens. James (Massachusetts)

Sawyer, Lt. and Quartermaster John (Massachusetts)

Scammell, Ens. Samuel Leslie (Massachusetts)

Scarborough, Lt. John (Virginia)

Scarborough, Maj. James (North Carolina)

Schaeffer, Lt. George (Delaware)

Schott, Capt. John Paul (Pennsylvania)

Schrack, Capt. David (Delaware)

Schuyler, Ens. Dirck (New York)

Schuyler, Maj. Gen. Philip (New York)

Schuyler, Surg. Nicholas (New York)

Scott, Capt. Joseph (Virginia)

Scott, Capt. Matthew (Delaware)

Scott, Capt. Matthew (Maryland)

Scott, Capt. William (Massachusetts)

Scott, Capt. William (Virginia)

Scott, Cornet Charles (Virginia)

Scott, Ens. James Miles (Connecticut)

Scott, Lt. Col. William (South Carolina)

Scott, Lt. John Baytop (Virginia)

Scott, Lt. John Baytop (Virginia)

Scott, Maj. Ezekial (Connecticut)

Scott, Maj. Gen. Charles (Virginia)

Scott, Maj. Samuel Beverly (Virginia)

Screven, James (Georgia)

Seagrave, Capt. Edward, Jr. (Massachusetts)

Sears, Capt. Lt. Peter (Massachusetts)

Sedgwick, Maj. John (Connecticut)

Seeley, Capt. Isaac (Pennsylvania)

Seeley, Lt. Samuel C. (New Jersey)

Seguins, marquis de Vassieux, Alexandre, Jean-Jacques, Bernard, comte de (France)

Ségur, Louis, Philippe, marquis de (France)

Ségur, Philippe-Henri, marquis de (France)

Seixas, Capt. Abraham Mendes (Georgia)

Selden, Capt. Ezra, Jr. (Connecticut)

Selden, Capt. Lt. Samuel (Virginia)

Selden, Col. Samuel (Connecticut)

Selden, Lt. Joseph (Virginia)

Selden, Surg. Wilson Cary (Virginia)

Selin, Capt. Anthony (Pennsylvania)

Sellman, Maj. Jonathan (Maryland)

Senter, Isaac (Rhode Island)

Settle, Capt. Strother G. (Virginia)

Sever, Ens. James (Massachusetts)

Sevier, Capt. Robert (North Carolina)

Sevier, Col. John (North Carolina)

Sevier, Maj. Valentine, Jr. (North Carolina)

Sewall, Capt. Henry (Massachusetts)

Sewall, Ens. Clement (Maryland)

Sexton, Lt. George (New Hampshire)

Seymour, Capt. Seth (Connecticut)

Seymour, Lt. Horace (Connecticut)

Shackelford, 2nd Lt. William (Virginia)

Shapley, Capt. Adam (Connecticut)

Sharpe, Capt. Anthony (North Carolina)

Shaw, Capt. Samuel (Massachusetts)

Shearman, Lt. Henry (Rhode Island)

Sheftall, Col. Mordecai (Georgia)

Sheftall, Lt. Sheftall (Georgia)

Sheldon, Col. Elisha (Connecticut)

Shelton, Capt. Clough (Virginia)

Sheppard, Capt. James Arundell (North Carolina)

Sheppard, Col. Abraham (North Carolina)

Sheppard, Maj. John (North Carolina)

Shepperd, Capt. William (North Carolina)

Sherburne, Brig. Maj. John Samuel (New Hampshire)

Sherburne, Maj. Edward (New Hampshire)

Sherman, Lt. Col. Isaac (Connecticut)

Sherman, Lt. John (Connecticut)

Sherman, Paymaster William (Connecticut)

Shethar, Capt. John (Connecticut)

Shick, Lt. Frederick (Georgia)

Shick, Lt. John (Georgia)

Shine, Capt. Daniel (North Carolina)

Shinn, 2nd Lt. Buddell (New Jersey)

Shipman, Capt. Benoni (Connecticut)

Shippen, Surg. William, Jr. (Maryland)

Shoemaker, Lt. Elijah (Connecticut)

Shortridge, Capt. Richard (New Hampshire)

Shreve, Col. Israel (New Jersey)

Shreve, Lt. John (New Jersey)

Shubrick, Capt. Jacob (South Carolina)

Shubrick, Capt. Richard (South Carolina)

Shubrick, Capt. Thomas (South Carolina)

Shumway, Capt. John (Connecticut)

Shute, Surg. Daniel (Massachusetts)

Sickles, Lt. Thomas (New Jersey)

Sigalas des Barthes, Ignace de Drouilhet de (France)

Sill, Capt. Richard (Connecticut)

Sill, Capt. Thomas (Connecticut)

Sill, Lt. Col. David Fithian (Connecticut)

Simms, Lt. Col. Charles (Virginia)

Simms, Lt. James (Maryland)

Simons, Maj. James (South Carolina)

Simpson, Lt. Thomas (New Hampshire)

Simpson, Maj. John (New Hampshire)

Singletary, Ens. Richard (North Carolina)

Singleton, Capt. Anthony (Virginia)

Sinkler, Capt. Richard (New Hampshire)

Sinkler, Lt. Richard, Jr. (New Hampshire)

Sisgaw, Jean-Baptiste d’Authier de (France)

Sizer, Capt. William (Connecticut)

Skinner, Capt. William (Virginia)

Skinner, Lt. James John (Maryland)

Skinner, Surg. Thomas (Connecticut)

Skirving, Capt. Charles (South Carolina)

Slaughter, Capt. Phillip (Virginia)

Slaughter, Ens. William (Virginia)

Slaughter, Lt. James (Virginia)

Slaughter, Lt. Lawrence (Virginia)

Slaughter, Maj. George (Virginia)

Slaughter, Surg. Augustine (Virginia)

Slaymaker, Capt. John (Maryland)

Sledge, Ens. Arthur (North Carolina)

Sloan, Lt. Sturgin (Massachusetts)

Slocum, Capt. Edward (New Jersey)

Smallwood, Capt. Heabard (Virginia)

Smaw, Capt. Henry, Sr. (North Carolina)

Smith, 2nd Lt. Francis (Virginia)

Smith, 2nd Lt. James (Virginia)

Smith, Bvt. Maj. John Caraway (Georgia)

Smith, Capt. Ballard (Virginia)

Smith, Capt. Ebenezer (Massachusetts)

Smith, Capt. Ebenezer (Massachusetts)

Smith, Capt. John (Maryland)

Smith, Capt. John Kilby (Massachusetts)

Smith, Capt. Larkin (Virginia)

Smith, Capt. Lt. James (Pennsylvania)

Smith, Capt. Matthew (Virginia)

Smith, Capt. Sylvanus (Massachusetts)

Smith, Capt. William (Georgia)

Smith, Chap. Robert (South Carolina)

Smith, Col. Benjamin (North Carolina)

Smith, Cornet Joseph Sim (Maryland)

Smith, Ens. Granville (Virginia)

Smith, Ens. Samuel (North Carolina)

Smith, Jabez, Jr. (Connecticut)

Smith, Lt. Aaron, Jr. (South Carolina)

Smith, Lt. Col. Alexander Lawson (Maryland)

Smith, Lt. Col. Samuel (Maryland)

Smith, Lt. Edward Miles (Maryland)

Smith, Lt. Jeremiah (New Jersey)

Smith, Lt. John (North Carolina)

Smith, Lt. Nathan (Maryland)

Smith, Lt. Obediah (Virginia)

Smith, Lt. Seth (New Hampshire)

Smith, Maj. David (Connecticut)

Smith, Surgeon’s Mate Alexander (Maryland)

Smith, Surgeon’s Mate Ebenezer Augustus (Delaware)

Smith, Surgeon’s Mate William Pitt (New York)

Smyth, Maj. Thomas, Jr. (Maryland)

Snow, Lt. Jabez (New Hampshire)

Snow, Lt. Lemuel (Massachusetts)

Snowden, Capt. Jonathan (New Jersey)

Solignac, Artus, Charles, Marie, marquis du Vivier de Fay (France)

Somervell, Capt. James (Maryland)

Souillac, François, vicomte de (France)

Southall, Lt. Stephen (Virginia)

Spalding, Capt. Simon (Connecticut)

Spalding, Surg. John (Connecticut)

Speed, Capt. John (North Carolina)

Spencer, Capt. Gideon (Virginia)

Spencer, Col. Oliver (New Jersey)

Spencer, Col. Samuel (North Carolina)

Spencer, Lt. Ichabod (Connecticut)

Spencer, Lt. Thomas (Virginia)

Spencer, Maj. Gen. Joseph (Connecticut)

Spencer, Rev. Eliju (New Jersey)

Spenser, Capt. Calvin (South Carolina)

Spicer, Capt. James (North Carolina)

Spiller, Capt. Benjamin C. (Virginia)

Spiller, Maj. William (Virginia)

Spotswood, Capt. John (Virginia)

Spotswood, Col. Alexander (Virginia)

Spratt, Lt. Thomas (North Carolina)

Spring, Rev. Samuel (New Hampshire)

Sproat, Capt. William (Pennsylvania)

Sproat, Lt. Col. Ebenezer (Massachusetts)

Spurr, Maj. John (Rhode Island)

Spurrier, Capt. Edward (Maryland)

St. Clair, Lt. Daniel (Pennsylvania)

St. Clair, Maj. Gen. Arthur (Pennsylvania)

St. John, Capt. John Matthias (Connecticut)

Staats, Lt. Gerrit (New York)

Stack, Edouard (France)

Stacy, Lt. Col. William (Massachusetts)

Stagg, Lt. John, Jr. (New York)

Stancil, Capt. Godrey (North Carolina)

Standley, Surg. Valentine (Maryland)

Stanton, Capt. Amos (Connecticut)

Stanton, Capt. William (Connecticut)

Stanton, Lt. Ebenezer (Connecticut)

Stanton, Lt. Enoch (Connecticut)

Stanwood, Lt. William (New Hampshire)

Stark, Lt. Archibald (New Hampshire)

Stark, Maj. Caleb (New Hampshire)

Stark, Maj. Gen. John (New Hampshire)

Starke, Lt. William A. (Virginia)

Starr, Capt. David (Connecticut)

Starr, Capt. Thomas (Connecticut)

Starr, Col. Josiah (Connecticut)

Starr, Lt. Daniel (Connecticut)

Starr, Lt. Thomas, Jr. (Connecticut)

Starr, Lt. William (Connecticut)

Starr, Maj. Daniel (Connecticut)

Stebbins, Capt. Joseph, Jr. (Massachusetts)

Stedman, Capt. James (Connecticut)

Steed, Lt. Jesse (North Carolina)

Steele, Capt. John (North Carolina)

Steele, Capt. John (Pennsylvania)

Stephenson, Col. Hugh (Maryland)

Sterling, Capt. Abijah (New York)

Stetson, Capt. Isaiah (New Hampshire)

Steuart, 2nd Lt. William (Maryland)

Stevens, Capt. John (Connecticut)

Stevens, Capt. William (Massachusetts)

Stevens, Ens. Ebenezer (Connecticut)

Stevens, Lt. Asa (Connecticut)

Stevens, Lt. Col. Ebenezer (New York)

Stevens, Surg. William Smith (South Carolina)

Stevenson, Capt. Silas Sears (North Carolina)

Stevenson, Capt. Stephen (Pennsylvania)

Stevenson, Lt. William (Virginia)

Stevenson, Maj. John (Virginia)

Steward, Lt. Col. John (Maryland)

Stewart, Capt. John (Georgia)

Stewart, Col. Charles (New Jersey)

Stewart, Col. Walter (Pennsylvania)

Stewart, Ens. Charles (Connecticut)

Stickney, Col. Thomas (New Hampshire)

Stillman, Lt. George (New Hampshire)

Stith, Capt. (Bvt. Maj.) John (Virginia)

Stockett, Surg. Thomas Noble (Maryland)

Stockly, Lt. Charles (Virginia)

Stockton, Dr. Ebenezer (New Hampshire)

Stockton, Surg. Benjamin B. (New Jersey)

Stoddard, Capt. Josiah (Connecticut)

Stoddard, Capt. Nathan (Connecticut)

Stoddard, Surgeon’s Mate Darius (Connecticut)

Stoddert, Lt. William Truman (Maryland)

Stokes, Capt. John (Virginia)

Stone, Capt. Jonathan (Massachusetts)

Stone, Col. John Hoskins (Maryland)

Storey, Capt. William (Massachusetts)

Storrs, Surgeon’s Mate Justus (Connecticut)

Story, Lt. Col. John (Massachusetts)

Stout, Capt. Abraham (New Jersey)

Stout, Capt. Herman (New Jersey)

Stout, Capt. Joseph (New Jersey)

Strachen, Lt. William (New York)

Stribling, Capt. Sigismund (Virginia)

Strong, 2nd Lt. John (Connecticut)

Strong, Capt. David (Connecticut)

Strong, Capt. Nathan (New York)

Strong, Lt. Adonijah (Connecticut)

Strong, Lt. Israel (Connecticut)

Stroop, Lt. Henry (Pennsylvania)

Strother, Midshipman Benjamin (Virginia)

Stuart, Lt. Col. Christopher (Delaware)

Stubblefield, Ens. George, Jr. (Virginia)

Sturtevant, 2nd Lt. Isaac (Massachusetts)

Suffren, François Palamède de (France)

Suffren-Saint Tropez, Pierre, André, Bailli de (France)

Sullivan, Capt. Daniel (New Hampshire)

Sullivan, Capt. Ebenezer (Massachusetts)

Sumner, Lt. Col. John (Connecticut)

Sumner, Maj. Job (Massachusetts)

Sumter, Col. Thomas (South Carolina)

Surenne, Jacob, Vincent de (France)

Sutliff, 2nd Lt. Benjamin (Connecticut)

Sutton, Capt. John (Virginia)

Suzannet, Jean-Baptiste, François de (France)

Suzannet, Pierre Alexandre, Gabriel, baron de (France)

Swan, Maj. John (Maryland)

Swartwout, Capt. Lt. Cornelius (New York)

Swartwout, Ens. Bernardus (New York)

Swearingen, Capt. Joseph (Virginia)

Swift, Capt. Jeriah (Connecticut)

Swift, Gen. Heman (Connecticut)

Tabbs, Surg. Barton (Maryland)

Taggard, Lt. William (New Hampshire)

Taggart, Lt. James (New Hampshire)

Talbot, Capt. Silas (New York)

Talbott, Lt. Richard (Maryland)

Taliaferro, Capt. Richard (Virginia)

Taliaferro, Lt. Nicholas (Virginia)

Tallmadge, Lt. Col. Benjamin (Connecticut)

Tallmadge, Lt. Samuel (New York)

Tallman, Lt. Thomas (Rhode Island)

Tankard, Surg. John (Virginia)

Tannehill, Capt. Adamson (Maryland)

Tannehill, Lt. Ninian (Maryland)

Tanner, Lt. Thomas (Connecticut)

Tapp, Lt. William (New York)

Tarbox, Lt. Solomon (Connecticut)

Tarlé, Benoît, Joseph de (France)

Tarlé, Jean, Josse, chevalier de (France)

Tarragon, Anne, Claude de (France)

Tarragon, Chevalier Jean-Rémy de (France)

Tarrant, Capt. Manlove (North Carolina)

Tarver, Capt. Benjamin (North Carolina)

Tastes de Lilancour, Jean-Baptiste, comte de (France)

Tate, Capt. James (Virginia)

Tatum, Capt. Howell (North Carolina)

Tatum, Lt. Henry (Virginia)

Tatum, Lt. James (North Carolina)

Tatum, Lt. Zachariah (Virginia)

Taylor, Capt. Othniel, Jr. (Massachusetts)

Taylor, Capt. Reuben (Virginia)

Taylor, Capt. Richard (Virginia)

Taylor, Capt. Timothy (Connecticut)

Taylor, Col. Francis (Virginia)

Taylor, Col. William (North Carolina)

Taylor, Lt. Col. Richard (Virginia)

Taylor, Lt. John (Virginia)

Taylor, Lt. Thornton (Virginia)

Taylor, Maj. John (Virginia)

Taylor, Maj. Samuel (South Carolina)

Taylor, Maj. William (Virginia)

Taylor, Midshipman Benjamin (Virginia)

Taylor, Paymaster John (North Carolina)

Taylor, Surg. Charles (Virginia)

Teackle, Capt. Severn (Virginia)

Temple, Lt. Col. Benjamin (Virginia)

Ten Eyck, Capt. Henry (Connecticut)

Ten Eyck, Lt. Abraham (New York)

Tennille, Lt. Francis (Georgia)

Terrasson de Verneuil, Jean, Élie, chevalier de (France)

Terry, Capt. Nathaniel (Virginia)

Tew, Capt. William (Rhode Island)

Thacher, Capt. John (Connecticut)

Thacher, Surg. James (Massachusetts)

Thayer, Maj. Simeon (Rhode Island)

Theus, Capt. James (South Carolina)

Theus, Maj. Simeon (South Carolina)

Thomas, Capt. Edmund Disney (New Jersey)

Thomas, Capt. Joseph (Massachusetts)

Thomas, Capt. Lewis (Virginia)

Thomas, Capt. Mark (Virginia)

Thomas, Ens. John (North Carolina)

Thomas, Lt. Col. John, Jr. (South Carolina)

Thomas, Lt. Joseph Merrill (New Hampshire)

Thomas, Lt. Joshua (Massachusetts)

Thomas, Surg. John (New York)

Thompson, Brig. Gen. William (Pennsylvania)

Thompson, Capt. Lawrence (North Carolina)

Thompson, Lt. Col. Jabez (Connecticut)

Thompson, Lt. Col. Joseph (Massachusetts)

Thompson, Lt. William (Connecticut)

Thomson, Col. William (South Carolina)

Thornton, Capt. Presley (Virginia)

Thornton, Col. Matthew (New Hampshire)

Thornton, Cornet Francis (Virginia)

Thornton, Lt. Col. John (Virginia)

Thornton, Maj. George (Virginia)

Threadgill, Capt. Thomas (Georgia)

Throop, Maj. Benjamin (Connecticut)

Throwbridge, Lt. John (Connecticut)

Thruston, Cornet John (Virginia)

Thurston, Col. Charles M. (Virginia)

Thweatt, Capt. Thomas (Virginia)

Thwing, Lt. Nathaniel (New Hampshire)

Tilden, Lt. John Bell (Pennsylvania)

Tilghman, Lt. Col. Tench (Maryland)

Tillard, Lt. Col. Edward (Maryland)

Tillery, Lt. John (North Carolina)

Tillette de Mautort, Louis, François de Paul (France)

Tillinghast, Asst. Deputy Quartermaster Gen. Charles (New York)

Tillinghast, Recruiting officer Charles (Rhode Island)

Tillman (Tilghman), Capt. John (North Carolina)

Tilton, Capt. Philip (New Hampshire)

Tilton, Surg. James (Delaware)

Timberlake, Capt. Benjamin (Virginia)

Tinsley, Cornet Samuel (Virginia)

Tipton, Capt. Abraham (Virginia)

Titcomb, Lt. Col. Benjamin (New Hampshire)

Todd, Capt. Robert (Virginia)

Todd, Col. John (Virginia)

Todd, Lt. Levi (Virginia)

Tomkies, Capt. Charles, Jr. (Virginia)

Tomlinson, Ens. David (Connecticut)

Toole, Capt. Henry Irwin (North Carolina)

Torrey, 2nd Lt. William (New York)

Torrey, Lt. William (Massachusetts)

Touches, Charles, René, Dominique Sochet, chavelier seigneur des (France)

Tourtellot, Lt. Abraham (Rhode Island)

Towles, Capt. Oliver (South Carolina)

Town, Ens. Ebenezer (Massachusetts)

Townes, Lt. John (Virginia)

Townsend, Capt. Samuel (New York)

Townsend, Surg. Gen. David (Massachusetts)

Towson, 2nd Lt. William (Maryland)

Tracy, 2nd Lt. Hezekiah (Connecticut)

Tracy, 2nd Lt. Phineas Lyman (Connecticut)

Trafton, Capt. Joshua (New Hampshire)

Trapier, Capt. Paul III (South Carolina)

Traversay, Jean-Baptiste Prévost de Sansac, marquis de (France)

Travis, Capt. Edward (Virginia)

Trémigon, Barthélemy, Achille, Évrard de (France)

Trentinian, Jean-Jacques de (France)

Trescott, Maj. Lemuel (Massachusetts)

Tressemanes-Brunet, François, chevalier de (France)

Tressemanes-Brunet, Jean, marquis de (France)

Trezvawt, Surg. John Timothee (Virginia)

Trigant de Beaumont, Élie, Joseph, comte de (France)

Triplett, Lt. William (Virginia)

Triplett, Midshipman Reuben (Virginia)

Trogoff de Kerlessy, Jean-Honore de (France)

Trogoff, Yves de (France)

Troup, Lt. Col. Robert (New York)

Trousdale, Capt. James (North Carolina)

Trowbridge, Capt. Caleb (Connecticut)

Trueman, 2nd Lt. John (Maryland)

Truman, Capt. Alexander (Maryland)

Trumbull, Col. John (Connecticut)

Trumbull, David (Connecticut)

Trumbull, Joseph (Connecticut)

Trumbull, Lt. Col. Jonathan, Jr. (Connecticut)

Tubbs, Maj. Samuel (Massachusetts)

Tudor, Lt. Col. William (Massachusetts)

Tupper, Brig. Gen. Benjamin (Massachusetts)

Tupper, Lt. Anselm (Massachusetts)

Turberville, Maj. George (Virginia)

Turner, Capt. George (New Hampshire)

Turner, Capt. Jacob (North Carolina)

Turner, Lt. Benaiah (North Carolina)

Turner, Lt. Marlbry (Massachusetts)

Turner, Surg. Peter (Rhode Island)

Turner, Surg. Philip (Connecticut)

Turpin de Breuil, Jean-Baptiste, vicomte de (France)

Tutt, Capt. Benjamin (South Carolina)

Tutt, Lt. Charles (Virginia)

Tutt, Lt. Gabriel (South Carolina)

Tutt, Lt. Richard (South Carolina)

Tuttle, Capt. Nathaniel (Connecticut)

Twombly, Ens. William (New Hampshire)

Tyler, Lt. John (Virginia)

Tyler, Maj. John Steel (Massachusetts)

Unienville, Marie, Claude, Antoine Marrier, baron d’ (France)

Upshaw, Capt. James (Virginia)

Upshaw, Capt. Thomas (Virginia)

Vacher, Surg. John Francis (New York)

Valentine, Capt. Edward (Virginia)

Valentine, Capt. Jacob (Virginia)

Van Benschoten, Capt. Elias III (New York)

Van Cortlandt, Col. Philip (New York)

Van Deventer, Ens. Peter (New Jersey)

Van Dyck, Lt. Col. Cornelius (New York)

Van Hoevenburgh, Lt. Rudolph (New York)

Van Horn, Capt. Issac (Pennsylvania)

Van Meter, Ens. Jacob (Virginia)

Van Rensselaer, Capt. Nicholas (New York)

Van Rensselaer, Capt. Peter (New York)

Van Rensselaer, Col. Philip (New York)

Van Rensselaer, Lt. Jeremiah (New York)

Van Slyck, Lt. Cornelius (New York)

Van Wagenen, Gerrit Huybert (New York)

Van Wagenen, Surg. Garrett (New York)

Van Wyck, Capt. Abraham (New York)

Vance, Capt. Robert (Virginia)

Vance, Lt. David (North Carolina)

Vanderburgh, Capt. Henry (New York)

Vanderburgh, Ens. Bartholomew (New York)

Vanderwall, Lt. Markes (Virginia)

VanVechten, Lt. Tobias (New York)

Varick, Lt. Col. Richard (New York)

Varnum, Brig. Gen. James Mitchell (Rhode Island)

Varnum, Capt. James (New Hampshire)

Vasson, Andre Girard de (France)

Vauban, Pierre, François Le Prestre de (France)

Vaublanc, Jean-Baptiste, Bernard Viennot de (France)

Vaughan, Lt. Col. Joseph (Delaware)

Vaughn, Capt. James (North Carolina)

Vaugiraud de Rosnay, Pierre, René, Marie, comte de (France)

Vaulserre, Pierre, Laurent, Antoine de Corbeau de (France)

Vause, Capt. William (Virginia)

Verdier, Lt. Jean-Baptiste (Pennsylvania)

Verdun de La Crenne, Jean, René, Antoine, marquis de (France)

Vergennes, Charles Gravier, comte de (France)

Viall, Lt. Samuel (Rhode Island)

Victor, Lt. John (Virginia)

Villebresme, Thomas, Jacques de Goislard, chevalier de (France)

Villefranche, Jean-Louis, Ambroise de Genton de (France)

Villelongue de Saint-Morel, Alliaume, François, Anne, Nicolas de (France)

Villemanzy, Jacques, Pierre Orillard, comte de (France)

Villeneuve-Flayosc, Raimond, Martin de (France)

Villeneuve-Mons, Joseph, Philibert, Andre, Balthazard Maurel (Morel) de (France)

Villermont, Athanase, Louis, Emmanuel Hennequin, comte de (France)

Villette, Etienne de Barras de La (France)

Vince, Capt. Joseph (South Carolina)

Vioménil, Antoine, Charles du Houx, baron de (France)

Vose, Col. Joseph (Massachusetts)

Vowles, Capt. Lt. Henry (Virginia)

Vowles, Capt. Walter (Virginia)

Vowles, Lt. Charles (Virginia)

Wade, Capt. Joseph John (North Carolina)

Wade, Col. Thomas (North Carolina)

Wade, Lt. Edward (Virginia)

Wadsworth, Capt. Elijah (Connecticut)

Wadsworth, Capt. Jonathan (Connecticut)

Wadsworth, Capt. Peleg (Massachusetts)

Wadsworth, Col. Jeremiah (Connecticut)

Wadsworth, Lt. Roger (Connecticut)

Wadsworth, Surg. Joseph Bissell (Connecticut)

Wadsworth, Surg. Theodore (Connecticut)

Waggoner, Maj. Andrew (Virginia)

Wait, Lt. Col. Joseph (New Hampshire)

Wait, Maj. Jason (New Hampshire)

Waite, Lt. Daniel (Connecticut)

Walbridge, Maj. Amos (Connecticut)

Walcott, Ens. Christopher (Massachusetts)

Waldo, Lt. Edward (New Hampshire)

Waldo, Surg. Albigence (Connecticut)

Wales, Ens. Nathaniel (Connecticut)

Wales, Lt. Ebenezer (Connecticut)

Walker, Capt. George (New Jersey)

Walker, Capt. Robert (Connecticut)

Walker, Capt. Robert (Massachusetts)

Walker, Ens. John (Virginia)

Walker, Lt. Aaron (Massachusetts)

Walker, Lt. David III (Virginia)

Walker, Lt. Silas (Massachusetts)

Walker, Lt. Solomon (North Carolina)

Walker, Lt. William (North Carolina)

Walker, Maj. John (North Carolina)

Wall, Lt. James (North Carolina)

Wallace, Capt. Andrew (Virginia)

Wallace, Capt. William Brown (Virginia)

Wallace, Lt. Col. Gustavus Brown (Virginia)

Wallace, Lt. Thomas (Virginia)

Wallace, Surg. James (Virginia)

Waller, Ens. Allen (Virginia)

Wallingford, Lt. Samuel (New Hampshire)

Wallis, Ens. James (North Carolina)

Walton, Capt. George, Jr. (Georgia)

Walton, Capt. Jesse Hughes (Georgia)

Walton, Capt. Robert J. (Georgia)

Ward, Capt. Nahum (Massachusetts)

Ward, Col. Samuel (Rhode Island)

Ward, Ens. Richard (North Carolina)

Ward, Lt. John Peter (South Carolina)

Ward, Lt. William (South Carolina)

Ward, Maj. Gen. Artemas (New Hampshire)

Wardwell, Lt. Joseph (Massachusetts)

Warfield, Surg. Walter (Maryland)

Waring, 2nd Lt. Basil (Maryland)

Waring, Capt. Lt. Henry (New York)

Waring, Capt. Thomas (Virginia)

Waring, Lt. Henry (Virginia)

Warley, Capt. Felix (South Carolina)

Warley, Capt. Joseph (South Carolina)

Warner, Col. Seth (New Hampshire)

Warner, Maj. Robert (Connecticut)

Warren, Capt. Benjamin (Massachusetts)

Warren, Capt. Isaac (Massachusetts)

Warren, Lt. Adriel (Massachusetts)

Warren, Lt. James, Jr. (Massachusetts)

Warren, Lt. John (Massachusetts)

Warren, Maj. Gen. Joseph (Massachusetts)

Washburn, 2nd Lt. Bethuel (Massachusetts)

Washington, Gen. George (Virginia)

Washington, Lt. Col. William (South Carolina)

Washington, Lt. Col. William (Virginia)

Waterman, Asa (Connecticut)

Waters, Capt. Richard (Maryland)

Waters, Capt. William (North Carolina)

Watkins, Capt. Gassaway (Maryland)

Watkins, Capt. Nathan (Massachusetts)

Watlington, Capt. John (Virginia)

Watson, Capt. Titus (Connecticut)

Watts, Capt. John (South Carolina)

Way, Capt. Moses (Georgia)

Weare, Capt. Richard (New Hampshire)

Weatherby, Capt. Benjamin (New Jersey)

Webb, Capt. Isaac (Virginia)

Webb, Capt. Nathaniel (Connecticut)

Webb, Col. Samuel Blachley (New York)

Webster, Lt. Amos (New Hampshire)

Wedgewood, Lt. James (New Hampshire)

Weed, Capt. Thaddeus (Connecticut)

Weeks, Capt. Thomas (Massachusetts)

Weeks, Lt. John (New Hampshire)

Weidman, Lt. John (Pennsylvania)

Weitzel, Lt. Jacob (Pennsylvania)

Welch, Capt. John (North Carolina)

Welles, Capt. Roger (Connecticut)

Welles, Surgeon’s Mate Benjamin (Connecticut)

Wellington (Willington), Capt. Thomas (Massachusetts)

Wellington, 2nd Lt. Elisha (Massachusetts)

Wells, Capt. Thomas (Massachusetts)

Wells, Lt. Benjamin (Massachusetts)

Wells, Lt. James (Connecticut)

Wells, Lt. James A. (Massachusetts)

Wendell, Capt. John Harmanus (New York)

Wentworth, Lt. Col. Jonathan (New Hampshire)

West, Surg. Jeremiah (Connecticut)

Wetmore, Deputy Paymaster General Hezekiah (Connecticut)

Wheeler, Lt. Nathan (Massachusetts)

Wheelock, Lt. Col. John (New Hampshire)

Wherry, 2nd Lt. Joseph (Delaware)

Whipple, Commodore Abraham (Rhode Island)

Whitcomb, Maj. Benjamin (New Hampshire)

White, Capt. Haffield (Massachusetts)

White, Capt. Robert (Virginia)

White, Capt. William (Rhode Island)

White, Capt. William (Virginia)

White, Col. Anthony Walton (New York)

White, Lt. Edward (Georgia)

White, Lt. John (Massachusetts)

White, Lt. John (Virginia)

White, Lt. Richard P. (Virginia)

White, Lt. Thomas (Virginia)

White, Lt. William (Virginia)

White, Maj. John (North Carolina)

Whiteside, Capt. John (North Carolina)

Whitfield, Capt. Bryan (North Carolina)

Whiting, Ens. Beverley (Virginia)

Whiting, Lt. Col. Daniel (Massachusetts)

Whiting, Lt. Frederick Jones (Connecticut)

Whiting, Lt. James (Connecticut)

Whiting, Lt. Samuel (Connecticut)

Whiting, Maj. Timothy (Massachusetts)

Whitlock, Capt. Ephraim Lockhart (New Jersey)

Whitmarsh, Lt. Micah (Rhode Island)

Whitmell, Lt. Thomas Blount (North Carolina)

Whitney, Lt. Joshua (Connecticut)

Whittemore, Lt. Peletiah (New Hampshire)

Whitwell, Surg. Samuel (Massachusetts)

Wickes, Capt. Lambert (Maryland)

Wickes, Lt. Richard (Maryland)

Wigton, Lt. John (Pennsylvania)

Wilcox, Capt. Jarius (Connecticut)

Wilcox, Lt. Joseph (Connecticut)

Wilkins, Surgeon’s Mate John, Jr. (Rhode Island)

Wilkinson, Lt. Col. James (Maryland)

Wilkinson, Lt. Reuben (North Carolina)

Willard, Lt. Jonathan (Rhode Island)

Willard, Surg. Elias (New York)

Willett, Col. Marinus (New York)

Williams, 2nd Lt. Joseph (Massachusetts)

Williams, Capt. Abraham (Massachusetts)

Williams, Capt. Benjamin Bryer (North Carolina)

Williams, Capt. Daniel Hicks (North Carolina)

Williams, Capt. Elisha Otho (Maryland)

Williams, Capt. James (North Carolina)

Williams, Capt. James (Virginia)

Williams, Capt. Lilburn (Maryland)

Williams, Capt. Lt. Nathan (Maryland)

Williams, Capt. Samuel William (Connecticut)

Williams, Capt. William (North Carolina)

Williams, Col. Benjamin (North Carolina)

Williams, Col. James (Delaware)

Williams, Col. John (North Carolina)

Williams, Col. John Pugh (North Carolina)

Williams, Col. Joseph (North Carolina)

Williams, Lt. Col. James (North Carolina)

Williams, Lt. David (Virginia)

Williams, Lt. Henry (Rhode Island)

Williams, Lt. John (North Carolina)

Williams, Lt. Nathaniel Brior (North Carolina)

Williams, Lt. Ralph (North Carolina)

Williams, Lt. Theophilus (North Carolina)

Williams, Maj. Willoughby (North Carolina)

Williams, Surg. Obadiah (New Hampshire)

Williams, Surg. Robert (North Carolina)

Wilmott, Capt. William (Maryland)

Wilmott, Lt. Robert (Maryland)

Wilson, Capt. James (North Carolina)

Wilson, Capt. James (South Carolina)

Wilson, Capt. William (North Carolina)

Wilson, Ens. Robert (New York)

Wilson, Lt. Col. George (Pennsylvania)

Wilson, Surg. Lewis Feuilleteau (New Jersey)

Winborne, Lt. John, Jr. (North Carolina)

Winchester, 2nd Lt. George (Maryland)

Winchester, Capt. James (Maryland)

Winder, Lt. Col. Levin (Maryland)

Winfrey, Capt. Jacob Hughes (Georgia)

Wing, Ens. Jonathan (New Hampshire)

Wingate, Surg. John (New Hampshire)

Winn, Capt. Richard (South Carolina)

Winship, Capt. Ebenezer (Massachusetts)

Winslow, Capt. John (Massachusetts)

Winston, Capt. John (Virginia)

Winston, Lt. William (Virginia)

Withers, Capt. Richard (South Carolina)

Witherspoon, Brig. Maj. James (New Jersey)

Witherspoon, Surg. John (South Carolina)

Withington, Capt. Peter (Pennsylvania)

Witman, Lt. William (New Hampshire)

Wolcott, Capt. Erastus (Connecticut)

Wolcott, Capt. Giles (Connecticut)

Wood, 2nd Lt. Abraham (Pennsylvania)

Wood, Surgeon’s Mate Gerard (Maryland)

Woodbridge, Capt. Christopher (Massachusetts)

Woodbridge, Regimental Quartermaster Enoch (New Hampshire)

Woodbury, Lt. Luke (New Hampshire)

Woodford, Brig. Gen. William (Virginia)

Woodgate, Capt. John (Delaware)

Woodruff, Col. Joseph (Georgia)

Woodruff, Lt. Ephraim (New York)

Woods, Lt. Ebenezer (New Hampshire)

Woods, Maj. Henry (New Hampshire)

Woodson, Capt. Hughes, Sr. (Virginia)

Woodson, Capt. Robert (Virginia)

Woodson, Capt. Samuel (Virginia)

Woodson, Maj. Tarleton (Maryland)

Woodward, Surgeon’s Mate Samuel (Massachusetts)

Woolford, Col. Thomas (Maryland)

Woolsey, Lt. Melancthon Lloyd (New York)

Wooster, Brig. Gen. David (Connecticut)

Wooster, Capt. Thomas (Connecticut)

Wooten, Ens. Shadrach (North Carolina)

Worsham, Lt. John (Virginia)

Wright, Capt. Edward (Maryland)

Wright, Capt. Robert (Maryland)

Wright, Capt. Samuel Turbutt (Maryland)

Wright, Capt. Shadrach (Georgia)

Wright, Lt. David (North Carolina)

Wright, Maj. Joseph Allyn (Connecticut)

Wylly, Capt. Thomas (Georgia)

Wyllys, Col. Samuel (Connecticut)

Wyllys, Maj. John Palsgrave (Connecticut)

Yancey, Capt. Layton (Virginia)

Yarborough, Capt. Edward (North Carolina)

Yates, Lt. Bartholomew (Virginia)

Yeaton, Lt. Hopley (New Hampshire)

Yeomans, Lt. John (Massachusetts)

Yorke, Lt. William (North Carolina)

Young, Capt. Henry (Virginia)

Young, Lt. Marcus (New Jersey)