Benedict Arnold

Benedict Arnold
James Kirby Martin
Professor of History, University of Houston
July 24, 2015

American general Benedict Arnold secretly conspired with the enemy to surrender West Point and George Washington. Disaster for the Americans was thwarted only when Arnold’s co-conspirator, John André, was captured with plans of the West Point fortifications in his boot. Professor Martin tells Arnold’s full story, from his childhood and support for the American cause to the aftermath of his treason, and, in the process, humanizes a man whose name is now synonymous with betrayal.

Part 1 of 13: Fabricated Stories: Washington vs. Arnold (6:26)

Part 2 of 13: Benedict Arnold’s Childhood (3:40)

Part 3 of 13: Benedict Arnold the Merchant (4:16)

Part 4 of 13: Pride in Arnold Family Name (5:09)

Part 5 of 13: Benedict Arnold Organizes Militia (3:46)

Part 6 of 13: Artillery at Ft. Ticonderoga (8:59)

Part 7 of 13: American Disaster at Battle of Quebec (7:40)

Part 8 of 13: Benedict Arnold: Commodore of the American Fleet (5:53)

Part 9 of 13: Arnold Passed Over for Promotion and Resigns (2:32)

Part 10 of 13: Benedict Arnold and the Battle of Saratoga (10:05)

Part 11 of 13: Benedict Arnold: Military Governor of Philadelphia (10:17)

Part 12 of 13: Benedict Arnold’s Betrayal (5:29)

Part 13 of 13: Benedict Arnold After His Treason (2:57)


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