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EVENT CANCELLED: Author’s Talk – The Boston Massacre: A Family History

Due to the current public health emergency, this event has been cancelled.  Serena Zabin, professor of history and director of the American studies program at Carleton College, discusses and signs copies of her new book on the personal and political conflicts that erupted in the Boston Massacre. Following the British troops dispatched from Ireland to […]

Author’s Talk – 1774: The Long Year of Revolution

Historian Mary Beth Norton of Cornell University, discusses and signs copies of her new book analyzing the revolutionary change that took place between December 1773 and April 1775—from the Boston Tea Party and the first Continental Congress to the Battles of Lexington and Concord. Drawing extensively on pamphlets, newspapers and personal correspondence, Dr. Norton reconstructs […]

Author’s Talk – Captives of Liberty: Prisoners of War and the Politics of Vengeance in the American Revolution

T. Cole Jones, assistant professor of history at Purdue University, discusses and signs copies of his book examining the ways the revolutionary generation dealt with the more than seventeen thousand enemy soldiers captured during the war. The number of enemy prisoners in American custody often exceeded that of American soldiers in the Continental Army. These […]

Author’s Talk – The Soldier’s Two Bodies: Military Sacrifice and Popular Sovereignty in Revolutionary War Veteran Narratives

James M. Greene, assistant professor of English at Indiana State University, discusses and signs copies of his book exploring Revolutionary War veterans’ narratives and how soldiers have been represented in two contrasting ways from the nation’s first days: as heroic symbols of the body politic and as people whose sufferings have been neglected by their […]