Archaeology at Parker’s Revenge

Archaeology at Parker’s Revenge
Meg Watters
Visual Environment Solutions, LLC
December 9, 2015

Parker’s Revenge, the scene of intense fighting between the retreating British and militia on April 19, 1775, is the site of recent archaeological discoveries. Because contemporary documents reveal little about this fight, an archaeological survey was needed to reveal clues left behind in the soil. Meg Watters and her team, using ground penetrating radar and metal detectors along with tactical analysis of the terrain, have uncovered evidence needed to reconstruct the events of the first date of the Revolutionary War, when militia under Capt. John Parker of Lexington attacked the British column marching back toward Boston. This work was funded in part by the American Revolution Institute, the Massachusetts Society of the Cincinnati and our partners at the American Battlefield Trust.

This event was recorded by our partners at the American Battlefield Trust.


About the Speaker

Meg Watters is an archaeologist and the president of Visual Environment Solutions, LLC. In addition to her work in the field, Dr. Watters is co-principle investigator for the PBS television program Time Team America.