Tag: Early Republic

Author’s Talk – The Soldier’s Two Bodies: Military Sacrifice and Popular Sovereignty in Revolutionary War Veteran Narratives

James M. Greene, assistant professor of English at Indiana State University, discusses and signs copies of his book exploring Revolutionary War veterans’ narratives and how soldiers have been represented in two contrasting ways from the nation’s first days: as heroic symbols of the body politic and as people whose sufferings have been neglected by their […]

Lecture – Sealed with Blood: Gratitude for Revolutionary Veterans and American National Identity

Sarah Purcell, L.F. Parker Professor of History at Grinnell College, discusses how public memories and commemorations of the Revolutionary War and its veterans helped early Americans form a common bond and create a new national identity. Officers were often remembered as national heroes in newspapers, songs, pamphlets, sermons and theater productions. Martyred heroes such as […]