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Virtual Lecture – “To Have The Bed Made”: Invisible Labor and the Material Culture of Nursing in the Revolutionary War

In this lecture, historian Meg Roberts sheds light on the labor of the Revolutionary War’s caregivers. Alongside the surgeons and physicians, the medical care of the thousands of sick and wounded Continental soldiers relied upon the tireless work of army nurses, camp followers, housewives, cooks, laundresses and local families. In contrast to the voluminous records […]

Lecture – The Art and Science of Siege Warfare in the American Revolution

Fortification and siege doctrine were a critical component of any eighteenth-century military. Following a discussion of artillery in the Revolutionary War and a unique American-manufactured six-pounder owned by the Society of the Cincinnati of the State of South Carolina, Glenn F. Williams of the U.S. Army Center of Military History explores the intricacies and technical […]

Lecture – Medicine in the American Revolution

Disease was a major part of everyday life in the American colonies, especially during the Revolutionary War. For every soldier dying of wounds in the war, seven died of infections including smallpox, malaria and typhus. Doctors were influenced by ancient medical thought, and with the best intentions, treated diseases with bleedings, leeches and purges. Ronald […]

Battlefield Tour – The Battle of Brandywine

Join us for a two-day experience in southeastern Pennsylvania to explore the Battle of Brandywine that includes a buffet dinner and lecture at Radley Run Country Club, located in the same area where General William Howe launched his attack in the afternoon hours of the engagement, and a lecture given by historical archaeologist Wade P. […]