The Influence of Women during the American Revolution

Kim Greer, Nevada Middle School, Nevada, Missouri

DESIGN LEVEL: Middle School-High School


Students will explore the various ways that women supported or resisted the Revolutionary War effort economically, politically and militarily.



Students will:

  • Analyze resources featuring Revolutionary War era women to compare and contrast their impact on the war effort.
  • Research at least two women mentioned in the materials provided and create a two voice poem about their experiences.




Recommended Time

One or two 50-minute class periods.



  1.  Ask students to take notes from the primary and secondary resources identified above in “Materials” on a paper that has been divided into quadrants labeled: economic, political, loyalist, and military. Students should make observations about the various roles women played during the Revolutionary War, then share those thoughts within a small group.
  2. Ask students to work in teams to choose two women based on their resource notes and create a “two voice poem” using Ms. Greer’s template.  The more varied and contrasting the experiences, the better.  Each student team should recite their poem for the group, with each individual student speaking in the voice of the woman they researched (line one or two), then with both students saying the third line together.



This lesson is designed to be adapted for distance learning but if it is taking place in a traditional classroom, students could use Flipgrid or their phones to film their performance of the poem.

Students could choose one historical figure that they have been introduced to and create a Google Slides presentation arguing for their recognition on a coin or statue.


Standards Addressed


DT.AH.6-8.T1S1.B: Explain connections between historical context and peoples’ perspectives at the time in American history.

DT.AH.6-8.T1S1.D: Using an inquiry lens, develop compelling questions about American history prior to 1870, to determine helpful resources and consider multiple points of views represented in the resources.

DT.AH.6-8.T1S1.E: Analyze the causes and consequences of a specific problem in American history prior to c. 1870 as well as the challenges and opportunities faced by those trying to address the problem.