Tag: American Revolution

Lunch Bite – The Patriot’s Monitor

Director of Education Stacia Smith discusses The Patriot’s Monitor, an early American primer published in 1810. This textbook contains content “Designed to Impress and Perpetuate the First Principles of the Revolution on the Minds of Youth; Together with Some Pieces Important and Interesting Adapted for the Use of Schools.” This Lunch Bite will explore the […]

Author’s Talk – Hessians: German Soldiers in the American Revolutionary War

Between 1776 and 1783, Great Britain hired an estimated thirty thousand German soldiers to fight in its war against the American rebels. Collectively known as Hessians, the soldiers and accompanying civilians, including hundreds of women and children, spent extended periods of time in locations as dispersed and varied as Canada, West Florida and Cuba. They […]

Lecture – America’s Revolutionary Mind: A Moral History of the American Revolution

Join us for a special lecture at the Charleston Museum in Charleston, S.C., given by Professor C. Bradley Thompson of Clemson University, one of the most thoughtful historians of the American Revolution working today. The American Revolution was a watershed in the principles of government between centuries of monarchical and aristocratic rule and free societies […]

Lunch Bite – Benjamin Rush’s Directions for Preserving the Health of Soldiers

Join Library Director Ellen McCallister Clark for a discussion of this 1778 publication that reflected the ambition of physicians as well as American leaders to apply the insights of contemporary science to the conduct of war. This Lunch Bite accompanies the exhibition Saving Soldiers: Medical Practice in the Revolutionary War (April 1-November 27, 2022). The […]