Samuel F. B. Morse’s extraordinary portrait of Thomas Pinckney wearing the Society of the Cincinnati Eagle was acquired by the Institute in late 2019 thanks to extraordinary generosity from Society members, constituent societies, Institute Associates, staff and friends. Shortly after, we also raised the funds to have major conservation work performed on both the canvas and the frame. This work will sustain the portrait for decades to come.

Some 190 donors and nine constituent societies generously donated all of the funds needed to pay for the acquisition and conservation of the Thomas Pinckney portrait. Never before have so many donors come together to support one of our projects—especially an acquisition or a conservation project of this magnitude. We celebrate the collective generosity of this special donor group for their historic support.


$25,000 and Above


The Society of the Cincinnati of the State of South Carolina


$10,000 – $24,999

+Mrs. Ilona S. Savage

‡Mr. William Henry Savage

Mr. Franklin Wyman III


$5,000 – $9,999

Ms. Sarah Pinckney Ambler

Mr. Rawlins Lowndes

Capt. William Lowndes III, USAR

Mr. William Lowndes IV

Mr. James Thomas Martin

The North Carolina Society of the Cincinnati

Mr. Ross Gamble Perry

The Society of the Cincinnati in the State of Connecticut

The State Society of the Cincinnati of Pennsylvania


$2,000 – $4,999

Mrs. R.W. Apple, Jr.

Mr. Charles Lilly Coltman III

Mr. German Pierce Culver, Jr.

The Frances & Townsend Burden Foundation

Mr. Henry Sharpe Lynn, Jr.

Mr. F. Anderson Morse

The New York State Society of the Cincinnati

Mr. and Mrs. William Francis Price, Jr.

Mr. John McConville Shannon

*La Société des Cincinnati de France

The Society of the Cincinnati of Maryland

Mr. Jack Duane Warren, Jr.


$1,000 – $1,999

Mr. Richard Saltonstall Auchincloss, Jr.

Dr. James Gilbert Baldwin, Jr.

Dr. Cordell Lee Bragg III

Mrs. Kathleen Walsh Carr

Casey Family Foundation

Mr. William Polk Cheshire

Mr. George Miller Chester, Jr.

Mr. Joel Thomas Daves IV

Mr. Robert Gage Davidson, Sr.

The Delaware State Society of the Cincinnati

Mr. Gary Peter DuBois

Mr. Alexander Lanson Franklin II

Mr. Francis Ellerbe Grimball

Mr. Richard Miller Huber, Jr.

Mr. Peter Irving Channing Knowles II

Mr. St. Julien Ravenel Marshall, Jr.

Mr. Frank Mauran IV

Mr. Capers Walter McDonald

‡Mr. Charles Francis Middleton III

Mr. Charles Cotesworth Pinckney VI

Mr. George M. Pinckney

Mr. Thomas Pinckney III

Mr. John Ridgely Porter III

Dr. James Orlo Pringle

Dr. William Postell Raiford

The Hon. Mikell Ross Scarborough

Mr. Richard Oliver Schwab, Jr.

Dr. Edward Allen Seidel

Mr. Stephen Payson Shaw

Mr. Gregory Bell Smith

The Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Hampshire

Mr. Frank Keech Turner, Jr.

Lt. Cdr. Ryan Bradford Weddle, USN

Mr. Jonathan Tufts Woods


$500 – $999

Bank of America

Mr. Andrew Chandler Battaile, Jr.

Mr. Brad James Bittenbender

Mr. Robert Oliver Bratton

Mr. David William Chester

Mr. William Flowers Crozer

Mr. Timothy Christopher Finton

Mr. Thomas Heyward Motte Hamilton

Mr. Randall Alan Hammond

Mr. Jeffrey Hardwick

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Benjamin Jeffries

Mr. Brian Lewis Kerns

Mr. Paul Joseph Kinyon

Lt. Col. Howard Sandland Lincoln, USA (Ret.)

Mr. Robert Vincent Martin III

Mr. Charles William Neuhauser

Mr. James Keith Peoples

Mr. Richard Renz Raiford

Mr. Erskine Ramsay II

Mr. John William Richardson

‡Mr. Eugene Bowie Roberts, Jr.

Dr. Marshall deGraffenried Ruffin, Jr.

Mr. Lauriston Hardin Sigmon

Mr. Robert Mosby Turnbull

Voya Financial

Mr. William Cary Whitehead III

Mr. Edgar Pomeroy Williams

Mr. George Morgan Williams

Mr. Alexander Penn Hill Wyrough


$250 – $499

Mr. Francis Gorham Brigham III

Mrs. Susan M. Brigham

Mr. Malcolm Lee Butler

Mr. Wayne Chatfield-Taylor II

Mr. Thomas Edward Crocker, Jr.

Mr. Archer Clark Dennison

Mr. Rogelio Fernandez

Mr. James Watson Gerard V

Dr. and Mrs. James Gordon Harper

Mr. Preston Hampton Haskell III

Mr. Austin Barry Hepburn, Jr.

Mr. Outerbridge Horsey

Mrs. Catharine Kulski

Dr. Julian Eugeniusz Kulski

Mr. William Allen Marshall

Mr. William Howell Morrison

Mr. Gerson Nordlinger

Mr. Ferdinand Henry Onnen III

Rev. Patrick Ryder Perkins

Mr. Charles Cotesworth Pinckney

Mr. Thomas Pinckney II

Mr. Justin Eric Porter

Lt. Cdr. Philip Key Reily III, USN (Ret.)

Mr. Wayne Jerome Rogers

Capt. Joseph James Spurr IV, USN (Ret.)

Mr. Matthew Tyler Yates


$100 – $249


Dr. George Patterson Apperson III

Archie D. & Bertha H. Walker Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Stiles Bowdish

Mr. Matthew Mitchell Breen

Mr. Christopher Bubash

Dr. Robert Girard Carroon

Mr. Thomas Lamar Coughlin

Mr. Daniel LeRoy Fitch

Mrs. Marie Louise Pinckney Friendly

Mr. Alexander Barton Gray

Mr. Glenn Arthur Hennessey

Mr. Barry Christopher Howard

Col. Andrew Martin Johnson, USA (Ret.)

Mr. Frederic Rogers Kellogg

Mr. Francis Parker King, Jr.

Mr. David Peter Kollock

Dr. Malcolm Lafayette Marion III

Mr. Anthony Westwood Maupin

Mrs. Elizabeth Rollins Mauran

Dr. Kenneth Harrington McKeever

Dr. and Mrs. John Edmond McLeod

Mr. Earl McMillen III

Dr. Ellen G. Miles

Mr. Herbert Jaques Motley, Jr.

Mrs. Emily L. Parsons

Mr. Samuel Lloyd Perry, Jr.

Mr. Rutherfurd Stuyvesant Pierrepont IV

Lt. Cdr. Bryan St. George Pinckney, USN

Mr. Charles D. Pinckney

Ms. Susan Pinckney

Mr. Alan C. Porter

Mr. Daniel Ravenel

Mr. Stephen Andrew Robeson-Miller

Cdr. Richard Lee Siemens, MC, USN (Ret.)

Mr. William A. Singleton

Mr. Joseph Judson Smith III

Mr. Baird McCargo Standish

Mr. Douglas Reid Weimer

Mr. John Marc Wheat

Mrs. Alice B. Woods

Ms. Jeanie Woods


Under $100


Mr. James Frederick Bleakley, Jr.

Mr. George Caleb Bradham

Mr. Francis Adams Brooks III

Mr. Grant Chamberlain Brooks

Mr. Charles Clinton Weaver Carter

Mr. Charles Raymond Cooper III

Mr. Dean DeRosa

Mr. Jorge Ignacio Du Quesne y Suarez

Mr. Kirk Mallory Duffy

Mr. William Murray Gordon

Mr. Matthew Paul Huling

Lt. Col. Paul Douglas Huling, USAF (Ret.)

Mr. Francis Marion Kirk

Ms. Linda Koman

Mr. Gary Wayne Meisner

Mr. William Spedden Merrick III

Mr. Christopher Mark Nichols

Mr. James Archer O’Reilly III

The Revenis Family Trust

Ms. Beth B. Riebe

Rev. Delbert Alan Smith

Mr. Shawn Michael Somerville

Dr. Wil Tabb

Mr. Johnathan S. Thomas

Ms. Mary V. Thompson

United Health Group

Mr. Peter von Hemert

Mr. Alexis Cloud Wallace


* The generous support of the Société des Cincinnati de France was made possible by the following members who made personal gifts to the French Society: Pierre de Bausset, Jean-François de Caffarelli, Pierre Antoine de Chambrun, Emmanuel de Foucauld, Alain Lebègue de Germiny, Georges d’Harcourt, Jean Robert Callon de Lamarck, Melchior de Lestang, Guy Sidos and Eric de Sparre.

+ Tribute Gifts

‡ Deceased