Tag: Military History

Lunch Bite – British Military Wall Gun

Join History and Education Associate Evan Phifer for a discussion of a Revolutionary War-period British military wall gun and its unique role in eighteenth-century warfare. With an overall length of more than six feet, a weight exceeding thirty-five pounds and a .98-caliber bore that fired a lead ball up to a mile, the wall gun […]

Panel Discussion – American Veterans through Two Centuries

Americans today honor the men and women who have served in our armed forces. We regard the payment of pensions and other veteran’s benefits as the fulfillment of our commitment to them and an expression of our appreciation for the sacrifices they have made for us. It has not always been so. Like so many […]

Panel Discussion – Why the American Revolution is Still Relevant

Join the American Revolution Institute for a special panel discussion and reception in Camden, South Carolina, at the Robert Mills Courthouse. Two hundred and thirty-six years after the conclusion of the American Revolution, the ideals that were fought for and won by the United States remain the foundation of our nation today.  Panelists Walter B. […]