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Lunch Bite – British Military Wall Gun

Join History and Education Associate Evan Phifer for a discussion of a Revolutionary War-period British military wall gun and its unique role in eighteenth-century warfare. With an overall length of more than six feet, a weight exceeding thirty-five pounds and a .98-caliber bore that fired a lead ball up to a mile, the wall gun […]

Lecture – The Swords of George Washington

This lecture was rescheduled from February 20 due to winter weather on the original date. Whether in the role of militia officer, commander of the Continental Army or president of the United States, a sword frequently hung by George Washington’s side. Nine of his swords are known to exist today, and each has a fascinating […]

Lunch Bite – Highland Broadsword

British military historian and armaments specialist Paul Newman discusses a Highland broadsword, the iconic weapon of the Highland Scots in the eighteenth century. During the Revolutionary War, the basket-hilt broadsword was carried by Scottish infantrymen and some British dragoons in the Royal Army, as well as by Scottish immigrants to the Carolinas and Georgia who […]

Lunch Bite – French Model 1763 infantry musket

When the Revolutionary War began, the patriots were desperate for military arms. France quietly supplied the Continental Army with surplus weapons. This French Model 1763 infantry musket was one of the first to arrive. Join Executive Director Jack Warren for a discussion of how the French supplied our desperate need for arms and equipment and […]