The Revolutionary War at Sea

The Revolutionary War at Sea
William M. Fowler, Jr.
Professor of History, Northeastern University
April 5, 2013

Battles at sea played a key role in securing American independence, even though the size and prowess of the Royal Navy dwarfed that of the nascent Continental Navy. John Paul Jones, who defeated the HMS Serapis, became the great hero of the American navy—both in his own time and to later generations of Americans. French intervention at the Battle of the Chesapeake made possible the decisive victory at Yorktown that ultimately led to the end of the war. Professor Fowler details these important events to tell the story of the Revolutionary War at sea.

Part 1 of 7: Who was John Paul Jones? (4:45)

Part 2 of 7: Bonhomme Richard and Jones’ Voyage for Glory (4:30)

Part 3 of 7: Jones’ “Dull” Career After Bonhomme Richard (3:55)

Part 4 of 7: The Legacy of the American Continental Navy (4:24)

Part 5 of 7: Daily Life at Sea for Sailors During the American Revolution (7:00)

Part 6 of 7: The Battle of the Chesapeake (8:15)

Part 7 of 7: Countries Involved in the American War for Independence (3:46)


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